Bike Inner Tube Sizes Chart

The chart here helps you find the most suitable replacement tire for your bike. The values are presented to you in ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Organisation), German, French and English sizes. They are identical in size, but the values are different. ). You should keep your eye on the rim diameter. As such, when measuring or looking for the ideal tire for your bike you should measure the rim first. It will give you the best idea of which size you do need. One, an interesting option is to use the markings or numbers from your old tire. For instance, if you see something like 32-622 you can deduce that the 32 refers to the width of the tire while 622 is tire diameter. The second value here is more important than the first and yes you can use it for getting the right tire. Make sure that they have similar or the same width to avoid any problems.

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Here is the video that further gives details on inner tube sizes:

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