Skylink EQ-1522BK Review

Today we will present you the Skylink EQ-1522BK system in detail. This is a Chinese manufacturer and all their products are obviously made in China. Nevertheless, the systems they make are well-made, come with all desirable features and they are very affordable. The Skylink EQ-1522BK shares all of these advantages and adds a few more.  In a nutshell, it is under $200 unit that offers superb value for money and comes with all you will ever need. Let’s check for all the features and details.

Main characteristics and specifications of the garage door opener


The design of the unit is honestly obsolete. It looks like the Skylink EQ-1522BK is made in the 90s. This might be an issue for some of you but doesn’t affect the overall functionality of the garage door opener. The main material is steel which saves money but makes the system a bit heavier than similar models. Keep in mind that the system is very affordable which can be the main reason why there are no polycarbonate components.

The design also looks retro, which can be an advantage for some of you. You get a keypad like the ones from the 80s and if you are nostalgic about garage door openers now you can get a system that offers you look from the past decades.

½ HPF power and belt drive system

The system uses a 1/2HP DC electric motor which is designed for lightweight garage doors. If your unit has a total weight of 300 pounds or more, the garage door opener cannot be installed. You will need a more powerful system. If your garage door is lightweight then you can go with the Skylink EQ-1522BK.

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It is important to add that this model comes with a belt drive. It is extremely quiet. This is another advantage. Most models from this price range are chain drive systems which makes them loud. The Skylink EQ-1522BK isn’t one of them and all owners reported that the low level of noise is the excellent benefit of using the system.

Keep in mind that soft opening and closing is present as well. The system will decrease the speed when the process is coming to the end and make sure the garage doors are not damaged or affected by the process.

Massive package

In the package, you will get the electric motor, 2 remote controllers, IR sensor, wall pad, and keyless pads. All of this means that the installation can be more than just complete. After the system is installed you can use the wall pad to control the device and to control the light. Yes, lights are also included and they come with the auto dimmer feature.

Keyless entry and vacation lock which disables wireless entry are very appealing features and we liked having them on this affordable system.

Safety features

Yes the Skylink EQ-1522BK comes with impressive safety features. The first one is IR beam which will detect the obstacle and stop closing the garage door. The system also measures the level of force needed to close the door. If the force is above the limit, it will stop the door and open them. The remote controllers and the system in general uses rolling code technology with over 2 billion possible combinations. In addition, we mentioned the vacation lock system that eliminates the usage of wireless technology. The only drawback can be the lack of internet connectivity, which isn’t common in this price range.

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Drawbacks of the Skylink EQ-1522BK

There are some issues you might encounter. The first one is the user manual. It isn’t written for this model and this can be a huge problem. Luckily you can find online help where all the steps and systems are explained so you can get the installation all by yourself or solve another problem.

Don’t forget that the system is slower than average. This is common for belt drive systems and also common for affordable units. Some owners also reported that the attention to detail is far from great, another common issue with cheap garage door openers. The last issue is the poor radio range.


The warranty for the system is 6 years for the electric motor. All other components have a warranty of 1 year. Add the fact that this manufacturer has offices in Canada and the United States and you can realize the warranty won’t be an issue.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Massive package
  • Retro design
  • Safety features
  • Easy to install


  • Slow
  • User manual
  • Poor range


The Skylink EQ-1522BK is one of the most affordable garage door openers that use belt drive. You get all you will need but nothing more. It targets lightweight garage doors and users who need an affordable system to be used all the time. If you like retro design, it can be the first choice for all of you. For a review of the best garage door openers see the following link: