Bolt Chart With Wrench Size

Which wrench you do need for a specific bolt? The answer varies and you will need a long table to get all the information needed. Below is that bolt chart with wrench size. We will explain and define all the values such as diameter of a bolt, head and wrench size. Head and wrench sizes are divided on hex bolts, lag bolts and square bolts. We will also have a column with heavy hex bolts. All the values are presented in inches, keep that in mind. Of all types of bolts we can see here, all of them are used in various industries, hobbies and businesses these days. You can also see that there are no heavy hex bolt values for the first couple of entries. These bolts are not available in this configuration, therefore there is no specific we can add. When using the cart, make sure to match the precise values and implement them to your project. Always double check and make sure you didn’t make a mistake. We checked the values in the chart 3 times and we guarantee you their accuracy.


[ninja_tables id=”3349″]

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