Decko 24503 3/4 HP Heavy Duty Review

It is a well-known fact that there are a lot of different garage door openers available right now, made by different brands. Decko is one of those which are not as popular as Chamberlain, but they are still offering impressive products. We believe that the Decko 24503 3/4 HP is one of them. It is a smart and new type of garage door opener, therefore it has a lot to offer.

Features and Product overview

The first thing you are going to notice regarding the Decko 24503 3/4 HP is its design. This unit looks like no other. We believe that it is one of the best-looking garage door openers available right now. Simply said, it looks more expensive than it actually is. The same thing refers to the additional elements as well. The remote controllers, the central console, and a wall console all look great.

The electric motor is the next best thing. It is a 3/4HP unit, but it is a heavy-duty model. It means that it is capable of operating for a longer period of time, used more frequently and also stay fully functional in the future. Some owners claim that this electric motor is the best in the class and it will probably make you say the same thing.

Now the drive of a garage door opener. Here we have an interesting choice. The model is available with a belt-drive system, but there is also a version with the chain-drive mechanism. It is up to you to choose which one you want. We will only say that those with chain-drive are more affordable, but those with belt-drive are much quieter, suitable for installations where a bedroom is close to a garage.

All of this means that you will get a garage door opener which is capable of lifting most garage doors without an issue. Obviously, all 7-feet garage doors are supported, but you also get an extension kit for 8-feet doors. This is an excellent addition.

Product Advantages

The Decko 24503 3/4 HP is a different type of a garage door opener. It truly has a lot of advantages, compared to other models. Keep in mind that the price of this unit makes it a decent and affordable choice, compared to equivalent units. Anyway, now is the time when we should check out its advantages.

  • Value for money
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Yes, the Decko 24503 3/4 HP is a small and affordable unit which comes with excellent quality. Nevertheless, the price is affordable, which made it an interesting choice for those who are looking for a garage door opener on a budget.

  • Heavy-duty electric motor

The electric motor here isn’t the most powerful unit, but it is a heavy-duty version. In essence, this means that future owners get a better electric motor, capable of performing for a longer period of time without a single issue. In other words, the quality and durability of the unit are immense.

  • Belt or chain drive version

The Decko 24503 3/4 HP is available with a belt and chain-drive systems. It is up to you which one you want, but both versions are appealing and interesting. Potential owners can choose between a more affordable price or a lower level of noise.

  • Non-polarized wiring

Installation is simple, but the non-polarized wiring makes the entire process even easier. It is a standard feature for all garage door openers made by Decko and the one we especially like. In addition, it is one of rare features among garage door openers.

  • High-quality materials have been used

Yes, this is an advantage which is more than just impressive and important. Decko garage door openers are made from high-quality materials. Steel, copper and heavy-duty plastics are all implemented into their models. The Decko 24503 3/4 HP comes with this advantage as well. You can see the quality the first time you touch the unit. On the other hand, there are no cheap materials here.

  • Ergonomic remote controller

Of course, this is a small and less important advantage, but it has to be mentioned. The remote controllers included in the package are just great. They are small, compact and more importantly, ergonomic. It is a real pleasure being able to hold them and to use them. Furthermore, they are well-made and highly durable.

  • Travel adjustment

Some models come with travel adjustment systems which are more than just complicated, which also makes them annoying to use. The Decko 24503 3/4 HP is something completely different. In order to set the travel range, you will have to press a button. It doesn’t get simpler than this.

  • 20-point inspection

One of the interesting advantages is the one you cannot actually see. All Decko garage door openers must pass 20-point inspection during a manufacturing process. This means that the risk of getting a faulty product is completely eliminated.

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At this moment, we must say that the Decko 24503 3/4 HP has advantages all users will appreciate. It is also surprising that the price is still affordable if we know that similar models cost more.

Product Critique

Of course, there are some issues with the Decko 24503 3/4 HP. In a nutshell, there are 2 of them. One is minor and we can say almost irrelevant, while other is a bit severe. The first issue is the fact this garage door opener may work poorly when the temperature is low. This isn’t something you will experience definitely, but there is a risk of that. In addition, Decko is notified regarding the issue, so they will probably add insulation to the unit, solving this problem in the near future. On the other side, there are no issues when the temperature is high.

The second issue comes with the bulb holder. The plastic is a high-quality type, as we have mentioned, but it is poorly designed, meaning that the overall performances are compromised. Yes, it is a minor issue, but it may be annoying, especially when you are replacing the bulb.

Other than these two issues, we were unable to find anything else which would disappoint us. In essence, the overall performance is good and above the average. We only hope that engineers at Decko will solve the major issue here, making the Decko 24503 3/4 HP even better.

Safety and Security

All garage door openers must come with impressive safety features in order to be useful today. This one has two, the main safety features which must be mentioned. The first one is old-good rolling code technology. It uses the new code each time you use a remote controller to open the door. It makes it impossible for others to crack the code. This tech is more than just reliable and safe at the moment.

Sensors have been incorporated as well. They will detect if anything is located beneath the door and immediately prevent them from closing. As a matter of fact, this system will start opening the door if an obstacle is detected. This is more than just important for families with small children and pets.

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Installation and Programing

Here we have good news. The installation is simple and even beginners can install the Decko 24503 3/4 HP within a few hours. Non-polarized wiring means that there won’t be errors in the wiring whatsoever and also speeds up the installation process. The user manual is more than just helpful and it is ideal for all of you.

Programming is easy. The user manual will have to be consulted at this point, but the entire procedure is well-explained and simple to complete. Don’t expect to spend more than a few minutes here. In this case, you are free to consult the online videos for simpler programming, although most of you won’t actually need them.

Warranty and Support

The warranty of this product is a bit different. It is limited, lifetime warranty which applies to the electric motor, but all other components have a 1-year warranty, which is far from great. Similar models have a longer warranty which is simply a safer choice. On the other hand, the quality is exceptional as we have mentioned, so chances are low that you will experience any issues here.

Now the support. It is one of the best we have encountered in a long time. The support agents are professionals, period. They will help you with any question you may have in a couple of minutes. Then, they are constantly available. Each user can contact them via email or a phone call and they reply fast. If you are looking for a garage door opener which comes with excellent support, this one is just perfect for you.


At the end, we must recommend the Decko 24503 3/4 HP to all homeowners who are looking for a high-quality unit, loaded with the essential features. Those who like the model, but prefer chain-drive system also have a possibility to get it. The design is modern and sophisticated, making this garage door opener suitable for those who want good-looking devices. All of this means that you won’t make a mistake choosing the Decko 24503 3/4 HP. It is above the average garage door opener with plenty of advantages. Read also our mega buyers guide and garage door openers comparison.