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Welcome to our Cars section of the website. Here, we will discuss topics regarding equipment, maintenance, replacement parts, and all things related to the car you keep in your garage (or the parking in front of the garage.)

A lot goes into the proper maintenance of your vehicle. We will discuss here all kinds of products and problems related to your car.

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Most commonly replaced car parts

About every 5-6 years, your car battery may reach the end of their life and leave you stranded along the highway when you least expect it. This is preceded by a long period of battery performance gradually degrading. Sometimes jump cables can help, but if the battery has been drained completely, then not even jump cables can help.

Some of the causes of premature battery drainage could be a faulty system that prevents rain from coming into contact with car electrical circuitry. If your light turns on by themselves, especially overnight than this would be the likely cause.

The things influencing the premature battery deployment are driving habits, AC use, and many very short trips. Taking everything said into account, it is recommended to change your car battery every 4-5 years. Here are some reviews that will help you choose next battery or accessory:

8 Best Car Battery Jump Starter Reviews

car external lights

There are many different lights on the car. We have headlights, taillights, turn signals, brake lights, parking lights, and possibly other custom types of lights. Often, when one of them fails, there are no warning signs, and you can miss the problem up to a point one of the other drivers on the road notices and tells you or worse, police patrol notices it.

Good driving practice is to check your lights one a month, for example, by turning the car on and then exit the vehicle and inspect it with the engine running and all lights turned on. Remember to check emergency lights and turn signals individually.

brake pads and rotors

You will know that time has come to replace your brake pads and/or rotors when you hear screeching, grinding or growling sounds when braking. Sometimes, you may also experience a kind of pulsing sensation during breaking. This indicated the final stage of wearing out of the brake pads and rotors. Many people decide to replace both when it’s time to replace them. We also highly recommend this. What is lost when you purchase both types of parts you will gain by visiting a mechanic less often. If you are one of the DIY types than you will save some money anyway.

car windshield

The front window glass of a vehicle, used as a viewer and front-seat passenger, is also known as the windshield. Although they were initially designed to protect vehicle occupants from wind, dust, and direct sunlight but over time, it’s role has expanded. Nowadays, windshields are also used as a safety component as it contains front airbags when deployed.

They help the driver and front-seat occupant to avoid significant injury during an accident. What you need to take care of is that whenever you go for car maintenance, you are also getting your windshield checked so that you do not fall into any significant actions. Your safety is all that matters, and you need to step up to take charge.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

These modern systems have been evolved to give you better comfort while driving. There have always been times when you have had the dilemma of low tire pressure, or you didn’t notice the tire pressure and had it driving for quite long, leading to damaging the car’s tire. But, what if you could monitor your car’s tire pressure from your vehicle itself? Yes, there are automobile companies that have introduced such systems that can be embedded in your car itself, and you can monitor it and get it done right when required. These tire pressure monitoring sensors are located in the tire pressure valve or are wrapped around the rim of the wheel with a band clamp, which acts as an antenna.

Headlight Components

It’s easy to overlook a burnout light bulb. Headlight are an essential safety feature. Not only they enable you to see others, more importantly, but they also allow others to to see you. Be sure to check out your lights every week by leaving the car on while you circle the car and look at all lights. Go through the car manual and buy a couple of spare light bulbs to change quickly when the light bulb goes out. If you can’t do it by yourself, then have a phone number of the mechanic ready.

If headlights are dim, possible problems might be with an alternator, car battery, or wiring.

Spark Plugs

This is one of the most critical parts of any vehicle. This device helps in delivering and circulating electric current from an ignition system to a combustion chamber of a spark-ignition engine to ignite the compressed fuel by an electric spark. The conclusion is that without this, you won’t be able to start the car. But what if they go wrong or they are about to fail?

How are you going to trace the failure of a spark plug? Well, there are a couple of signs that tell you that it’s time you visit an automobile mechanic. Speaking of symptoms, if you experience slow acceleration, weak fuel economy, or difficulty in starting the vehicle, it’s time that you should rush to a reputed mechanic.

Remote Keyless Entry

The time when we used to be worried that our car might be stolen because someone might use a pin to unlock it. Well, now that everything is being super secure, then why not this. So the safety feature is that you no longer require a car key to unlock the door. You can use a remote and open it from a distance. How cool is that, right? It has barely any security threats as it is well programmed and managed with the car. In case you lost your key, they are also made trackable. However, there are times when multiple falls of remote key damages the internal functioning of the remote. So, in case it isn’t working, get it checked quickly.

Door Handles and Locks

Since we are getting too much into automation, everything seems to have had uplifted itself to being upgraded. Be it handles or locks of the car, they are all automated and have multiple functions altogether beaded to give the driver ease of operating and also as a sense of security feature. There is an entire mechanism invested in giving you the ease of access. You can use an automated function to open or lock the door and handles it. There are added sensors that turn the light on and off when the door opens or closes. These automated features help in avoiding sudden jerks while closing or opening the door. Hence, it gives your car a better and bigger lifespan.


If you think home is the only place you see fuses, let me correct you. Just like your home, cars have fuses as well. These fuse boxes control the electrical flow, or power, throughout your vehicle. Car’s use fuse to protect the vehicle’s wiring and electrical system components. But, just like a fuse in our homes blow away because of power fluctuation or sudden high voltage electricity flow, similarly due to a failed electrical component or bare wires touching, there are chances of fuse damage. Even an incorrect fuse or too low of amperage can cause fuse damage.

So, these were some of the automobile components that you should have a brief knowledge about. These minute details might look unnecessary to you today but will be helpful in time to come. If you own a car, knowing a bit about it’s how and why always gives you an excellent idea of the mechanism.

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