PEX Tubing Size Chart

All PEX tubes that are designed and made in the United States have the same ASTM and also the same dimensional standards. This is known as SDR standard and it makes installation, repairing and similar activities much easier. The pex tubing size chart you can see below gives you a complete set of details needed for any of the aforementioned actions. It contains the tubing size, the outside diameter and the minimum wall thickness. Additional columns include ID or inside diameter, volume gal per 100 feet and the weight per 100 feet. There are 5 main variations and each one comes with completely different figures. When installing a new PEX tube or replacing the old one, make sure that it meets the regulations and can withstand the load. The figures in the chart are approximate and they comply with the ASTM standards. What this means is that all the numbers are identical to any other, properly developed table.

PEX Tubing size/CTS nominalOD or Outside DiameterMinimum wall thicknessID or Inside DiameterVolume gal/100ftWeight lbs/100ft

Here is the video that shows you how to install PEX Tubing pipe: