Lug Nut Socket Size Chart

Lug bolts or lug nuts are a type of bolt designed to keep the wheels on a vehicle. There is no one size to fits us all, but there is a limited number or thread size which makes things easier. Furthermore, lug nuts vary from vehicle to vehicle, meaning you will have specific nuts a specific manufacturer used. Below you can see a table with the common and factory defined lug nut sizes per can manufacturers. Keep in mind that there are 10 most common lug nut sizes which can be seen on most vehicles. Those are:

  1. 10 x 1.25mm
  2. 12 x 1.25mm
  3. 12 x 1.50mm
  4. 12 x 1.75mm
  5. 14 x 1.25mm
  6. 14 x 1.50mm
  7. 14 x 2.0mm
  8. 7/16 inches x 20
  9. ½ inches x 20
  10. 9/16 inches x 20

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For each type of lug nut, you do need specific or suitable socket size. They also come in various sizes, as you would expect, but there are 5 most common ones. They are socket sizes most car mechanics need and have been using. You need according to the vehicle you have. If you have multiple cars, you need multiple sockets.

  1. 17mm
  2. 19mm or ¾ inches
  3. 21mm or 13/16 inches
  4. 22mm or 7/8 inches
  5. 23mm

Here is a complete table that includes all the lug nut sizes for each car manufacturer.

[ninja_tables id=”3336″]

Here is an interesting video that shows you several different ways on how to remove stripped lug nut: