Metric Socket Head Cap Screw Size Chart

It is important to remember that usually, hexagon socket head cap screws are not available in sizes larger than M36 or smaller than M3. There are a few suppliers that might stock these items but if you are looking for those specific sizes, it’ll be best to get in contact directly with the supplier. See more size charts here.


Metric Socket Head Cap Screw Size Table

Nom. Size Thread PitchMAX Body DiameterMIN Body DiameterMAX Head DiameterMIN Head DiameterMAX Head HeightMIN Head HeightMAX RadiusNOM. Hexagon Socket SizeNOM. Spline Socket SizeMIN Key Engagement MAX Transition Diameter
M1,6 x 0,351.601.463.002.871.601.520.161.501.8290.802.00
M2 x 0,42.001.863.803.652.001.910.201.501.8291.002.60
M2,5 x 0,452.502.364.504.332.502.
M3 x 0,53.002.865.505.323.002.890.302.502.8191.503.60
M4 x 0,74.003.827.
M5 x 0,85.004.828.508.275.004.860.504.004.6482.505.70
M6 x 0,106.005.8210.009.746.005.850.605.005.4863.006.80
M8 x 0,1258.007.7813.0012.78.007.830.806.007.3914.009.20
M10 x 1,510.009.7816.0015.6710.009.811.008.005.0011.20
M12 x 1,7512.0011.7318.0017.6312.0011.791.2010.006.0014.20
M14 x 2b14.0013.7321.0020.614.0013.771.4012.007.0016.20
M16 x 216.0015.7324.0023.5816.0015.761.6014.008.0018.20
M20 x 2,520.0019.6730.0029.5320.0019.732.0017.0010.0022.40
M24 x 324.0023.6736.0035.4824.0023.72.4019.0012.0026.40
M30 x 3,530.0029.6745.0044.4230.0029.673.0022.0015.0033.40
M36 x 436.0035.6154.0053.3736.0035.643.6027.0018.0039.40
M42 x 4,542.0041.6163.0062.3142.0041.614.2032.0021.0045.60
M48 x 548.0047.6172.0071.2748.0047.584.8036.0024.0052.60

All the dimensions are measured in millimeters. The table above gives a detailed account of all relevant metric socket head cap screws sizes.

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