5 Best Garage Door Openers That Use Belt Drive

As you may know, a garage door opener is a useful device that can help you open and close your garage door with a press of a button. There are several different types but all of them have the same purpose. Now we will take a closer look at 5 best belt drive garage door openers. These are the quietest of them all and they are expensive but very appealing to own and use.


  1. Chamberlain WD 832 KEV

Chamberlain WD 832 KEV is the first model on our list and commonly considered as one of the best belt drive garage door openers at the moment. The main reason for that is the powerful electric motor that can be used on all garage doors. You also get the 200 Watt power source, sensors, keyless entry, 2 remote controllers and motion detector device. Another advantage is the Motor Isolation system which decreases vibrations and makes the unit even quieter.

We also liked that the system is compatible with the My internet Gateway device which is sold separately. This accessory will allow you to open or close the garage door using your smartphone only. It is very appealing for users who are addicted to the latest technology and who like to have the latest gadgets.

The installation is reasonably simple and you probably won’t have a hard time installing it to your garage door. Thanks to the low noise level it produces, you will need this unit if your bedroom is above the garage. We must add that the timer feature is present as well. Basically, the garage door opener will close the garage door after a specific period of time. If you forget to close your door, this unit is once again the best choice for you.


  • Quiet
  • Massive package
  • Can be controlled via the smartphone
  • Light


  • Pricey
  • My internet Gateway device is available as an optional extra


  1. Chamberlain Group WD1000WF

All of you who want to be impressed with their new garage door opener should consider the Chamberlain Group WD1000WF. This particular unit can be installed on light and medium-heavy garage doors. It is quiet and it can be used even when there is no electricity, thanks to a built-in battery. As such, we believe that if these power outages are common in your area, this model definitely needs to be considered. It is also well-made and comes with standard Chamberlain warranty and customer support.

The garage door opener in question is a smart unit. It simply means that you can connect it to the Wi-Fi and control it from the comfort of your home. In addition, you can also connect it to the home link system and use it from the car built-in switch. At the same time the installation is simple and one of easier if we can add. Standard features like rolling code and safety beam are implemented as well and there won’t be any problems.

The package includes all you will need and the installation can be completed without hiring a professional. You will have a quiet and powerful garage door opener of the modern generation that is packed with all the essentials you will need and something even more. The LCD display is available for this model also. From it, you can run diagnostics, check for temperature and etc. The unit is compatible with all 8 feet garage doors and can be installed on 10 feet garage doors with an extension pack. It is sold separately.


  • Battery for backup services
  • The LCD display makes the unit more useful
  • Advanced features and systems
  • Safe and reliable


  • Extension pack is expensive
  • It is a bit slow


  1. Genie 2042- TKC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Most of you believe that garage door openers are very slow and loud. Then you meet the Chamberlain models and you changed your opinion. Well, this isn’t the only brand that makes high-end garage door openers that are quiet and effective. Here we have Genie 2042- TKC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener which is actually very fast and quiet same like the first 2 models on the list. Yes, it is a bit louder but the difference is minimal.

Genie 2042- TKC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener has ½ HP electric motor of the new generation. You can install it on any garage door with a weight of 500 pounds or less and the height of 8 feet. You don’t need additional accessories or anything like that. The installation is so simple that most of you will be able to install it without any additional help. In the package, you get the user manual with all the steps and instructions you need to take. All you have to do is to connect the dots and you are done.

The unit we tested is well-known for meeting all the rules and regulations in the United States and many other countries. This refers especially to the T Beam feature which will detect an obstacle and prevent the door from closing. As such the risk from an injury or damage is practically eliminated. The package is great due to the fact it includes all you will need. In addition, you will also get the wall console, keypad and etc. We recommend this specific model for those who are looking for an affordable model with all the features and systems common in the world of the garage door openers.


  • Value for money
  • Safety features
  • Meets all the rules and regulations
  • Great package


  • The transition between the two gears
  • The return policy is problematic


  1. Skylink EQ-1522 BK Belt Drive Garage Door Opener


Skylink EQ-1522 BK Belt Drive Garage Door Opener has a powerful electric motor of ½ HP and comes with an optional battery pack. It can be added to the system and it will allow you to use the garage door opener when there is no electricity. In addition, we liked the option which includes the keyless entry. In addition, you get 2 remote controllers in the package and the deluxe console. We will add that the overall design is modern and sophisticated.

