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Fiberglass Garage Door Pros and Cons - Garage Sanctum

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Fiberglass Garage Door Pros and Cons


Wish to replace older and heavy garage doors with new? Do not worry we are here to help you out. If you want your garage doors to be very light in weight and eye-catching then you should try Fibreglass Garage doors. They are not like ordinary garage doors. They are light in weight and allow light to penetrate inside the garage. The fiberglass garage doors are supported by the aluminum frame so that you can operate them manually also. Apart from all these benefits, they affordable.


We are not here to misguide you. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, the Fibreglass garage doors also follow the same suite. We have listed some pros and cons, related to Fibreglass garage doors. Let’s find why you must choose Fibreglass garage door over other material garage door.


Fiberglass Garage Door Pros and Cons
Fiberglass Garage Door Pros and Cons


Pros of Fibreglass garage doors


Over any other material garage door, Fibreglass garage door is a good choice. We are not saying that it is the only good metal garage door but yes, it is better than other garage doors. Let’s find out the benefits of Fibreglass garage door.


  1. They are light in weight which makes them a good choice over other metal glass door. In case, you are manually opening the garage door, it will be easy for you to operate.
  2. They are very low in cost, that means they are affordable over other garage doors.
  3. Living in a coastal area? Fiberglass garage doors are the best choice for you over other garage doors. As they reduce and control the salt air corrosion, hence, your garage door will be safe for years. Other material’s garage door cannot survive in this condition for a long time.
  4. With changes in the temperature and moisture, the Fibreglass garage doors never expand.
  5. The Fibreglass garage doors allow more light to enter into the garage, that help your garage to be moisture-free.
  6. These garage doors are available in many colors and designs so as to grab your attention.
  7. If you do not want sunlight to pass through the Fibreglass garage door, you can paint it with a dark color.
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Cons of Fibreglass garage doors


  1. They can be easily broken. In case you are not home, thieves can easily enter in your garage and can steal the car or other material inside the garage.
  2. The insulating value of fiberglass garage door is very less. In case, you are living in a cold area, at times, they will start shattering. Fiberglass garage doors lead to many damages if you will open them on a very cold day. They can be broken.
  3. When exposed to direct sunlight, they will be faded easily and turn in a dingy yellow color.
  4. During wind storms, these garage doors, because of their lightweight starts creating a noisy sound that may irritate you.
  5. If you are living in coastal high wind zones, then you will not get building code approval for installing Fibreglass garage doors.


Other garage doors


Every material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Other than Fibreglass garage doors we can use steel, wooden and aluminum garage door also. Steel garage doors are available in lots of styles, with high resistance value and durability. Like the same, every garage door is good and bad in their terms. Before choosing a garage door, research about the same and then decide which one would be suitable for you.




After reading these pros and cons, you must also note that Fibreglass garage doors can be used but not in all areas. If you are living in a coastal area or warm climate, then it will be preferable. Otherwise, do not install them in the area of high winds or cold climate. There are other garage doors also, made up of other materials. Every material has its own pros and cons. Choose according to your requirements and the area you are living in. Before buying any garage door, know their pros and cons first.

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