Silverado Tire Size Chart

Chevrolet Silverado is one of the most popular models of the brand. It has been with us since the 90s and it is available in countless configurations and types. If you drive one, you know that in order to get the best performances and the highest level of safety, you will need the best and the most suitable tires! This is especially the case with model for year 2019. It has several wheel sizes ranging from R17 all way up to R22. What this means is that there are many more versions or sizes of the tires a driver needs to install. Furthermore, the chart below contains the model or the version of the truck and suitable tires for that particular model. It isn’t advised to use different set of tires. All of the sizes in our chart are recommended by Chevrolet and they are properly tested. By using the suitable tires from the chart you can expert better performance, lower fuel consumption and also safer drive.

[ninja_tables id=”3509″]

Here is the video that shows how changing the new tires on a Silverado is a great choice:

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