Sizes and installation cost of roll-up garage doors

For most of us roll up garage doors are the best and the most practical alternative. Add the fact there are a lot of different models out there and you can get a clear idea of how appealing this model is. But, not all roll up garage doors are the same and they vary in size, material, and other things. Here we will answer all the questions you may have regarding roll-up garage doors and help you choose a model that is the most suitable for you. Let’s begin.

The standard size of the roll-up garage door

You may believe that roll up a garage door is a relatively new product. Actually, you are wrong. These doors have been with us for decades and the first models designed to accommodate horses and carriages. Here we can see that the size had to be massive. Those, let’s say the first roll-up garage doors were 20 feet in height and 30 feet in length. However, this wasn’t the standard size. Back then these garage doors were not standardized so each manufacturer offered different dimensions.

Newer models were standardized in size and we can see that they are 7 feet in height and 9 feet in length. Even today these dimensions are considered as standard and as the most common. The size we have just mentioned is common in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Wispeco garage door size

First of all, you need to know what Wispeco stands for. This is a company from South Africa that makes one of the best garage doors in the world. Their products are well-made, strong and durable thanks to the latest technology they use. The manufacturer is common in the realm of industrial and commercial roll-up garage doors and some of the best models are made precisely by this company. We should add that they invent new technologies and new system all the time, so newer models will become even better and even more appealing.

Their roll-up garage doors vary in size but the biggest units will reach 4880 mm in width and 5100 mm of height. At the moment they do not offer larger roll-up garage doors and this unit is the biggest of them all. They are common for industrial and commercial applications.

The standard size of commercial roll-up garage doors

Here we can see one important difference. Garage doors of this kind are made to meet the highest expectations and they can also come in specific sizes suitable for a specific purpose. But, these doors are also divided according to their purpose. As such we can see:

  • Medium-heavy duty
  • Heavy duty
  • Extreme heavy duty

What this means is that medium heavy-duty models are standard and reasonably strong and durable. Heavy duty models are tougher and usually made from stronger metals with stronger constructions. The extremely heavy duty are the models with insulation and extreme thickness. They are the most durable, the strongest and the most expensive models.

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The sizes also vary but almost all manufacturers know that the standard size is 30 feet in width and 28 feet in height. The size is suitable for most business owners and it is simply the most versatile and the most appealing choice for all commercial users.

Commercial roll up garage door cost: With and without installation

The price will depend on several factors including the brand, the type of material, size and additional features. A garage door of this kind with 15×9 feet (15 feet width and 9 feet height) dimensions will cost between $3000 and $5000 depending on the aforementioned factors. This is the cost without installation. With the installation, this investment will cost between $5000 and $8000.

Commercial roll up garage doors are complicated to install and they may require specialized tools. These are the main reasons why their installation is more expensive and more time consuming than the installation of the ordinary garage door.