Best Socket Organizer: 10 Ways to Organize Sockets in 2019

One of the most annoying issues you can encounter in a workshop or a garage is being unable to find the tool you need. Add the fact that various sockets are small and easy to misplace and you can deduce how annoying problem this actually is. Luckily there is a simple solution that has been with us for a long period of time. A socket organizer is an affordable investment that can make a massive difference and keep all your sockets organized, obviously.

The only, additional problem is which socket organizer you need to choose. There are countless models out there and each one is different. That’s why we decided to share the reviews of the best models available on the market and recommend you the ones you will be perfectly happy with.

Best Socket Organizer Review 2019

Best Socket Organizer Review 2019

How we tested and choose the socket organizers?

In order to provide you with the most accurate reviews and help you find the best products, we had to test over 40 different products of this kind. Only 10 of them were considered as a valuable option and only they will be on the list. In addition, we always take a closer look at the construction, functionality and the attention to detail of any socket organizer.

Additionally, we will include the opinions of the people who have been using a specific product of this type for a long period of time and the ones that share their opinion. The goal is to present you the best socket organizer with all the pros and cons and all the features you will need to consider.

Top Socket Organizers Reviewed 2019

Olsa Tools 3-Piece Set Aluminum Socket Organizer

Olsa Tools 3-Piece Set Aluminum Socket Organizer is one of the best and the best one here product. The main difference is in the functionality. The organizer comes with 3 rails each one made from aluminum and paired with ball bearings with a spring. As such you can easily place the sockets and they will stay in place at all times. You can even hang the organizers to a wall or keep them in a drawer. There are no limits here.

The three rails hide another advantage. You will notice that one is ¼ inches version for suitable sockets and it has 20 slots. The ½ inches rail has 16 slots and the 3/8 inches has 18 slots. Overall you get 54 slots to use at any given moment and this is more than enough for most users. There is no need to add that all slots are carefully designed to make sure they hold a socket in place without any movement or issues. Keep in mind that this brand is one of the best-known on the market for making high-end tools and accessories that are at the highest level when it comes to quality, durability, and functionality.


  • Plenty of socket slots
  • Aluminum construction
  • Ball-bearing slots
  • Available in different versions and colors


  • The rails cannot be linked together


Ernst Manufacturing Organizer Tray

The next product on our list is stunning and definitely needs your attention. The tray offers 10 slots for all sorts of tools, bolts, screws, and washers. It is made to meet the highest expectations so each tray comes with a lifetime warranty and it can withstand fuel, oil and other chemicals without losing its properties or losing the color. Yes, the tray is also available in black, white and blue so you can match it to the rest of the toolset.

The dimensions are 16 x 11 x 1.5 inches which makes it ideal for smaller applications and tasks. However, the space inside is surprisingly big and we had no issues in using this tray for all sorts of projects. It is also very affordable and comes without anything that can increase the price. In the end, we can add that the tray is suitable for those who will use it for smaller yet detailed projects and who need this type of storage.


  • Affordable
  • Small and compact
  • Available in different colors
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Poor organization
  • Too small for some users



Olsa Tools Socket Organizer Tray

Olsa Tools Socket Organizer Tray is the upgrade compared to the first set we presented you. The main advantages here include the number of sockets you can store.  There are 80 slots which is impressive as you may know. The slots are divided according to the size. So, ½ inches sockets come with 20 slots, ¼ and 3/8 inch sizes offer 30 slots each. Combined you get the aforementioned number of slots and you get the ability to use it for all possible tasks and projects.

There are a few minor advantages as well. The set is compatible with the rails that can be attached to the rails easily. You will use the clips to increase the capacity of each set and to make sure it meets your desires. The last thing is the handle. You can carry the socket organizer and all the sockets will stay in place as long as you need them to.


  • A lot of slots
  • Can be extended
  • Easy to use
  • Handle


  • Massive in size
  • Expensive additional rails


Apex Tool Group 83103 GearWrench 3-Piece Slide Socket Rail System

Apex Tool Group 83103 GearWrench 3-Piece Slide Socket Rail System has 40 slots and three rails. Each one is designed for sockets of ½ or ¼ or 3/8 inches. You get the ability to place the sockets in appropriate slots that are paired with the ball bearings and they will stay there even while the rail is moved or transported. In addition, the rails are made to withstand chemicals and heavy-duty usage and to make sure the sockets are well-protected at all situations.

The socket organizer is also very appealing to use due to overall simplicity. It is tough and we can add that most of you will use it while on the go or while completing more daunting projects. Each unit comes with a lifetime warranty. This is a relatively simple product so there are no a lot of details we can reveal with you.


