Jeep Grand Cherokee Tire Size Chart

Jeep Grand Cherokee has been one of the best SUVs out there. It is a capable car with countless advantages and great reliability. To make sure you get the performances you actually need, look at the Jeep Grand Cherokee tire size chart. By fitting the recommended tires to your car, you are certain that it will perform well on any terrain, it will keep fuel economy as close as possible to the factory figures and it will maintain the overall safety. The chart refers to the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019 model. There are 12 versions of the vehicle and each one does require separate or different tire sizes. Only two models can be fitted with 2 types of tires. All the others have just one type of tire size that is recommended by Jeep. The tire size depends on the version you have and overall weight, power and many other factors.

VersionTire Size
High Altitude265/50R20
Laredo E245/70R17 or 265/60R18
Limited265/60R18 or 265/50R20
Limited X265/50R20

Here is the video showing how to change a tire on a Jeep Grand Cherokee: