Genie QuietLift 800 Review

We liked the Genie QuietLift 800 due to the fact it comes with a belt mechanism rather than chain system, which is definitely an advantage to consider. These systems are quieter than chain technology and usually, consider as more sophisticated. Another fact you should know is that they are standard for high-end garage door openers.

Product overview

The Genie QuietLift 800 garage door opener is a bit complicated to define. First of all, it is considered as an affordable unit, but it has a few interesting features and it comes with a great design, commonly seen in more expensive models. Obviously, we like the fact how this model looks. Furthermore, the console unit is made in the same way, so you get a great look overall.

The electric motor is a high-quality component which can lift up to 500 pounds in weight which is impressive. This can be explained thanks to the overall quality of all the components which are built-in in the unit.

You will get a smooth operation at all times. The unit is well-made and durable, but it also offers door opening and closing which is similar to more advanced garage door openers than to units which are more affordable. In general, you are going to like how this unit opens and closes your door. In addition, the speed of door opening is 7 inches per a second.

One of the main reasons why we have mentioned strength and durability several times is the fact most elements are made from high-quality steel. This refers to the rail system and to other, main components of the garage door opener. Here you can also see the explanation why this unit can lift garage doors which are usually too heavy for other garage door openers with an electric motor of the same power.

Product Advantages

Being an interesting model, QuietLift 800 truly comes with plenty of advantages. Chances are high that you will like all of them and that these features will be responsible for choosing this unit over other models available at the moment.

  • Smooth garage door opening

Obviously, all belt driven garage door openers offer smooth door opening/closing. The model we are reviewing here isn’t different. Your garage doors will be opened and closed perfectly smoothly at all times. We can even say that you will enjoy this advantage.

  • Perfectly quiet
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Are you looking for a quiet garage door opener? If you do, then the model here is a great alternative. Belt system is the quietest option you have at the moment. This one is also affordable, so basically you get a quiet model at a low cost. The unit is perfect for garages which are located below bedrooms.

  • Dual lighting system

When you get into a garage, the system will automatically turn on the lights. If we add that there are two lighting systems, you can deduce how effective and beneficial this feature is. Yes, it isn’t the biggest feature of them all, but it is definitely one of more desirable ones.

  • Dual pinion system

The belt system which was built-in here is more than just impressive. It has two pinions which is beneficial due to obvious reasons. These systems last for a longer period of time and they are usually considered or better said reserved for more expensive garage door openers.

  • Keyless entry

Here we have a feature you are going to like. The model comes compatible with keyless entry, meaning that you don’t have to use a remote controller to open the door. Furthermore, it allows you to block the use of remote controllers or any other type of opening in a case you lost your remote.

  • Home Link compatible

Home Link system is beneficial for all homeowners with newer vehicles (made after 2012). Garage door openers with this benefit are more than just recommended and desirable. A good thing is that the Genie QuietLift 800 offers a full support of the aforementioned system. You shouldn’t expect any complications here.

  • Two remote controllers

In the package, you get two remote controllers. Each one has 3 buttons and they feature a modern design. In addition, they are slim units.

  • Simple installation

More about the installation procedure will be mentioned below. Here we only want to say that this model is easier to install than most equivalent units, available at the moment on the market. Beginners and those who are not proficient with the installation won’t have any problem.

Product Critique

There are a few downsides with the garage door opener we tested. First of all, the buttons on the central console and on the remote controllers are too small. They are slim as well, which may be an issue for some users. It is especially difficult to use them when you hold something in your hands. Of course, this drawback will vanish over time, when you get a complete insight into the unit and the remote controllers.

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Another issue is with the warranty on the belt system. It lasts only one year. Yes, the system is well-made, so it will last for a much longer period of time, but it is a nice touch when you know that manufacturer is there to help you. On the other hand, this is affordable garage door opener, therefore the shorter warranty cannot be considered as the most severe drawback.

Other than these two issues we were unable to find any others. The unit worked perfectly on our tests and everything that was included in the description was provided.

Safety and Security

All owners want safe and reliable garage door openers. At the moment, we know that this unit is reliable, but we must include the safety features. There are a few of them. The first one is Safe-T-Beam. Basically, this is a system which employs sensors to scan the area beneath the garage door. In a case something is detected, they will prevent door closing. Although this system is standard by now, we have another, related one. This unit is pressure sensitive, meaning that it will also block the door closing in a case anything comes in contact with the door.

Intellicode technology is another safety feature you are going to appreciate. A new code is generated every single time a user uses the garage door opener. This eliminates the risk of penetrating the garage door or opening them in any other way. Once closed, the only way to open the door is using the keyless entry or remote controller.

Genie Sense is present as well. This technology is used to diagnose and monitor the garage door opener. According to the Genie QuietLift 800 reviews, owners are more than just satisfied with it. In a case something is detected which affects normal door operating, user will be notified.

Installation and Programing

When it comes to the installation procedure all you are going to need is included in the Genie QuietLift 800 manual. We can say that it is one of the best manuals right now and it is detailed in any way possible.

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The installation procedure is simple as well. You don’t need to hire a professional to do it instead of you and you can expect to complete it within a few hours. Even beginners won’t have a hard time installing this garage door opener. We liked the fact there are plenty of videos online which can help you with this matter.

Programing the unit is easy as well. Once again, you will have to consult the user manual, but there won’t be any issues afterward. The entire programing can be completed within a few minutes.

At the end of this point, we must summarize that the Genie QuietLift 800 installation and programming are definitely an advantage of the model in question. If this is your first garage door opener, you will appreciate this advantage.

Warranty and Support

We already have mentioned that warranty is one of the drawbacks of the issue, but it is just a half of the story. The warranty on the belt system is short and it lasts one year only. On the other hand, the warranty on the electric motor is standard and it lasts 10 years. This is standard at the moment and even more, expensive garage door openers have the warranty of the same length.

The support is great. You can contact them using your email or call them at any given moment. But, in order to get the help you are going to need a copy of owner’s manual. It is free to download on the website of the manufacturer.


The verdict of the Genie 2042 TKC is definitely positive. In essence, you get an affordable garage door opener which uses belt system rather than chain technology and it has a higher lifting capacity than most, equivalent models. Installation is simple and the entire system is well-made. We would like to recommend this unit to homeowners who are looking for a unit which will be implemented into a garage located below the bedroom. After all, this unit is extremely quiet. Go check out our best garage door opener reviews.