O Ring Size Chart from Parker

O-ring size chart Parker chart refers to the o rings made by Parker. It is easy to find which size you actually need. The chart includes Parker size number and then moves to size only. The next column shows the nominal size in inches. The column next focuses on standard o ring sizes. The last column present you the metric dimensions for the o rings. All the values present below meet the latest AS-568 Aerospace O-rings and ARP-568 O-rings standards. The same values are used in different industries and across the globe. In addition, the table can be used for o rings of different types such as Viton O-rings, silicone O-rings, fluorosilicone O-rings, buna nitrile O-rings and as we have mentioned earlier for all Parker O-ring sizes. Each size comes with approved tolerance. This is the difference in the size measured in fractions of an inch or millimeter that is allowed and still makes o ring suitable for general use.

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Here is the video to help you select, design and install O-Ring seals:


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