SOMMER 1052V000 Direct Drive 1.0 HP Quiet Review

Most homeowners are considering between Chamberlain and LiftMaster garage door openers. But, they are not the only brands out there. We also have Sommer. More precisely, here we have the SOMMER 1052V000 one of the most appealing garage door openers this brand has to offer at the moment. So, why it is so different and so appealing to the homeowners?

Features and Product overview

Introducing the SOMMER 1052V000 is easier than you may believe. First of all, this is a high-quality unit, developed for homeowners who want the best and the most out of their garage door openers. As such, the electric motor is 1 HP only, but it is a premium-grade unit, meaning that it will meet all your demands. Just to add, this unit is developed for 7-feet garage doors, but it comes with an extension kit for 8-feet garage doors.

One of the main differences between this and other garage door openers is in the drive system. It features a direct drive unit, which doesn’t involve chain or belt. Instead, the electric motor glides on a rail, paired with a built-in chain. What this means is that you will get a garage door opener which doesn’t make any sound at all while operating, but also completely eliminates vibrations. This made it suitable for homeowners who want the mentioned advantages.

The design is the next best thing of this model. The SOMMER 1052V000 looks different in the lack of a better word. It features a different and more sophisticated design than most other models available on the market today. Believe or not, some owners called it ‘’piece of art’’. This is essential for all homeowners who are looking for modern and high-tech units to install in their home or a garage.

Other facts you should know regarding this garage door opener are the overall quality and durability. As a value for money, it is more than just a decent choice. Then we have the quality not only of the electric motor but also of the all other components which are included in the package.

All of this also means that the unit is more than just popular at the moment. It has a high satisfaction rate among its owners and it is more than appreciated when it comes to the value for money.

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Product Advantages

The SOMMER 1052V000 is special, so it comes with special advantages. In a nutshell, we liked the fact it is well-balanced, between the cost, features, power, and additions. Basically, you will get a garage door opener which has it all, but something even more.

  • Perfectly quiet

All direct drive garage door openers are extremely quiet, far more than those which feature belts or chains. This is probably the main advantage here. The unit is so quiet that it is just perfect for installation in garages which are close to bedrooms. It won’t wake up your family members or your guests.

  • No vibrations

There are no vibrations either, due to the drive system we have mentioned. It is another, an important fact to know regarding this unit. In essence, electric motor glides to a rail, which doesn’t cause vibrations nor the movement. So if you are looking for a garage door opener without vibrations, the SOMMER 1052V000 is just perfect.

  • Value for money

You may have noticed the price of the SOMMER 1052V000. At this point, we should add that it is more affordable than equivalent models. All direct drive systems are more expensive than chain or belt-drive units, but this one isn’t. We can even say that it is a great investment if we pair the overall quality at the low price.

  • Superb design

Perhaps design isn’t the most important fact when it comes to the garage door openers, but in this case scenario, it may be. The design is 100% different than any other model has to offer at this point and it is modern, so you are going to like it.

  • No need for additional components

The SOMMER 1052V000 is also known as a one-time purchase. What this means is that there is no need to purchase additional components, belts, chains or anything else for that matter. Once installed, it will operate for several years without any issue. Some other garage door openers may require replacement of some elements within a few months after the installation.

  • Compatible with Home Link

Yes, this is definitely an advantage, especially if you know that the SOMMER 1052V000 comes with the latest Home Link system compatibility. It makes use much easier and allows for the owners to use it from their cars.

As you can see by now, the SOMMER 1052V000 has plenty of important advantages. It is a high-end and sophisticated garage door opener, which has plenty to offer.

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Product Critique

Drawbacks of garage door openers are almost mandatory to come with these units. After all, they are sophisticated, meaning complicated so there is always something which we don’t like. In this case, we have noticed two issues. The first one is the speed of door opening. Due to the direct-drive movement system, the opening speed is at least 15% lower than chain or belt-drive models have to offer. This isn’t a major issue, but it may be annoying to some homeowners. Of course, if you are not in a rush all the time, then this is an irrelevant issue.

The second issue is actually related to the remote controllers. Yes, you get 2 of them and they are beautifully made, but they don’t have an impressive range. In the real world, they must be pointed directly towards the door and there must not be any obstacles between the remote controller and the door. Basically, the range is shorter than other models have to offer, which must be mentioned.

Other than these two issues, we were unable to discover anything else which should be mentioned in this section. The unit is well-made, modern and loaded with the essential features. In essence, you won’t be too much focused on these two drawbacks.

Safety and Security

There is no need for having the best garage door opener which doesn’t come with advanced safety features. The SOMMER 1052V000 obviously isn’t one of them. The first feature we must mention is the rolling code technology. It is the latest system, so it is even better than some other models have to offer. This tech is used when a homeowner presses a button on the remote controller. It employs a new code every single time, making it impossible for thieves and burglars to penetrate your garage door. Since its introduction, this technology has been the absolute leader in the safety features.

The second related feature is the automatic object detection, which uses sensors to scan the area beneath the door. If something is detected, the system will automatically prevent door closure and open the door instantly. This eliminates the risk of being trapped beneath the door, which is essential for all homeowners who have children or/and pets.

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In general, the SOMMER 1052V000 is relatively safe and comes with features which made it one of the best garage door openers in this matter.

Installation and Programing

Now the installation process. It isn’t the same as with a belt or chain-drive models, but it isn’t so much different either. On average, a homeowner will need between 4 and 7 hours to complete the installation. Keep in mind that an additional hour is needed to lubricate the components and to protect them from wear and tear. A user manual is far from great. It isn’t the worst we have encountered, but it is far from the best as well. Some points are too complicated to understand and some are even skipped. Luckily, there is a video of the installation process son the web, so you can use it instead of the user manual.

Programming is simpler than ever before. You will need a couple of minutes at best in order to get through with it. Most of the job will be completed by the unit itself, and all you have to do is to press a button. In essence, this process takes less than 5 minutes.

Warranty and Support

Here we can see advantages as well. Warranty is a lifetime, which is the best one that exists. We liked it and we believe that most owners will be more than just satisfied with it. It covers the entire unit, which is even more important.

Support is a bit different matter. It was below average and some owners have confirmed it. However, in recent months, the manufacturer has been improving the support, so at the moment, we can say it is average. You can send them an email or call them, but keep in mind that a problem must be detailed explained.


The SOMMER 1052V000 is more than just suitable for homeowners who want to get a quiet garage door opener with the direct-drive system at a low price. It is well-made, the electric motor is very powerful and the build quality is above average. Lack of vibrations and noise are something which made this unit extraordinary and highly desirable. Read also our Best Garage Door Opener Reviews & Buying Guide.