Chamberlain Ultra Quiet WD832KEV Review

Homeowners should consider upgrading their garage security and one option to do so is choosing the best door opener. Here we have one of the high-end models, known as Chamberlain WD832KEV. It has been developed to reduce the noise which is common with these products, to provide extra security and to include plenty of other features. Overall, this garage door opener should be on your list of options.

Product overview

There are a few main facts you should know about this garage door opener. The first one is already mentioned. It is incredibly quiet, which is beneficial in a case you have a bedroom above the garage. Then we have even more important vacation mode. Basically, the unit will disable all the signal controls and make the system immune to the burglars and any method they may use to penetrate the garage door opener. If we add that all homeowners will travel at some point, this feature is more than just essential.

The WD832KEV is also capable of the automatic door opening and closing in a case of a bad weather. You won’t have to do anything, due to the fact the entire process is automatized. We should add that the unit is developed to stay 100% operational when the weather is bad.

The design is standard for Chamberlain garage door openers. In general, you get a modern case, well-incorporated features, and quality. It isn’t one of those products that look futuristic, but the design is more than just decent and appealing.

In our product overview, we must include two more points which are simply different and staggering. This is an eco-friendly unit, which means that it reduces the amount of energy it is needed and it completes any task more efficiently.

The last, but far from least is the price. If you are looking for an affordable model, this one is definitely suitable for you. The price is below average, so we believe it may be the best buy at the moment.

Product Advantages

Chamberlain WD832KEV garage door opener does come with plenty of advantages. They are available thanks to the impressive features you will get with this unit.

  • MVIS (Motor Vibration Isolation System)

If you recall, we mentioned that this unit is one of the quietest on the market. This is possible thanks to Motor Vibration Isolation System. What it does is reduces the noise and makes the entire garage door opener run smoother than other models. We tested the feature and we must conclude that it actually works.

  • Timer-based closure
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Set the automatic door closure to 1 or 5 or 10 minutes and you won’t have to worry about your door being closed.  The feature in question is simply beneficial for all users who forget at some point to close their door. It can be more than just beneficial and it certainly offers plenty of security.

  • Keyless entry

Even if you lose a remote controller, you will be able to enter your garage. The system comes with the latest keyless entry system which makes this garage door opener just perfect. In addition, the remote has 3 buttons and it is relatively easy to use.

  • MYQ feature

This system is actually standard for this brand. Obviously, the Chamberlain model WD832KEV must include it as well. What it does is allow you to download an app from Google Play and App Store and link it to the lighting system in a house. The app allows you to control the light, so when yup come late at night, activate the light via smartphone and enjoy.

  • Adjust the lighting

The built-in sensors allow you to get the light in a garage as soon as you come near it. This is more than just beneficial when you carry groceries, for example. Furthermore, the unit allows you to adjust the lighting. Do you want brighter or darker lighting? The system allows you all.

  • Battery powered safety system

One thing we liked especially is the fact the system comes with a built-in battery. They are lithium ion and they will be recharged when you use the garage door opener in a normal way. What this means is that in a case of power out, the system will stay functional. You can use it plenty of time, due to the fact it uses 1 watt of electricity. So, there won’t be stuck door anymore.

  • Secure closure

This is actually another feature standard for this brand. They use sensors to detect any obstacle between the door and the floor. In a case something is detected, the system will automatically prevent door closing. This protects the system the door and of course the item beneath the door. Just to add, the rays which are used by sensors cannot be seen with a naked eye.

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Product Critique

Thanks to the WD832KEV reviews of the owners and our own testing, we were able to discover a few flaws. Luckily they are minor, but they must be included. First and foremost, this model comes with just one remote, which isn’t ideal for multiple users or for those who will probably damage/lost a remote controller at some point. In a case that occurs, you will have to order a new one.

Then we have the compatibility issue with older remote controllers. The system and these controllers cannot be used together! But, there is a perfectly good explanation why this is mandatory. Chamberlain upgraded the security of their systems, so new ones, including the one right here are just more reliable. Sadly this means that older remote controllers cannot be paired with the all-new safety protocols of a garage door opener.

The last issue is lack of compatibility with some cars. But, this probably won’t be your case because the system works fine with almost all cars seen on the roads today. The issue in questions applies to older vehicles and some low-end models.

Safety and Security

All of you who have been using Chamberlain systems in the past will know that there is an old and efficient system available. Yes, we are talking about PosiLock. This is a thief protection system which uses a gear-based mechanism to lock the door once they are closed. In the lack of a better term, a thief won’t be able to open the door using any method. As a matter of fact, the only way to open the door is to use the official remote controller. So yes only the owner can open the door.

Rolling code is included as well. What it does is employs a code which changes each time you open a door. This is important due to a simple reason. Thieves won’t be able to crack the code and open the door in any way possible. Basically, your system uses a different code each time you use open/close garage door.

Protector System is the system which scans the area below the door and prevents closure if an object is detected.

WD832KEV garage door opener comes with the latest updates and sub-systems which make it impossible to penetrate the unit once it closed the door. The bottom line here is the fact this system is more than just reliable and therefore highly recommended.

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Installation and Programing

The models come with a Quick-install rail system.  It is one of the best at the moment and it allows you to install the system in less time than any other. Theoretically, you will assemble the system in 60 seconds and install it in 10 minutes. However, this time frame is possible only if you have experience with the garage door opener installations and if you can truly understand how the mechanism works.

All other users, including beginners, would be able to install the system all by themselves, but it is going to take more time than mentioned 11 minutes. Luckily, the instructions are useful and can be of great assistance.

In addition, there are plenty of useful guides and videos on the web, so even if you are an absolute beginner, you won’t have some major issues with the installation. Maybe it will take more time than usual, but you will definitely be able to complete it in a single day or in a few hours (the worst case scenario).

Warranty and Support

Warranty of the Chamberlain WD832KEV is very good. First and the foremost, you get a lifetime warranty on the belt and on the electric motor. Then you get 1-year warranty on all the accessories and smaller elements of the system. The last, you get 5-year warranty with other elements of the system. Overall, the warranty covers the entire unit and you won’t have any issues here.


Our Chamberlain WD832KEV review should prove one thing in particular. This system is a high-end model which offers all you are going to need and something even more. It is a well-made, high-quality unit which comes with the latest sub-systems and elements you are going to appreciate. Overall, it is safe, it is reliable and it does all that you are going to need. When it comes to the price, it is a great value for money and it is a worthy investment.

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