  • Attention to details
  • 40 slots available
  • Warranty is excellent
  • Value for money


  • Obsolete design



ABN Aluminum SAE Socket Holder Rail 3 Piece Set

The ABN Aluminum SAE Socket Holder Rail 3 Piece Set is standard socket organizer that comes in bright light. It has a lot to offer and it is extremely practical and convenient. The size of each rail is 17×0.2 inches. In the set, you get 3 rails for ½, ¼ and 3/85 inches sockets. Each slot is labeled and paired with a ball bearing spring so it will hold the sockets in place even while transport.

The set we have here is an appealing and interesting alternative to the ones mentioned above. We also liked the aluminum construction which makes the socket organizer immune to rust, corrosion and also looks nice. The company that makes it is located in the United States and it is a family-owned business. They have been on the market for a long period of time and some of their products are above average.


  • 3 rails included
  • Aluminum construction
  • Warranty
  • Labeled slots


  • Loose sockets are possible


Hansen Global 92000 SAE & Metric Socket Storage Trays

In the lack of a better word, we can say that this product is one of the most advanced, biggest and the most appealing for some of you. The set is massive and it includes 6 units or 6 rails. Each one has two rows of slots and they can be used for normal or deep sockets. It is obvious that you won’t need another set if you have this one and you can organize all the sockets precisely as you like.

The main material is ABS plastics. The attention to detail is decent and the construction is solid. All of this should help you realize that the set will last for years and it is more suitable for advanced and professional applications. It definitely isn’t flimsy and it looks more expensive than it actually is. Don’t forget that this is a metric socket organizer that is made to last and comes with a massive capacity.


  • Plenty of slots
  • 6 rails included
  • ABS plastic is immune to chemicals
  • Metric labeling


  • Expensive
  • Requires a lot of space


ARES 70219 Socket Holder

The next product is actually completely different than the previous one. The unit is made from plastics but it is small and compact. It comes with magnets that will hold the sockets securely in place. The main thing here is the fact this model is suitable for ¼ or 3/8 sockets and you can use them for deep and shallow units. There are 14 slots per size which makes the total number 28. In addition, you can use it for extensions as well and you will have an easy task of organizing the sockets especially if you know that all the slots are labeled.

The product we tested is impressive for all sorts of purposes. It is affordable, well-made and comes suitable as an addition to the major sets or for those who need a socket organizer while on the go. The slots are limited compared to other products but this number will be more than just sufficient for the highest numbers of you.


  • Small and compact
  • Magnets used to secure the sockets
  • Strong and well-made
  • SAE or metric compatibility


  • Small for some users
  • Weak magnets for heavy sockets



Mechanics Time Saver MTSLASTRAY 5 Row Lock-A-Socket Tray

Mechanics Time Saver MTSLASTRAY 5 Row Lock-A-Socket Tray is far from an ordinary product of this type. The biggest advantage is a combination of construction, strength, and practicality. It is made from steel and offers 76 slots. You get 20 for ¼ inches sockets, and 28 for each, ½ and 3/8 inches. On both sides, you have handles which are also made from steel. The sockets will be secured in place and they won’t move or fell off while transporting them.

The set is definitely a special product that targets professionals or those who will use the sockets for heavy-duty and frequent applications. The limits are endless and there are so many benefits and advantages you can get using the set. It is well-made as you would expect and probably one of the most durable units you can find on the market. The bottom line is that the set is an excellent choice and the one we liked a lot.


  • Steel construction
  • 76 slots are plenty
  • Suitable for SAE and metric sockets
  • Handles on both sides


  • Heavy


ARES 70235 3/8-inch Metric Magnetic Socket Holder

Once again we have a unique and different model on our list. The ARES 70235 3/8-inch Metric Magnetic Socket Holder has been one of the most popular models and the one that can match your requirements perfectly. There are a few main advantages we will have to reveal. The first one is the fact all the sockets are held in place with magnets. Magnets are strong and they won’t allow for the sockets to move around. You can transport them, carry them or anything else and they will stay in place.

The next main thing to remember is that the socket organizer is made for 3/8 inches sockets. It has 30 slots and they are divided. 15 of them are made for shallow while 15 are made for deep sockets. The units are in metric scale and they are carefully organized. The bottom part is that the ARES 70235 3/8-inch Metric Magnetic Socket Holder is a worthy addition to your garage or a workshop and it should be considered as one of the best and the simplest models out there. The only drawback is the fact it doesn’t support sockets of different sizes.


  • Solid and strong design
  • Plenty of storage compared to the size
  • Appealing design
  • Excellent customer support


  • For 3/8 inches sockets only


ARES 70177 Socket Tray

The model on our list has the capacity for 80 slots. They are available in different numbers. For instance, you get 20 slots for1/4 inch sockets, while 30 slots are reserved for ½ and 3/8 inch sockets. The combination will give you the number mentioned above. But, you can purchase additional holders that are available for this unit and attach them within seconds. This will make the unit much bigger and suitable for more sockets, obviously.

