Synergy 370 3/4 HP DC Motor 7′ Belt Drive Review

Here is the Synergy 370 garage door opener and straightaway you will think of it as like a less-known manufacturer with average quality and features. But, you are completely wrong. As a matter of fact, this unit is a premium garage door opener, which comes with the highest quality and all the features you are going to need. In a nutshell, we can say that it is special. Synergy 370 is manufactured by Marantec.

Features and Product overview

This garage door opener has a lot to offer and it is commonly treated as one of the most sophisticated units available on the market right now. It all starts with an electric motor which delivers up to 3/4HP at any given moment. Thanks to it, you can use this garage door opener for heavier doors than usual. The pull force is 850 Newtons, which is impressive for a small unit like this.

Now the belt-drive. It is state of the art and chances are low that you will ever find a similar or at least equivalent system on the market. The noise it makes cannot be compared to any other model as well. It is reliable as well, so we believe that durability is definitely an advantage here.

The Synergy 370 is developed for garage door of 7-feet and there is no need for adjusting or anything else. The unit is ready to be used straight from the box and it can be easily installed. So far, so good.

The design is interesting. First of all, this garage door opener looks more elegant than anyone else available at the moment. Attention to the details is impressive and all elements are made from high-quality materials. In other words, this unit will look perfect even in high-end garages where each element must look perfect. Of course, it will make your ordinary garage look better as well.

The bottom line here is that the Synergy 370 is far more than you can see. Despite the fact this brand is less-known than LiftMaster or Chamberlain, it still deserves your attention and it should be on your list.

Product Advantages

There are a lot of advantages this small unit has to offer. After all, it is a premium model which has been developed for the most demanding homeowners, so it is beneficial in more ways than you may imagine. Just to reveal, some advantages are extraordinary!

  • Quieter than any other model
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The Synergy 370 is so quiet that you will probably ask yourself is it operating properly. The electric motor, the belt-drive, and the rail are perfectly synchronized in that matter that the level of noise is almost completely eliminated. We don’t know some details regarding this advantage, simply because the manufacturer decided to keep them as a secret.

  • LED lighting

LED lighting is the best type of illumination you can get. This garage door opener has it, but it goes one step further. You will be able to pair it with the 500 Lumen LEDs, but there is an extension kit as well. Thanks to it, this unit will provide support for 1100 Lumens, which is ideal for big garages. In addition, this system is known to repel insects away from your garage.

  • Auto-sensitivity and force adjustment

Regardless of the temperature, door type, and any other factor, the adjusting won’t be necessary. In a matter of fact, the Synergy 370 will do all of that instead of you. It will calculate and adjust the force according to several factors and parameters. It means that your garage door will be perfectly closed all the time and through the year (due to temperature fluctuations).

  • Home Link compatible

It would be a severe issue if this model wasn’t compatible with the Home Link system. Luckily, it is. Better said, obviously it is. There is the latest generation module installed inside, therefore you get the latest compatibility advantages and you will be ready to use this garage door opener for the latest vehicles.

  • 3 inches per a second of opening speed

The speed of door opening is programmable and adjustable as well. The maximum speed is 9.3 inches per second, which is faster than any other model has to offer. Of course, the speed can be adjusted accordingly.

  • Battery backup

A power outage won’t be an issue anymore, thanks to the latest battery backup system. It allows you to use the garage door opener at all times, even when there is no electricity.

In a real-world application, this garage door opener will provide plenty, additional advantages which will put a smile on your face or better said on the faces of all owners. This is what you get when chose a premium-grade garage door opener.

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Product Critique

Sadly, we were able to discover a few drawbacks with this model. But, as you would expect, they are minor and they probably won’t be a huge issue for most of you. The first one is related to the lighting feature. Yes, it is impressive in general, but with the unit, you get a 500 Lumen support. If you want 1100 Lumens, you will need to purchase an additional kit, which is expensive and unreasonable if we know that this isn’t an affordable garage door opener. Most people will be satisfied with 500 Lumens, but in any case scenario, 1100 Lumens are much better and highly desirable today.

Then, we have the issue with the door compatibility. You will get a garage door opener which is fully compatible with 7-feet garage doors and that’s it. It doesn’t support 8 or 10-feet door and there is no extension kit. Of course, the electric motor isn’t suitable for larger garage doors either, but still, we would like to see an extension kit for 8-feet door included in the package.

These were all the downsides of the unit. There are no other issues which should be mentioned, nor those which we have detected. The unit performed perfectly on all our tests and it was perfectly reliable under exposure to low temperature and improper use.

Safety and Security

Both safety and security are as you would expect, at the highest level. Let’s start with the rolling code technology which is obviously implemented. It uses a new code each time you use the system. The Z-wave system is implemented as well. This already made the Synergy 370 better than most equivalent models.

The safety sensors which will detect any item or obstacle beneath the closing door are implemented also. They are state of the art sensors, therefore they are extremely sensitive. If something is detected, the system will open the garage door immediately.

Here we can see another system, which allows for the homeowners to connect this garage door opener with their alarm system in the house and in the garage. This is a simple procedure which won’t take a lot of your time, but it is more than just useful.

Installation and Programing

Installation is relatively simple. Yes, you will need more time than usual, but at the end of a day, you will be able to install this garage door opener all by yourself. Keep in mind that you will probably need a few hours to do that. Manual is comprehensive and there is a lot of detail included. On the other hand, online help may be less than helpful. We will add the fact this garage door opener weighs 41 pounds, so if you can find some type of help, it would be highly desirable.

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Programming is an advantage actually. Even the absolute beginner won’t have a hard time programming this unit and no more than a few minutes are required. Once again, the user manual is more than just helpful.

Warranty and Support

Warranty is limited lifetime and it applies to the electric motor, belt-drive system and the rail. There is no other information regarding the warranty on other elements, but we believe it is above average as well. Believe or not, this unit is known as a garage door opener with the best warranty among all units available on the market at the moment.

Support is as you would expect. There are a lot of support agents working for this company, so contacting them at any given moment is more than just an easy task. Furthermore, they are professionals, so you will get an answer you may want within a matter of a minute. The last, but not least, be free to send them an email if you have any doubts or issues. They will reply within 24 hours. You can call them as well.


The Synergy 370 is an excellent garage door opener. It comes with the latest features, it has extraordinary quality and it is easy to install. Add the fact it comes with LED lighting and battery backup system and you may have the most suitable garage door opener for your garage. We recommend it to all homeowners who are looking premium models with the best systems, features and with modern design. Of course, all of this comes at a price, but it is worth it. Read also our best garage door opener guide.