Best Tow Recovery Strap Reviews

Here is the list of the best recovery straps you can find these days. There are a lot of models available online and your mission is to find the one that is just perfect for your applications. We tested over 10 models in order to find 5 units that are simply stunning and come with all the features you are going to need. We will also help you understand the factors that should be considered as well.

Best Tow Recovery Strap Reviews 2019

Best Tow Recovery Strap Reviews 2019

5 Top Tow Recovery Straps for 2019

1. Ultimate Tow Recovery Strap 35000lb

The Ultimate Tow Recovery Strap 35000lb is a stunning model that comes with all the features you are going to need. The strap has a capacity of 35000 pounds, 20 feet length and it stretches 7% which is ideal for most applications. In addition, it is so strong that can be used for recovery of trucks, tractors, cars, motorcycles and literally any vehicle. The breaking point is actually higher than 35000 pounds and it is closer to 36000 pounds.

The next best thing is the fact this model is designed for heavy-duty applications. It can withstand water, dirt, mud and literally everything else. We liked the color as well. All the versions are delivered in bright colors that enhance their visibility and make users safer. After all, it is a professional model based on the latest technology and it is designed for those who will use it daily.

In a nutshell, the recovery strap we have here is the most popular and the most appealing model of the modern generation. You can get all sorts of benefits and you will have a high-quality recovery strap that will last for years. When it comes to price, it is reasonably affordable and comes with additions you will actually need. The color is one of a kind and we honestly liked it. You will probably like it as well.


  • 35000 pounds capacity
  • Bright color
  • Comes with a bag
  • 7% stretching


  • Heavy
  • Poor instructions


2. Big Ant Tow Strap 20’x3”, Recovery Strap with 18000bls Capacity

Now we will present you a model that comes with above the average characteristics. The first one is a strength. You can use it for all applications with a total weight of 18.000 pounds. However, the same model is available in two versions. The second version is slightly more expensive but the capacity is 20.000 pounds. We tested both of them but chose the first option due to a higher level of usability.

The length is 20 feet and the width is 3 inches. These are standard dimensions and can be seen on most recovery straps available on the market today. Anyway, the recovery strap looks nice in yellow color and comes with excellent customer support. The price is below average which we especially liked and believe it makes the product suitable for the highest number of people. An interesting addition has to be a small increase in price with 20.000-pound version.

The last thing we will reveal is the construction. The recovery strap is made from special nylon that is woven in a unique way. It gives enhanced durability, strength and it makes the entire unit more capable. You can use it for towing trucks, cars and SUVs without wear of cracking.


  • 2 available versions
  • Width and length
  • Value for money
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • One-color only
  • Lack of a bag


3. Titan Auto Heavy Duty Recovery Strap

The Titan Auto Heavy Duty Recovery Strap is a bit different than all other models you can find on the market. The recovery strap is made from high-quality polyester and it comes in length of 30 feet, longer than most other models have to offer. The width is also higher and it is around 3.5 inches. As you should know by now, other models have 3 inches width. The thing we liked the most is the weight load capacity. It is 35.000 pounds but there are reinforced ends on both sides which make the strap more suitable for extreme-duty applications.

The strap is offered in one color and 2 versions only. The second version is 25.000 pounds model with a length of 20 feet. It targets SUV and truck users but can be purchased and used by regular drivers who need extra-safe recovery strap for all sorts of purposes. Keep in mind that the price is slightly higher than average and you can rely positive that the strap is going to last a long time. On the other hand, you get a 1-year warranty and great customer support.

The recovery strap is suitable for those who want a safe buy advantage. It comes with all essentials, it is extremely strong and it comes in superb length. As you can assume all of this comes at a price. We had a great time testing it and we want to recommend it to all drivers with heavy vehicles.


  • 30 feet length
  • 5 inches width
  • 2 versions available
  • 1-year warranty


  • Expensive
  • Sewing issues possible


4. Smittybilt CC220 2″ x 20′ Recovery Strap

The Smittybilt CC220 2″ x 20′ Recovery Strap can be used for recovery and towing and it is one of the most popular models at the moment. We tested a version of 20 feet in length and with a capacity of 20000 pounds, but there are other types available as well. You can choose between different lengths of up to 30 feet and the maximum load capacity of 40.000 pounds which is simply impressive. Just to add, the recovery strap is made for light and heavy-duty applications and the width is 2 inches.

One of the main advantages is the ability of the strap to withstand all sorts of usages. It can be used in all-weather situations and it can withstand rain, water or high temperatures. This is possible if we know that the main material is a special type of nylon and that the strap has been tested by the manufacturer to meet the highest expectations. There is also double stitching that has to be mentioned. It simply makes ends and the hoops strong and more durable.

The bottom part here is that the strap is an affordable alternative that comes in any size and type you need. Double webbing and advanced stitching makes it an excellent choice for most users and the durability is at the highest level possible. There are no major issues with this unit and the yellow color is selected to make it more visible in poor lighting conditions.


  • Several versions available
  • Bright color
  • Suitable for towing and recovery
  • All-weather conditions


  • Hoop design isn’t the best
  • Some versions are too short


5. ARB ARB715LB 4-1/3″ x 30′ Recovery Strap

The ARB ARB715LB 4-1/3″ x 30′ Recovery Strap has a lot to offer. The first thing we will reveal is the construction. It is made from 100% nylon of the modern generation and it is tested by NATA laboratory. The end product is suitable for trucks, massive objects, cars, SUVs and so much more. Honestly, there are no limits when it comes to this particular unit and you can enjoy the most durable construction and the highest level of attention to detail.

