Terms, Meanings and Definitions

Terms, Meanings and Definitions

CIGBU – Chamberlains internet gateway device which connects your router with your smartphone and enables you to monitor your garage door by using a downloadable smartphone app.

Sectional Garage Doors – mainly consist of several panels. Anywhere from three to eight panels are joined and slide up and overhead when the door is opened. The opposite of a sectional is a monolithic door, which consists of a single panel. Sectional doors are considered better in several ways. Mainly, they allow a car to be parked very close to the door before opening the door. Also, they are more reliable and robust than the doors with a single panel.

HPS (Horse Power Similar) – This is a specially made unit of measurement which serves as a comparison between AC and DC motors. AC motors are typically measured in HP (horse powers), but as DC motors are not, this unit was introduced to enable comparison of pulling forces. This is significant because many of the garage door opener motors are DC.

MyQ – Chamberlains free application for smartphones which enables you to control your garage door opener and lights in your house. It is available for iPhone and Android phones. It also tells you whether the garage door has been opened while you were away. (see more about garage door openers)

HomeLink – is a wireless control system installed in the vehicle which lets you control your garage door opener, front gate, home security system and house lighting. It can be a built-in mirror, onto the visor or in the headliner between front seats. The latest version is HomeLink 5.