What is the best size for a garage workbench?

Making a workbench that will suit your needs ultimately is a complex task and should be planned methodically. It is probably an essential part of the garage, and the design, depth, and height will largely depend on your height and the activities you need it for. If you have been asking yourself what the perfect size for a garage workbench is, how thick should the top be and which workbench is the best one, then you have come to the right place. Keep reading to find out more.


Assess your requirements

The most crucial step at the beginning of the creative process is thinking about the type of work you need the workbench for. Usually, those are repairs, assembly, cutting, and sanding. There are some things you should ask yourself before starting, such as:


– Do I need my workbench to be against the wall?

– Is there a need for full access from all the sides to the workbench?

– Do I need casters for storage and mobility?

– Should I add shelves or drawers for storage?


When you answer these questions, you will get a much clearer picture of the way your workbench should look like. Take your time to plan everything well, because the last thing you need is to finish everything and then realize that the result is not what you wanted.


What is the size of the workbench that will be perfect for you?

Usually, the dimensions of the workbench go from 28-36 inches for depth, 48-96 inches for width, and 28-38 inches for height. As you can see, the dimensions are not precisely determined, because the dimensions depend on the space you have, but also the comfort you need while working.

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Most people choose to have the standard height of a workbench, which is suitable if your height is average. However, if you don’t select the height well, you may start feeling pain in your back or your hands, which is something you certainly don’t want. The goal is to achieve the highest possible comfort while working and putting the least strain on your body.


There are lots of ways how you can determine the right height of the workbench, but one method proved to be the most efficient – measure the distance from your hand wrist to the floor, and that will be the perfect height that you will feel the most comfortable with. The legs of the workbench may be increased or decreased to match your exact requirements, so you can leave them slightly higher at first and then reduce them as you see fit if there is a need for it.


The perfect thickness of the workbench top?

Many people wonder about the thickness of the workbench. First, it is essential to mention that the solid wood is the best choice for the workbench, and the thickness should be at least 3″ so you can do your work comfortably. In this case, increasing thickness won’t improve the quality of the workbench, but it can do the opposite – be in the way of using all the accessories you need for your work.


When it comes to the materials, in most cases, people choose wood, mainly oak or maple, for the workbench because it is the most durable. Wood is dent-resistant, and the scratches are less visible on the wooden surface than on the other materials. Workbenches made of wood are easy to maintain, which is also very important as well.

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Another right choice when it comes to materials for a workbench is steel – it is sturdy, durable, and it can truly withstand anything. If you are planning to work regularly on the workbench, it may be just what you need to turn your ideas into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions about the best size of a garage workbench.


What is a good size for a garage workbench?


– This is an excellent question, and it is frequently asked by the people who wish to dive into the endeavor of making a workbench on their own. As previously stated, there is no unique answer to this, but should suit your needs and fit the space you have available in your garage. The standard size would be in the depth range from 28-36 inches, width range should be between 48 and 96 inches, and the height range should be between 28-38 inches.


What is the best workbench?


– The best workbenches on the market at the moment are Keter Folding Compact Workbench, Lifetime Folding Wall-Mounted Work Table, and Hopkins 90164 2×4 Basics Workbench, so if you feel you are not ready to make a workbench on your own, these three models can be a good starting point.

Garage workbench ideas

When it comes to the ideas about how your workbench should look like, there are numerous models you can take into consideration. If you don’t have enough room in your garage, you can make a workbench that can be folded. This model of the workbench can genuinely be the right solution if you need one from time to time. On the other hand, if you use a lot of tools and simply can’t think of another way to save some room and use up space you already have, than workbench with a top that can be flipped may be just what you need.

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Be creative and choose to build the workbench that can be folded up. There are all kinds of ways to save up space and use it in the best way possible. However, if your area allows you, you can build a classic model that is pretty easy to build, and it can be a fully functional part of your garage. Utility workbench can be the perfect solution for the utility room or a garage, especially if you need to be careful about the space you use.


Having shelves above the workbench can be pretty useful if you have plenty of tools that you use and want to have near you when you are working. Think about hanging them on the wall since that can make your work a lot easier. If your space allows it, you can also make drawers where you can store all the necessities you may need. Besides, think about the material that would suit your needs the most and choose it accordingly.

Here is an interesting video of a diy workbench time lapse:




All in all, when it comes to making a perfect workbench for your garage, the essential guideline is to assess your requirements, needs and wants realistically and go from there. The budget also plays an important role, so make sure you make a good plan. The dimensions are primarily influenced by your height and the space you have available. Make a plan and review it a few times before you make a decision. Also, leave some room for adjustments, so even if some things should be corrected, you can do it quickly. Here, we also did a review of the best kid’s workbench.