The strap is obviously suitable for extreme duty purposes. It comes in a length of 30 feet and the load capacity of 33000 pounds. Once again we can see that multiple versions are available and you can choose any of them. In addition, some versions are suitable for trees, winches and etc. They share higher or lower weight load and come in different lengths. The process is different as well.

The stretching of the strap is at 20% which is higher than most other models have to offer. In our tests, we had a great time with this particular model. It looks nice, performs even better and it comes with all the essentials you will need at any given moment. It is probably one of the most advanced and sophisticated recovery straps available on the market at the moment. The only downside is the price. This is the most expensive unit here.


  • 20% stretch
  • Superior strength and quality
  • NATA laboratory tested
  • Countless models and versions available


  • Expensive
  • Customer support


Buyers guide for the best recovery strap

Now you know which the best recovery straps are but you still need to make a difference between a recovery and a tow strap and you can do it using our factors. The same factors we used to rank the tested products and to find the best one for all of you. Take your time and memorize all the factors if need.

End design

Perhaps it sounds funny but we are referring to the end design of a strap. A tow strap will have a hook which is used to attach to the tow rod on a vehicle. It is easier to use but in a case a tow strap snaps, the hook will become a projectile and a deadly weapon. On the other hand, we have recovery straps. They have loops which allow you to tie it down and to use it for more applications. You can still tow a car using this type of strap but even if it snaps it will stay perfectly harmless.

Type of material used

It is probably the most important factor and the one that can make a massive difference. The type of material determines the true power and capability of a strap. For instance, a recovery stray will be made from nylon which stretches more than the second type. Some models can stretch up to 20%. However, tow straps are made from polypropylene and similar materials such as Dacron which stretch less. After all, you don’t need a lot of stretching while using a tow strap.

Width of a strap

Width is more important than you may believe. It is directly linked to the load capacity. Wider straps are more durable, heavier and made for more demanding operations. Narrower straps are completely opposite. Here we can see that straps come in various widths starting with 1 inch and reaching 6 inches. The average width is around 3 inches and it will make a strap very strong and durable.

Length of the strap

As you would expect length is more than just some factor. It can help you get the most out of a recovery strap and it can help you find a model that is just right for you and your requirements. The shortest models have 8 feet length which isn’t recommended. The list of applications is significantly decreased. Models with a length of 20 feet are very popular and very appealing to use. Models with 30 feet length are simply stunning and usually more advanced. Yes, there are 40 feet length units out there but most of you don’t need them. Always choose according to your preferences.

Weight load capacity

The factors refer to the weight a strap can be used for. In general, a car or a vehicle of 10000 pounds need to be paired with a recovery strap that can withstand 10000 pounds or more. The width can be usually linked to the weight load. We can see that a model with 10000 load capacity has a width of 1 inch. A strap that can withstand 30000 pounds will be 3 inches in width and so on. The ultimate width of 6 inches can make a strap withstand 60000 pounds which is a stunning result.

Stretching level

How much a strap can be stretched? Usually, the width will determine this factor as well. Wider models are able to stretch less while narrower models will stretch more. Stretching will, therefore, vary between 5 and 30% while 20% is very common. Pick the one model that has lower or highest stretching capabilities according to your needs. Obviously, all models will stretch and it is one of their main advantages.

Weather resistance

Some models are not designed to be used in rain or at high temperatures. This means that they are less durable and they are usually made for light-duty purposes. On the other hand, some models are just perfect for all situations regardless of the weather. These units are known as all-weather straps and they are a safe buy. The main advantage is in the fibers that can withstand water and variations in the temperature and hence make a strap more durable.

Stitching a manufacturer used

Stitching is used through the strap but you need to pay special attention to the ends where the hoops are. Stitching has to be super-tough and more than just durable in order to withstand heavy-duty usages and in order to make the strap capable of withstanding longer usages. Double stitching is a safe choice to make and the one that deserves your full attention.

Color of the strap

It isn’t very important which color is chosen, but it has to be a bright color. This is almost mandatory in order to see the strap in poor conditions when it is covered in sand, mud or something else. You were able to see 5 models above that are all made in bright colors and this is how we like it.

Is a bag included

Where you will place your recovery strap? It should come with a bag but this is a rare addition at the moment. Just a few models on the market offer it and they are usually high-end variations. You should invest in the additional bag just to make sure your strap is within you at all moment.

Duration of the warranty

A warranty typically starts with 1 year but there are models that come with longer warranties. On the other hand, we have models that come with no warranty at all. This addition is something that can make a decent strap great and we advise you to take it into consideration. A 1-year long warranty is the average.

Third-party testing

If you have a recovery strap that is third-party tested it means that independent party tested it and they agree with the claims of a manufacturer. This especially refers to the aforementioned weight load capacity and flexibility alongside stretching capabilities.

Customer support

If you need additional help or you have issues that have to be solved, customer support is the best thing you will need. We always like customer supports that are easy to reach and actually helpful. Luckily most models available these days have this type of advantage.

The final word

Now you are ready to find the best recovery strap out there. We presented you 5 models that are at the highest level when it comes to quality, strength, and capabilities. We also listed you all the factors you will need to take into consideration and you will be able to make a wise decision with our help. Make sure to choose accordingly to your needs and to get a recovery strap that has it all. Take your time and pay attention to the details. The best recovery strap is already here. See more garage equipment reviews.

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