5 Best Wood for Workbench Top Review 2021

When you are working in your garage or workshop, it is essential to have superior quality and the right style workbench for you to produce the best results. This is why we have decided to do a best wood for workbench top review. Having a good quality workbench not just helps you to increase your work efficiency but also ensures your safety. When working with hazardous tools and gears, there is always a risk of getting injured or meeting with an accident because of a small distraction. We also did a review of the best workbenches you can find on the market right now.

So if your workbench is reliable and robust, it will help you get your work done with perfection and required safety. There are several kinds of workbenches available in the market, from metal to stone to wood. But the workbenches made of wood are the strongest and ideal for use. The best wood for workbench top is either pine or ash. They provide the sturdiness and the right stability to the workbench and make it great for the use. Also, workbenches are only a part of the essential garage workshop equipment.

Let us go ahead and take a comprehensive look at some of the best wooden workbenches that will provide you the comfort of working in your garage.

Top 5 Best Wood for Workbench Top Reviewed

Here is our comparison table showing how the selected best wood for workbenches compares one to another:

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1. Birch Wooden Workbench Top

This Birch Wooden Workbench Top is a heavy-duty workbench that is perfect for using at home or a shop for doing all kinds of activities. The workbench is built with high-quality wood and exhibits excellent strength. The dimensions of it are 1-1/2″ x 27″ x 60″ and the 53.6 pounds weight gives you the confidence that it can take on any heavyweight material.

The fantastic built quality and the robust strength of this workbench makes it one of the best products of its category. It is ideal for doing engineering works and can also be used as a butcher block counter. The top-notch finishing of this wooden workbench makes it a perfect replacement solution for your steel workbench top.


  • The Workbench is exceptionally durable.
  • The wood used in the making is of high-quality.
  • It is definitely worth its cost.
  • It is sanded on both sides to 150 grit.


  • It is available only in one size.


  1. Does this workbench have square edges or round edges?

This Birch workbench top comes with squared corners.

  1. Is it possible to cut down the board for matching our own dimensions?

Yes, you can cut the length of this board using a saw with taking the needed precautions.

2. Grizzly Industrial Solid Maple Workbench

The Grizzly Industrial Solid Maple Workbench is built with Eastern hard rock maple material and then provided a coating of Durakryl finish, which makes the surface of the workbench shiny and offers natural color to it. The workbench has a dimension of 72″ W x 30″ D x 1-3/4″ T and has a super strength to carry out all kinds of rough and heavy-duty works.

The workbench is crafted with care and perfection and has a perfectly flat top with smooth finishing. The sheen surface of the board provides it with a beautiful and bright look. It is preferred not to store this workbench at damp areas of the house as it may lead to warping of the top. This well-designed and the sturdy workbench is worth checking out.


  • The quality of the workbench is flawless.
  • Ideal for doing heady-duty jobs.
  • The workbench is built with craftsmanship.
  • It has a beautiful, shining appearance.


  • The underside of the workbench is slightly rough.
  • The tops are assembled only through glue sticking.
  • It can warp over the concrete surface.


  1. What is the weight of this workbench?

It has an approximate weight of 101lbs.

  1. Do we get any additional items with this workbench?

Unfortunately no. This item comes alone in the package.

  1. Can it be used as a desk?

Yes, as it is a solid piece of wood, therefore it can be used as a desk. However, you might have to add legs to it on your own.

3. Birch Butcher Block Square Edge Workbench Top

Are you tired of using your plastic workbench top? If so, then check out this fantastic high-quality, economical workbench that is highly efficient in doing all kinds of heavy-duty works. This Birch Butcher Block Square Edge Workbench Top is built with a high-end process. It is firstly, kiln-dried, then electronically glued and, in the end, is sanded smooth for providing an excellent finishing to the workbench.

A mineral oil protectant is used in the finishing process of the board that ensures it stays away from all kinds of dust mites and bugs. The dimensions of this workbench are 48 “W x 30″ D x T1-3/4” and weights 60.5 pounds. The bench is ideal for carrying out all sorts of rough activities on it.


  • It has a proper thickness.
  • The material used in the making is solid.
  • Mineral oil protectant keeps it safe from dust mites.


  • One side of the workbench needs a little sanding.
  • Edges are not the smoothest.


  1. Can the workbench be stained with a darker color?

Yes, the workbench is made of solid wood and can be stained.

  1. How much minimum weight can this workbench bear?

The workbench can hold a minimum weight of 400-500lbs.


  1. Will it work fine if it is used as a butcher block?

It has good strength and can be used as a butcher block.

4. Edsal Butcher Block Wood Work Bench Top

The Edsal Butcher Block Wood Work Bench Top is crafted with the best quality kiln-dried maple strips. The workbench is reliable and is perfect for conducting electrical, maintenance, cutting, and industrial works. The sides of the workbench are laminated with maple top that helps in resisting any kind of damage to the workbench.

