Hole Saw Size Chart for EMT

Below is the all-new and most details hole saw size chart for emt you will ever need. The sizes range between 12 and 500 and each one is related to the wire size. The table shows the link between 12-500 sizes that correspond to 1/2″ to 4″ EMT wire sizes. The chart present you the values starting form the biggest and gradually decreasing to the smallest. It is highly advised to use proper tools of matching sizes when drilling a hole.. It is also mandatory to use a high-torque drill with lower speed setting than other way around. This step refers to all materials, especially metal. In addition, when drilling metal, make sure to oil the drill bit so it decreases the friction and drills faster and without any risk of damaging the material.

Here is also a recommendation for a woodworking table saws.


[ninja_tables id=”3355″]

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