SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP Review

The SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP is a bit different garage door opener. First of all, it comes with a design which involves only one moving element. Yes, it also uses chain mechanism, which is a bit louder than a belt system, but thanks to the fact the electric motor moves along the rail, the noise is significantly reduced compared to other garage door openers with a chain mechanism.

Product overview

The garage door opener we are reviewing here is different than most other models, as we have already mentioned. This brings us to all-new design, which may be appealing to users who want something else, something different. Overall, the main elements are well-made and they look modern.

The installation is easy and the package includes all you are going to need, but about this matter, we will discuss later. It is important to add that you can use it straight from the box.

One of the most important advantages includes the lack of vibrations. The design and the system which we have already explained is superb in eliminating vibrations. This actually works and makes the entire unit similar to belt mechanism garage door openers. The system we have here is known as direct drive, due to obvious reasons.

The entire system has been tested for durability, on an independent institute. They tested it for 100.000 cycles and there were no issues. As such, we must deduce that here we have a high-quality model.

The electric motor and the rail are capable of lifting any types of the garage door with a total weight of up to 550 pounds. This refers to wooden and aluminum garage doors. Even large, dual-size doors are fully supported. We should add that the electric motor you will get with this model is a high-durable and well-made unit which has plenty of advantages to offer and it is already appreciated by the users who have heavy garage doors.

Product Advantages

The SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP truly has plenty to offer. It is an interesting choice with plenty of advantages compared to other models in the same price range.

  • Very quiet

One of interesting and we should add surprising feature is the noise this model will make while operating. The level of noise is below average, compared to other models which also use chain system. There are no vibrations either, so this garage door opener is appealing for those who want quiet unit.

  • HomeLink compatible
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Definitely an important advantage. The unit on the test is fully compatible with HomeLink feature. This system is available for all vehicles made after the year 2012, and in the United States, it is more than just appreciated. Almost all new models support it, and this one is no different.

  • 2-button transmitters

Usually transmitters are not something worthy of mentioning, but in this case, they are. First of all, their design is slim and appealing. They come with two small buttons, but you shouldn’t expect any complications while using them. Chances are high that you are going to like their design.

  • Maintenance-free

Thanks to the aforementioned design of the unit, maintenance isn’t required. Owners don’t have to lubricate the moving mechanism nor anything else. Once installed, the unit is ready to be used as long as you need it. This advantage made it especially appealing for homeowners who don’t want a garage door opener which comes with maintenance.

  • Superb compatibility

There won’t be any complications with the compatibility between the garage door opener and your garage doors. It is fully compatible with almost all garage doors used in the United States at the moment.

  • Cycle tested

We simply must include that this unit has been tested for 100.000 cycles. The test was performed by third-party testers, so they weren’t biased in any way. This advantage guarantees you a safe and reliable unit which can last for a long period of time. We can even say that this is a smart investment.

  • Made in Germany

Yes, believe or not, this is an advantage. All products made in Germany are known for the superb quality of all components, so the SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP is no different. This refers to the control station, two transmitters and etc.

  • Able to lift heavyweight garage door

With this model, you will be able to lift all types of garage doors you may find in your garage. The secret lies in the electric motor and the rail system. Both of them are developed to withstand high amounts of weight and to stay fully operational at all times. Maybe it is small, but the garage door opener is definitely powerful.

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Product Critique

On our tests, we discovered two main issues with the model. The first one is lack of keyless entry. There is no keyless card you can use nor which you can purchase additionally. Yes, this makes the entire system a bit safer, which we liked, but it is still something most homeowners need and want to get on their garage door openers.

The second drawback is the lack of sensors which will activate the light. It may be explained by the fact the unit uses movable design, but still, it is a drawback. This means that you will have to turn on the lights manually when you get home and enter the garage.

Other than these two issues, we haven’t discovered any other. The unit is a decent choice and it still offers all the features you are going to need. Average users won’t find any additional issues with the model in question.

Safety and Security

We can say that safety features are standard. As such you will get Secure Rolling Code Technology which operates at 310 MHz. This technology uses a new code each time door is open. Obviously, it makes for the burglars impossible to penetrate the protection system and open the door. The only person who can open the door is the owner using his transmitter. It definitely isn’t a new feature, but it is considered as the safest of them all and almost all garage door openers come with it.

The second safety feature is based on sensors. There are two of them, which will send a ray of signals across the opening/closing area of the door. In a case an object, child or a person is detected, the system will automatically prevent door closure. There is no need in telling you that this system makes garage door openers safer and completely eliminates the risk of being trapped beneath the door. Once again, this is a standard feature for all garage door openers used today.

Installation and Programing

Here we have a good thing. First, you get the entire kit in the package, so you can install it right away. The installation procedure is believed to be one of the simplest there are and without any issue, even beginners will be able to replace their old garage door opener or install this one. The time needed for this installation is around an hour, but be free to take more time if needed.

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The unit comes with all the elements needed to install 7 or 8 feet door. In a case you use larger doors, you may need extension rail, which must be purchased separately. Just to add, this is a standard feature.

Programming is simple as well, although some users find difficult to program the transmitters. Luckily, the owner’s manual can solve this, potential problem. Furthermore, only a small number of owners reported this issue. Just in case, you have the ability to look for additional instructions online. Overall, the programming isn’t as difficult as you may believe.

Warranty and Support

Believe or not, this garage door opener comes with one of the best warranties we have seen. You get a lifetime warranty on all elements. Basically, the warranty covers the electric motor, rail and other elements which are implemented.

Here we must add that the system comes also with accidental damage protection. While other models lack this advantage, the one we are reviewing here doesn’t. It is a highly appealing addition to the warranty which has a positive effect on buyers.

Some of you may believe that support is a drawback here, simply because the manufacturer is located in Europe. However, they have an office in North Carolina, so you can contact them during working hours in the United States. They respond via email, but you can use the phone as well. You won’t have any problems contacting the support and they are very helpful.


At the end, we will deduce that the SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP is a decent and above average garage door opener. First and foremost, it comes with interesting design and uses technology which has plenty of advantages. The powerful electric motor is durable, the installation is simple and you get the best warranty of them all. Despite the fact it uses chain mechanism, it is very quiet, so you can use it on garages which are located below bedrooms.  The model is highly desirable by homeowners who have heavy garage doors but need affordable garage door opener. Read our buyers guide to find out what is the best type of garage door opener for you.