The workbench has dimensions of 60 x 30 inches with 77.8 pounds weight. The board is straightforward to assemble, and the 1-3/4-inches thickness of the board makes it completely shockproof so you can do any electrical work without any fear of shock on this workbench.


  • The workbench is completely shockproof.
  • The tops are laminated with a maple top.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty works.


  • The quality is low for its price.
  • The underside of the workbench is not adequately sanded.
  • It requires high maintenance of regular oiling.


  1. Can we stain this if we spill some stains on it?

Yes, you can stain it for covering the spilled stains.

  1. What is 30″ in its 60″ X 30″ dimensions?

60″ is the length and 30″ is the width.

  1. Can I DIY the workbench into a study table?

Yes, legs can be added to it for converting it into a table, considering you have the required skills to do that.

5. John Boos Blended Walnut Island Workbench Top

One of the most prominent workbenches of its category, the John Boos Blended Walnut Island Workbench Top, has all the qualities that a workbench requires. It is tough, sturdy, has an attractive appearance, and is extremely efficient in doing its work. The workbench built of walnut wood has dimensions of 72 x 36 x 1.5 inches with a weight of 97 pounds.

The workbench is constructed with random finger-jointed interior rails and full-length exterior rails that provide a natural unique color variation to the board. The workbench is sturdy and robust enough to handle all types of tough and heavy-duty works. This workbench is also easy to maintain and needs re-oiling once in a while to maintain its radiant appearance.


  • The look of the workbench is beautiful.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • High-Quality walnut wood used in its making.
  • The workbench is immensely sturdy.


  • One side is slightly rough.


  1. What is the width of the rails?

The width of this its rails are 1.75 inches.

  1. Is walnut a cheap quality wood?

No, walnut is amongst the most beautiful woods available, which makes this workbench sturdy.

  1. Does it have straight edges?

The edges of this workbench is straight. However, we do rub sandpaper on the sides of it so that the sharpness can be reduced as it may hurt somebody.

Buyers Guide for the best workbench top

With the above-given products, you are now familiar with the various wooden workbenches and their quantities. So before you go ahead and pick up the best one for yourself, we would like you to have a look at some of the qualities you must look out for in a workbench.

Stability and Sturdiness

One of the essential features that you need to consider in a workbench is its sturdiness and durability. Sawing and planing on a flimsy workbench will surely make you frustrated, and it can also be very unsafe for you. A sturdy workbench is usually the one that has well-distributed weight and mass. Also, a massive wood structure ensures that it has better stability. So do check out these factors in the workbench you are considering buying.

Size of the Workbench

It is imperative to have a workbench on which you feel comfortable while working. Most jobs done on the workbench require sheer attention and focus, and if they lack comfortability, it will be a constant struggle for you. So, before you buy a workbench for yourself, check out the dimensions of the area where you are thinking of placing it in your garage or store.

Then according to the requirement of your size, you can buy the most suitable workbench for you. Remember, you always have an option to cut the length of the workbench if you aren’t getting a workbench of the size you want.

The material of the Workbench

The material used for the making of the workbench determines its strength and durability. Usually, the workbenches made of laminated hardwood are the strongest and appropriate for doing heavy-duty jobs. Several workbenches are constructed with MDF or plywood and are highly durable and efficient in successfully carrying out lightweight activities. However, they are not most suitable for heavyweight jobs and can break out easily.

Shockproof Capabilities

If you are a technician or need a workbench for doing electrical works, then it is crucial to consider the width of the board. Most workbenches that are thin are not able to sustain the current passing and might give an electrical current to you. So pick a workbench that has a better width so that you can do your electrical work without any worry of getting shocked.


  1. What is the appropriate thickness for a wood workbench?

A workbench must have a thickness of 3 inches. If any workbench has a thickness lesser than this, they lack the appropriate strength and may also give a shock while doing electrical work.

  1. Which wood surface is best for doing all-purpose work on the workbench?

The workbenches that are built with thick oak or solid maple will give you efficient results in handling all sorts of work effortlessly.

  1. What is the purpose of a workbench?

A workbench is used to hold objects while a technician or craftsman is working on those things with some other set of tools.

  1. Can I do heavy-duty jobs on my plastic workbench top?

It is extremely risky to conduct heavy-duty jobs on a plastic workbench top as they lack the required strength. It is better to replace it with a wooden workbench top.

  1. Is a softwood workbench better than the hardwood workbench?

It totally depends on the work that you are carrying out the workbench. In case you are willing to do some lightweight activity on it, then softwood workbench will work fine. But if you want to do heavy-duty jobs, it is better to go for hardwood to ensure proper safety and effectiveness.

Making workbench out of proper wood is the prefered way, but here is the great video showing you how a workbench top can be created by only using 2×4 inch wood:

Final Thoughts

We have now shared all the necessary information with you, from the best wood for workbench top to the various factors that must be considered while buying a wooden workbench for yourself. Also, we have provided you the list of most efficient and best quality wooden workbenches that you can consider buying. So you can check out the given items from their respective links and pick the most suitable workbench that fits your requirements. Good Luck!

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