Light Bulb Socket Sizes Chart

Here is the light bulb socket size chart to help you determine what size do you need your light bulb to be. You can compare most common E size designations with a thread diameter, see the specific light bulb name for that size, see what are the most common applications, and even see the official standard for light bulbs.

You can even use this chart as a lamp socket chart.

DesignationBase major diameter (thread external)NameApplicationIEC 60061-1 standard sheet
E55 mmLilliput Edison Screw (LES)Indicator lights, decorative lights7004-25[11]
E1010 mmMiniature Edison Screw (MES), C6Flashlights, bicycle lights7004-22
E1111 mmMini-Candelabra Edison Screw (mini-can)120 V halogen mini-candelabra(7004-6-1)
E1212 mmCandelabra Edison Screw (CES), C7120 V candelabra/night lamp7004-28
E1414 mmSmall Edison Screw (SES)230 V candelabra/chandelier, night lamps, and some pendant lights.7004-23
E1717 mmIntermediate Edison Screw (IES), C9120 V appliance / Outdoor Christmas7004-26
E2626 mm[Medium] (one-inch) Edison Screw (ES or MES)Standard 120 V lamps7004-21A-2
E2727 mm[Medium] Edison Screw (ES)Standard 230 V lamps7004-21
E3939 mmSingle-contact (Mogul- in America) Goliath Edison Screw (GES)120 V 250+ W industrial7004-24-A1
E4040 mm(Mogul) Goliath Edison Screw (GES)230 V 250+ W industrial7004-24

Screw Bases for light bulbs

Here is the photo to show you how all the light bulb sizes look as well as the size in milliliters and E designations associated. These are standard light bulb thread sizes.



screw bases for light bulbs
screw bases for light bulbs


In case you are looking for a replacement for your light bulb because of flickering, here is a great video showing you how you can fix that problem: