Decko 24300 3/4 HP Heavy Duty Review

Here is the Decko 24300. It may be less-known than Chamberlain models, but on paper, this unit looks brilliant. Furthermore, we tested it and compared it to some other models of the same class and the results were impressive no less. The unit performed well and has a lot of useful features. In other words, it definitely can be paired with Chamberlain garage door openers.

Features and Product overview

There are several facts you should know about the Decko 24300 garage door opener. The first one is that the design is more than just appealing. It looks different than any other models, which may be useful if you are planning to stand out of the crowd. In addition, the design is modern, so it will look natural in modern, or high-end garages.

Then we have the electric motor. Because it is 3/4 HP it is more powerful than 1/HP units, obviously. This allows for the homeowners to pair the garage door opener with heavier garage doors. As a matter of fact, the limit here is 500 pounds. You should know that most models have a limit of 300-350 pounds, so the Decko 24300 is better in this matter.

The electric motor is developed to stay fully operational in situations when the temperatures are very low or very high. It is also a durable and high-quality or better said heavy-duty unit which are also advantages.

The chain drive isn’t the latest, but it is more than just decent. It is powerful, durable and reliable, but it also makes less noise than equivalent models. Basically, you won’t have any noise issues if you choose this model.

The model comes with a decent package. It is primarily designed for garage doors of 7 feet, but in the package, you get an extension rail, so it can be used for 8-feet garage doors as well. This made it one of rare models with this feature and we liked it. An interesting fact is that all the elements must pass 20-level testing before they are delivered, therefore this is an excellent choice if you are looking for a reliable product and a safe buy.

Product Advantages

Because this model is different than the others, it has different advantages to offer. For example, a different design is definitely an advantage, if we know that most models made today look similar or almost the same. Somewhat are actual advantages of the Decko 24300?

  • Great package
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The most obvious advantage is actually already mentioned. It is the package. After all, you get an extension kit for the 8-feet door, which is rare in this type of industry. Most other products come with 7-feet support, period and the extension kit must be purchased additionally.

  • Easy installation

As always, the installation process will be better explained below, but at the moment, we must share the fact it is one of the easiest garage door openers to install at the moment. Decko managed to develop a system which allows to the beginners to install their new garage door opener within a matter of few hours.

  • 200 W lighting

While most models support up to 100 W of lighting, this one support two times more. Lighting of up to 200 W is possible and more eaten just needed, especially if you have a large garage. At this moment, the unit we have here offers the best lighting capabilities period.

  • Keyless entry

In the package, you also get a card which allows you to enter your garage without pressing a single button. According to Decko, this is a free accessory which is more than just essential nowadays. Because you get it for free, it is definitely an advantage.

  • Durable parts

All [arts which were used in development and constructions are high-quality components. At Decko say that this is mandatory in order to provide the best level of quality for all the users. The advantage applies to the inner and exterior components, meaning that this unit will last as long as you need it and there won’t be any damages.

  • Three-part rail system

The latest innovations in garage door openers actually come with the rail systems. We saw a lot of models featuring the latest 3-element rail system which makes assembly process much easier and far more appealing. Then we have the fact it makes the entire installation much simpler.

  • Quiet

Keep in mind that all chain-drive garage door openers are louder than belt-drive versions. But, this one is quieter than usual, which is a great advantage. It isn’t the quietest, but it is far from the loudest unit which uses chain.

Overall, the Decko 24300 has a lot to offer. Just because it isn’t made by Chamberlain, doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of your time and your investment. All the advantages are important and highly beneficial for all of you.

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Product Critique

There are two main issues with the Decko 24300. The first one is the fact it doesn’t support as many internet-based features as Chamberlain models. We all know that all Chamberlain garage door openers come with MyQ system, which is more than just practical. Here, you won’t get this. However, you get HomeLink compatibility. In addition, this may be a minor issue for those who don’t want to use internet-based features. It is certainly a drawback but isn’t the most severe one.

The second issue is actually interesting. Despite the fact this model has the best lighting available right now, it isn’t available until the garage door is opened completely. Basically, you get the lights only after the door is open. According to some owners, this is annoying drawback which doesn’t have a severe side effect, but it makes you wonder what the point of this adjusting is. We had to mention it, but chances are low that it will annoy most of you. It is an issue only for those who seek perfection.

There are no other drawbacks. The garage door opener is reliable, powerful and you can see the quality of it.

Safety and Security

Yes, here we have good news. When it comes to safety and security, the Decko 24300 is almost brilliant. Obviously, it comes with rolling code technology, which uses a new code every single time you use garage door opener. It is the safest technology ever incorporated into garage door openers, so it is more than just beneficial. However, it isn’t as advanced as Chamberlain has it. But, it is still decent and there won’t be any drawbacks to it.

Safety sensors are available as well. In this case, we have optical sensors which are extremely accurate. They will detect any obstacle beneath the closing door and reverse the process immediately. If we add that they are reliable as well, you can understand how much this system is desirable. If you have small children and pets, it is a must-have technology!

Three-band frequency remote controllers are available as well. They are ideal and mandatory to own in areas where a lot of people use frequency-based devices. In essence, remote controller will choose the best and the most suitable frequency at any given moment. Here we can see a superior system which only Decko has at the moment.

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Installation and Programing

Installation of the Decko 24300 is perfect, in the lack of a better word. You will need 2 hours to complete it. Thanks to the non-polarized wiring, there is no need to hire a professional. In essence, you will need some time, the user’s manual you get and all is done. Actually, the installation process is one of the main advantages this unit has to offer and all owners reported that simplicity is impressive.

When it comes to programming, you will get another benefit. This unit has automatic programming feature, so you will need a couple of minutes to adjust it and all is done. It made it perfect for beginners and those who don’t have experience with garage door openers. Just to add, user’s manual is helpful in this case as well.

Warranty and Support

The warranty on the electric motor is a lifetime, which is great. If we recall that only the high-quality components were used in the manufacturing process, we can deduce that this is more than just great. Other elements have a 1-year warranty, which isn’t so great but isn’t an issue either.

Support is decent as well. You can contact them at any given moment and they are very helpful. In essence, you will get an answer to any question you may have within a matter of minutes. Be free to send them an email, due to the fact they respond quickly and they offer actual answers.


At the end, we can say that the Decko 24300 is definitely worthy of consideration. It isn’t made by Chamberlain, obviously, but it still offers all the advantages and the systems modern garage door openers have. Installation and programming are the simplest possible, so we will recommend this unit for beginners who are looking for a new garage door opener of a high quality. Don’t forget that this is a well-made and reliable garage door opener, so there won’t be any issues after years of use. Read also our best garage door opener reviews.