One of the major advantages of this particular unit is the ability to install it in residential and commercial garage doors. The system works well with all the garage doors and can be installed without any professional help. Yes, you can install it all by yourself within hours and you will get a fully functional garage door opener that looks nice and has a belt drive system, extremely quiet. In addition, the electric motor is quieter than usual as well.

There are some features that also deserve your attention. For instance, you can use the safety sensors that will prevent door closing if the obstacle is detected. In that case, the garage door opener will stop the closing process and reopen the door. The rolling code technology is standard and it will generate a new code every single time when the garage door opener is used. This model also features a soft opening and closing. Basically, it will slow down when the opening and closing process reaches the end and eliminate any risk of damages or etc.


  • Soft opening and closing
  • Easy installation
  • Overall design
  • Optional battery pack


  • Confusing instructions
  • The rail needs to be adjusted before installation


  1. LiftMaster 8355 Premium Series

The LiftMaster 8355 Premium Series has been a popular model on the market that has a lot to offer. The first thing we will reveal is the powerful electric motor with 1/2HP power. It is extremely durable and energy-efficient version. The system is also very quiet and can be considered as one of the quietest garage door openers available today. You will appreciate this if you don’t want to hear anything while opening or closing your garage door.

LiftMaster 8355 Premium Series is paired with rolling code technology and has the reverse closing mode. This means that if an obstacle is detected the garage door opener will stop closing the door and reopen them. It is one of the mandatory features you definitely need and you will appreciate as long as you use the unit. The installation is relatively simple and we believe that most of you won’t have a hard time completing this task. Just in case you can get online help and the user manual is there to assist you.

Some advanced features are present as well. You can use the MyQ system to monitor your garage door opener but in some cases, you will need an additional getaway to be able to use this feature. The package includes only one remote controller which is probably a drawback. On the other hand, it comes with all the hardware you need for installation and the system looks modern and more expensive than it actually is. We know that all future owners will have a great time installing and using the garage door opener we presented. It is available in several versions which include different power outputs and different features.


  • MyQ compatibility
  • Durable electric motor
  • Safety features
  • Design and look of the system


  • One remote controller only
  • Some users will need an additional internet getaway


Different types of garage door openers explained

One thing you will have to understand before purchasing and installing a new garage door opener is that there are 3 main types. The types are divided according to the drive system they use. Each one comes with its own list of pros and cons and each one might be the best choice for your garage.

  • Chain drive

Chain drive garage door openers are the oldest of them all. They use a chain to open and close the door which makes them very durable and reliable. The only drawback is the noise. These are the loudest models of the three and they are usually reserved for garages which are located far away from your house or bedroom. In addition, these models are the most affordable. All of these units require maintenance.

  • Belt drive

Belt drive garage door openers are made from fiberglass or polyurethane while some are made from rubber (belt only). As the name suggests they use a belt to open or close the garage door. The benefits include a low level of noise and no maintenance. Because they don’t involve metal to metal contact you can use these models even if your bedroom is directly above the garage. The only drawback is the price. These units are the most expensive of the three but usually considered as the best option.

  • Screw drive

Screw drive models have a rod with the threads. It will be used to open and close the garage door and the durability is impressive. There are less moving parts than any other type so there are fewer odds that something goes wrong. We also liked the strength these models have. They are louder than belt drive models and they require maintenance. The rod we did mentioned earlier has to be lubricated at all times.

Few points to consider when looking for a new garage door opener

If you want to get the best garage door opener for your garage you will need to consider several features as priorities. All of them are explained below.

  • Speed

A garage door opener has to open and close the garage door as soon as possible. That’s why speed is an essential factor to consider and can make a clear difference between the best and not so good model.

  • Lights

Obviously, you need lights on your garage door opener. Look for LED due to the fact they last longer and they use less power.

  • Infrared beam

The safety feature that detects obstacles and prevents the door from closing. It is a must.

  • Power

Power is directly linked to the size and weight of your garage door. Heavier door does require more power to be operated.

  • Battery backup

If power outages are common in your area you need an additional battery to be able to open and close the garage door when there is no electricity.


All 5 models of garage door openers you saw earlier are stunning, advanced and come with great features. It is up to you to decide which model you need and why. Now you have all the information within your reach so all you have to do is to pick one. Read more about garage door openers here.

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