Nutsert Size Chart

The current page where you are the moment contains nutsert size chart. We were able to compile the most detailed and the most helpful list out there. There are 10 thread size inputs and each one comes with its own drill size, thickness, and additional configurations. You need to remember that the installation requirements are actually based on the thickness and material of the parent item. All thicker materials will need generally larger holes in order to provide 360 degrees movement. The situation may be similar or the same when using thinner metal. Another, important fact we must explain is that A-T series inserts are made slightly larger. This is done to ensure the superb fit at all times and compensate for the thread shrinking which occurs during the installation. All the materials used for A-T series are coated with either tin or cadium. This gives them a well-known look but also makes them look identical at the first sight.

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