Garage door opener: Troubleshooting and fixing the most common problems

Modern devices and gadgets have complicated electronic components and a lot of systems that can fail at some point. Garage door openers (best here) are one of those devices and they can stop working after some period of time. If that happens you may need to replace a damaged part or to hire a professional. But, before you invest any amount of money into one of these actions you should try and fix it by yourself. Here we will discuss some of the most common problems and how to solve them.

Garage door opener Troubleshooting and fixing the most common problems
Garage door opener Troubleshooting and fixing the most common problems

You can close the garage door when holding a wall switch only

The issue is most likely caused by the dirty or faulty photo eye sensor. In order to fix the problem, you will need to clean the photo-eye lens and test the sensors. This type of testing is done using a multimeter and it is a reasonably simple task. Once you detect the problem, replace the damaged component and your garage door opener will continue to work properly.

Garage door opener doesn’t react on any command

The most common damage is to the circuit board inside the main unit. You will have to replace the board. This is extremely easy and all you have to do is to undo a few screws and a few connectors.

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The trolley is moving but the garage door stays in place

This means that the trolley is damaged and it has to be replaced. Once again, you can do this all by yourself.

Grinding sound and garage door stay in place

The common damage is to the gears of the system. It is a DIY project that will require from you a few minutes and a spare part. Keep in mind that you need the same gear as the one that is damaged.

A garage door opener is working but the wall switch doesn’t

Here damage can be caused by the faulty wall switch or the wiring. Remove the switch and connect the two wires together. The garage door should open. If not, connect using a paperclip the two terminals on the unit itself. If it is working, replace the wiring. If nothing works, the malfunction is more severe and you will need to call a professional.

Lights won’t turn on

Start with small things such as replacing the bulbs. If this doesn’t solve the problem, check the socket. Invest in LEDs. They last much longer and they provide bright light.

Remote controller doesn’t work

Basically, you may have an empty battery in the remote controller. Replace it and try again. However, you usually get two remote controllers in the package. Try the second one. If it works the problem is in the battery of the first unit. If it still doesn’t work, you may have a faulty receiver, it has to be replaced.

Preventing all of these problems

You can prevent all of the aforementioned issues by maintaining your garage door opener regularly and making sure to lubricate all moving parts. We will also recommend you to inspect the entire system at least once per year. Make sure that the tension is correct, for chain drive systems and adjust it when needed.

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The rail is bent is a common issue. This means that the travel is longer than usual so you will need to replace it as soon as possible. Consult the user manual for your specific system.

The last but not least, replace the batteries in remote controllers as soon as they start to cause various issues and problems. This is a simple investment that will prevent possible complications and make your system work at 100%.

Regular inspections should also be directed towards the torsion springs, the gears, and the rails. If they fail a garage door will work but the opener will need more power and more force which can damage the electric motor.

When you should call a professional?

You should try and fix the problem all by yourself first. This is a simple and cheap process that will likely take just a few minutes of your time. If you are unable to fix it, you can call the customer support of the manufacturer. They are known to help millions of people over time and you can get detailed instructions on how to correct an issue and solve the problem.

Once again, most problems that happen can be solved by inspecting the system and replacing a broken part. Garage door openers are relatively simple devices that have a few moving parts and can be installed and serviced within hours.

Try to remember that if the problem is in the garage door itself, you need to hire a professional. They are massive, heavy and complicated. Some elements are under a lot of tension so you don’t want to mess with them.

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We helped you as much as we could. The points mentioned above are the most common and the biggest issues you will likely encounter when using your garage door opener. Now you know how to solve all of them and continue using the system.