American Wrench Size Chart

American wrenches are also sometimes called end wrenches. So this can also be considered an end wrench size chart. Generally, you will have to consider socket sizes and wrench sizes if your hobby or business requires a need for these tools. The next, also the well-known fact is that wrench sizes are much more comfortable and more straightforward to understand. There is no difference in ratchet size, which simply makes this process even more accessible. The secret here is that you need to adapt the wrench size according to your business. For instance, if you are a car mechanic, you will generally need bigger wrenches. If you are a bicycle repairman, you will need smaller ones.

Wrench sizes are commonly displayed in SAE, which is a standard size or in Metric size. To make the chart as useful as possible, we will present you with both variations and therefore assist you in choosing the wrench you need. Keep in mind that the NOTE section of the table is used to explain the ‘’close enough’’ size between SAE and metrics.

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Bolt and Wrench Sizes

The next main thing to consider is the bolts you will do or undo using your wrenches. There are several differences in this case scenario, so we will explain to them using a table. Here you can see the diameter of a bolt, SAE size of a wrench you need for that particular bolt, and also Metric size wrench. Check out also our best digital torque wrenches review.

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