ATOMS AT-1622BK By Skylink Review

These days garage door openers come in all sizes, with all possible features, and in all power ratings. Yes, all of these can be considered as an advantage due to the fact you can choose any unit you like. But for some this makes the right choice more complicated or even impossible. Today we will present you one model that might be the best choice you can make. It is the ATOMS AT-1622BK By Skylink. This unit has all to offer and it is more than just popular at the moment.

Main features

Skylink Atoms AT-1622BK Specs
Garage door type compatibilityStandard metal or wood sectional doors weighing under 350 pounds
Horsepower1/2 HP
TechnologyGenie Intellicode rolling code
Safety sensorsYes
Key-less entry padYes
Remote controlYes
Warranty10 years for motor, 2 years for the other parts

ATOMS AT-1622BK is top of the line product and as you would expect it has a lot to offer. Below we have prepared the main characteristics or better said the main features regarding this model and they should give you a better idea on what to expect.

1/2 HPF DC electric motor

Probably the main and the most important feature is the power. The ATOMS AT-1622BK comes with ½ HP electric motor which is extremely quiet, powerful and durable. Thanks to the transmission and the overall construction the garage door opener can be used for the biggest and the heaviest doors. In addition, we can add that yes, you can pair it with different types of garage doors and those made from different materials.

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Smooth belt drive

Some homeowners prefer belt-driven garage door openers so much that they are their only choice. The ATOMS AT-1622BK might be beneficial in this case scenario. Thanks to the belt drive the unit is extremely silent. As a matter of fact, it is so silent that you can install it in a garage below your bedroom and it will still remain quiet.

The belt drive system will adjust the speed as well. In a nutshell, the speed will be decreased when the doors will reach the floor. By doing so the vibrations will be decreased and the noise will be eliminated.

Included timer

The timer is the most important feature for people who tend to forget things, like closing their garage door. Well, this model offers an automatic timer which needs to be set and it will automatically close the door after a specific period of time. As you already know this is the ultimate safety feature and it is a game changer for all of you.

Safety features

Safety features are one of the most important aspects in this review and they probably deserve a lot of attention. The goal here is to find a garage door opener that is so safe that you can rely on it at any given moment. The ATOMS AT-1622BK looks promising, but let’s take a closer look at the safety features it has to offer.

Rolling code technology

This isn’t something you may need at some point, it is a technology that is mandatory these days. It is complicated to understand, but easy to explain. Basically, the remote controller and the garage door opener will be synchronized all the time and each time you use a remote controller a new code will be generated. In other words, nobody else won’t know your code or be able to open the garage door.

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Compatibility with the alarm system

It is a straightforward system that is very popular these days. It allows you to pair the garage door opener to your alarm systems and if something is detected the alarm will go on. There is no need to add that all major home alarms are supported and the installation is reasonably simple. You will need the user manual for this purpose and you will definitely need this feature activated.

Safety sensors

The ATOMS AT-1622BK comes with infrared sensors. They can literally see in the dark and they will present closing the door if an obstacle is detected. This system is useful to prevent possible damages or injuries and considered mandatory according to today’s standards. We appreciate it as well and we must add that it is appreciated the addition.



Accessories of the ATOMS AT-1622BK

ATOMS AT-1622BK garage door opener comes with several accessories in the package and it is compatible with even more. Now we will explain all of them below.

Wall console

The wall console is deluxe in type and it looks better than you may believe. The console is also very practical and very appealing to use. Keep in mind that you can use it to change the timer, enable or disable keypad and etc.

2 remote controllers

It is nice having two remote controllers. This allows you to give one to your spouse or to any person you want. The remote controllers are both made in the same way and they are decent.

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The light is included in the package and it is LED. This means that there is no maintenance and it is going to last for years. We always like this small addition and we believe it can make a massive difference.

Battery compatible

The battery isn’t included in the package but you can add one when you like. The battery will allow you to use the garage door opener when there is a power outage. Yes, it is an additional expense but it has huge importance.

Customer support and the warranty

Both of these factors are above average. The warranty is 10 years on the electric motor and 2 years on other components. Customer support is always available and you can contact them via phone, email and even mail.


  • Powerful electric motor
  • Quiet
  • Versatile
  • Timer
  • Keypad


  • 350 pounds weight load
  • Complicated user manual


  • Manufacturer: Skylink
  • Model: ATOMS AT-1622BK
  • Weight load: 350 pounds
  • Light: Yes
  • Timer: Yes
  • Keypad: Yes
  • Console: Deluxe Wall Console
  • Power: ½ HP
  • Warranty: 10 years on motor and 2 years on the rest



The ATOMS AT-1622BK has a lot to offer and it is one of the most desirable units right now due to these very reasons. We believe it should get the highest score and we will reward it with 5 out of 5 stars. The main advantages are a smooth operation, overall safety, and advanced capabilities.

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