How much does it cost to install a brand new garage door opener?

All homeowners will have to install a garage door opener once they purchase it. So, how much does it cost and what are the main things to consider? All of that and much more will be explained in the content below and we will give you the best and the most direct answers you can find.

At this moment we can add that garage door openers are not a luxury item that only the rich can afford. They are extremely affordable these days and chances are high that you can get a new unit ready and operational for a very low amount of money. Of course, we all know how effective and desirable these gadgets are. They allow you to open and close the door from the inside of your car and they will complete the hard work instead of you.

garage door opener installation costs
garage door opener installation costs

Installing the garage door all by yourself or hiring a professional

There are two main alternatives all homeowners have when they get a new garage door opener. The first one is to install the unit by themselves. You may believe that this is a much better and more affordable option. You are partially right. When you install the unit yourself you can save some money. However, this saving won’t be as high as you expect.

In a nutshell, when you choose to install the garage door opener all by yourself you will do it for $230. When you choose to hire a professional you will need $350. There is a perfectly good explanation behind these costs. You will need a lot more time, the time you can use for other things so you will need to calculate the cost of your time. If we add that most homeowners are not professionals with garage door openers we can see that you will need a lot of time. On the other hand, we have a professional installation that will take as little time as possible.

To summarize, installing a garage door opener by yourself is a possible and relatively easy task. Yes, you will save some money but usually, it isn’t worthy of the hassle. Most of you will need some type of additional help available in the form of online guides, tutorials or etc. A professional won’t need any of these things and the risk of a problem is extremely low. The bottom line is that you should hire a professional. Your time cost as well and you can use it on other things.

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Three types of garage door openers

There are three major types of garage door openers. We must discuss them simply because this will determine the installation cost as well. The three types are a belt drive, chain drive, and screw drive garage door openers.

Belt drive models are the quietest of them all and they are the most expensive. You can expect to find a decent model for $300 or more. Screw drive units are in the middle and they are a bit louder than the belt drive garage door openers. They are more affordable so a unit can cost $200. Chain drive units are the loudest of them all and they are the most affordable. You can get a decent model for $150.

When it comes to the installation complexity, all of these models are pretty much the same to install. Yes, there are different steps but they are obvious so we don’t believe you will have a lot of problems.

The price of the garage door opener is the base of the installation cost. Most of us will need a garage door opener first in order to install it, obviously, so you can get a clear idea why this point had to be mentioned.

Features that affect installation cost

Below you can see several features that are very appealing at the moment and you will like having all of them on your new garage door opener. However, they will also add the cost to the installation and you will need to consider them before anything else. Keep in mind that these are not the main or all the features a garage door opener has to offer. These ones affect the cost the most so they have to be mentioned here.

Reverse opening

The system refers to the ability of a garage door opener to detect an obstacle while closing or opening the door. When the obstacle is detected the unit will stop the process and reverse it. What this means is that if you try to close the door and there is an item on the path, the garage door opener will detect it and stop closing process and open it.

Infrared beam

This is another system that affects installation cost. You will need to install it accurately in order to work properly. The goal here is to produce an infrared beam that can be used by the main unit to determine if the car is inside the garage or it left it. It might add the price of the garage door opener, but it is definitely worthy.

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Backup system

This is basically a battery that can be installed to the system. Most models don’t include the battery in the package but they are compatible with one. In other words, you can install a garage door opener and then install the battery to allow for the system to operate when there is no electricity. These additional systems will have to be installed additionally which may add the cost of the installation.

Manual opening/closing

Almost all high-end garage door openers allow you to open or close the door manually. It is one of more needed systems that has a huge, positive effect on the practicality and can make a massive difference.

Remote controllers

They are a mandatory part of the system. In a nutshell, the system will use rolling code making a new code each time you open or close the garage door. This is the safest system at the moment and it is the one you need. Luckily all professional and high-end models have it and it can make your garage so much safer. We advise you to pick a model with this safety system.

Light on the garage door opener

One of the most appealing yet simplest features is the light on the garage door opener itself. What this means is that you have LED on the motor housing or nearby that will turn on when you enter a garage or when you want to exit. It is a relatively simple system to use and install but it has a huge advantage. For instance, all expensive models have it so you can get a clear idea of how much it is an important addition to your new garage door opener.


One of the factors that determine the installation cost is your location. As you already know you cannot affect it and you cannot change it. Usually, if you live in an expensive part of the city you can expect to pay more for the installation. If you live in an average neighborhood you will pay less. In addition, some cities in the United States are more expensive for installation while others are more affordable. This matter can’t be generalized.

Tips and tricks on how to save money while installing a garage door opener

There are a lot of tips and tricks you can use to keep the installation cost of the garage door opener as low as possible. We were able to find the best tips and the best things you should do. They are explained below.

  1. Replace the battery on your remote if it’s not working
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It is a common problem that some homeowners simply want to replace the entire garage door opener when the remote stops working. In most cases, the problem is in the batteries. They have to be replaced and this is extremely cheap change. If it isn’t the cause of your problem, try to reprogram the remote controller. You will need a user manual to complete this step.

  1. Check the electric motor

If you hear loud sound while the motor is working, chances are high that the gears inside the unit are damaged. You need to replace the electric motor only and not the entire system. A company that sold you the unit will have a replacement motor. Simply replace it and you will continue using the system again.

  1. Check the moving parts

Another case in which we can see that a garage door opener will cause weird sounds is when there is an issue with the hinges, springs or rails. The sound will be different than in the previous case and to fix it you will need to replace the broken part. This is significantly more affordable than replacing the entire unit.

  1. Lubricate the system once per year

An average garage door opener can last up to 10 years or slightly more. To get the longest possible lifespan you will need to lubricate all moving parts at least once per year. You can lubricate them even more frequently if needed, there won’t be any issues caused by this.

  1. Purchase garage doors and the garage door opener as a single package

Here we can see one interesting method to save money. By purchasing the garage door and the garage door opener together you can save money due to the fact most sellers offer a discount in this case scenario. It is the smart move you can make and should be considered.


You were able to see how much the installation of a garage door opener will cost. We present to you all the information you will need and also useful tips and tricks you can use to decrease the overall cost.