We did like the model in question and we believe it is probably one of the most desirable units out there that offer above the average quality, a high level of attention to detail and so much more. It has it all and it is reasonably pricey. Add the fact it is made by one of the best-known names in the industry and you can get a clear idea of how effective and desirable the unit is.


  • Massive storage
  • Can be paired with other holders
  • Very clever design
  • Affordable unit


  • Expensive accessories

Capri Tools SR38-6-2 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Rail


Capri Tools SR38-6-2 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Rail is one of the latest additions to the list and one of the smallest models you can have these days. It is 6 inches long and it has a capacity for 6 sockets. All the sockets are 3/8 inch in size and you can use this holder as one of the main additions to your projects. It is strong and durable so we believe there won’t be any issues regarding the strength and durability.

There are no a lot of things we can add to this particular model. It is designed to fit in a pocket and to be within your reach at all times. You will always keep the sockets you need next to you and you will enjoy using them for literally any purpose you have on your mind. It is small, compact and usable for countless operations. Sadly, this unit doesn’t offer advanced features or massive capacity as some of you will like.


  • Compact design
  • Can be carried within you at all times
  • Resistant holder
  • Affordable


  • Low on slots
  • Isn’t suitable for professional users


Buyers guide

If you want to find the best and the most usable socket organizer you will need to know what to look for. There are a lot of different things you will have to consider and each one is more than just important. In order to help you as much as we can, we will list and explain all of those factors below. The end result will be you, understanding the mechanics behind the products in question and all the features you will actually need.

Number of slots

Obviously, the first thing you will have to consider is the number of slots you will get. There are all sorts of numbers out there. Some models offer around 80 slots while others offer 6. It is up to you which number of slots you actually need. All we can add is that smaller models are more appealing for different usages and for minor tasks while larger ones are more professional and more appealing for professional applications. Ideally, you will get a model with 30-50 slots. It isn’t too big, it is lightweight and can be easily carried at all times but it is very practical and convenient for all sorts of purposes.

Of course, the number of slots will be based on your personal preference and the need you have. Be free to choose any size you are comfortable with and make sure to use all the slots at all times.

Socket computability

Some socket organizers offer support for ½ inch sockets. Others are made for ¼ inch sockets. They cannot be changed ort used for a different size of sockets. As such, you will have to consider the socket computability. There are three main alternatives available. They are ½, ¼ and 3/8 inch sockets. Each size requires a separate holder or a separate section in the socket organizer. If you take a closer look at the first products we reviewed, you can see that they offer 3 rails and each one is suitable for a specific size of sockets.

Make sure that the set you are looking for can meet your criteria. If you use only 3/8 inch sockets there is no need to get an organizer that can be used for all three types. On the other hand, if you use all 3, you won’t get much purpose of a unit that supports one size only. It is up to you and the accurate choice depends on you.

Additional rails or holders

It is definitely an interesting and appealing feature to have. What this means is that a socket organizer can be paired with an additional rail or a holder. In other words, you can increase its capacity by attaching a new element to the construction and using it as one whole organizer. Not all models come with this benefit and you will need to pay close attention to detail. Don’t forget that some units are compatible with extensions but they cost a lot and they are hard to find. It is like having two or more separate socket organizers that can be used separately when needed.

The material used in the manufacturing process

The material will determine how durable and effective the holder is. You can choose between ordinary plastics which isn’t a great option. It is reserved for affordable and low-end models. ABS plastics, on the other hand, is much better and far more durable. It can withstand more demanding purposes and it can be used for a longer period of time. There are also steel socket organizers. They are the high-end products and they come with all the benefits you can think of. They are extremely strong, they can last for decades and they are suitable for the most demanding users. Aluminum is a valuable option and it should be considered as well. We like ABS, aluminum and steel socket organizers the most.

Size of the socket organizer

You will need a socket organizer that is perfect in size. Perfect means that the socket organizer won’t be too big nor too small for your needs. You will be able to transport it easily and to store it in a drawer or on a wall. The size cannot be generalized and it will depend on the design and type of the socket organizer. You have rail models which are small and you have a tray-based unit which is much larger. The warranty offered by the manufacturer

This is a heavy-duty element to the garage or a workshop and it will be used in harshest situations. You need a warranty that can cover and help you solve all possible issues. Look for a warranty that is a lifetime. It is the best option. Other warranties are decent, but they are not to the level of lifetime one. It is important to mention that low-end models come without a warranty and they should be avoided due to obvious reasons.

Holding mechanism

Holding mechanism is a system that will hold the sockets in place. You can choose between magnets and spring ball bearing. Both of them work perfectly, but the second option offers a bit better fit and it is stronger. Magnets are decent but not ideal while traveling or holding larger sockets.

The final word

Which socket organizer is the best for you? We presented you with all the popular models that are appealing and desirable. We tested each one and our rank is obvious. In addition, we also presented you the buyer’s guide that should help you find the perfect socket organizer that will exceed your requirements.

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