Propane Gas Pipe Sizing Chart

The tables you can see below are designed to be used with propane gas pipes sizing. There are three of them. The first table refers to steel tubing. You can see the pipe size in inches and the pipe length related to the overall capacity. Other factors we can add at this point include pressure under 1 ½ psi, fitting factor is 1.5 per pipe length +50% and energy content in propane is 2520 Btu/cu ft.

The second table refers to pipe type K which is made from copper. You can also see the nominal pipe size or O. D in inches and the capacity of the pipe per its length. The same directions and the same measurements are used as with the first table.

The third table is for copper pipes but type L. Once again you have a table with the nominal pipe size and the overall capacity of that pipe per its length.

Steel Pipe – Schedule 40

Capacity of Pipe (MBH)

[ninja_tables id=”3551″]

Copper Tubing – type K

Capacity of Pipe (MBH)

[ninja_tables id=”3552″]

Copper Tubing – type L

Capacity of Pipe (MBH)

[ninja_tables id=”3553″]

Here is a video that explains how to install gas line:

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