Cutting Torch Tips Sizes Charts

Cutting torch tips sizes chart for 3-hose machines. In a case, 2-hose machine is used, preheat pressure must be set by decreasing or eliminating oxygen flow. Each tip size is suitable for metal thickness as specified in the chart. Additional matters and processes to consider are the torches of suitable capacity for stated metal thickness. When using tip size 6 or above, you need to use 3/8 inches hose in order to get the best results in the shortest period of time. All torches with flashbacks arrester need more pressure, 25% more per tip increase. Maximum acetylene pressure is 15 PSI and it should not go any higher! The chart presents you pressure values when the torch is used with 25 feetx3/8 inches hose and with tips size 6 and bigger. An additional thing to consider. A flow rate of acetylene cylinder (individual) must not exceed 1/7 capacity of a cylinder in one hour.

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Propylene cutting tip chart. The same circumstances and the same setup is used as in the first table. Once again, for the best results always use 3/8 inches hose.

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