External Torx Size Chart

Torx is a relatively new type of bolt that was designed in 1967. It has a unique head pattern that has 6 points which makes it unique and also very capable. There are many different types of torx bolts but they can be categorized in internal and external. With internal bolts, the head has the pattern implemented into the inside of the bolt, making it internal type. As such, you will need specific or internal screwdrivers and sockets. A second and a newer type of torx is external torx. It has the entire head shaped in the well-known torx pattern, hence the name. These bots are more common in large sizes and they are commonly used in the car industry. The sizes of the internal and external torx bolts do not match in anyway and you will obviously need different tools to get the job done. Anyway, we will take a look at both types and explain each one.

Various torx drives chart. You can see the type, point to point distance and also torque range (minimum and highest).

[ninja_tables id=”3367″]

The second chart here is an external torx size table focused on this specific type. The same point to point measurements are used while there is no torque info.

[ninja_tables id=”3362″]

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