Schwinn Bike Frame Size Chart

It was a real shock when I discovered that bikes come in different sizes and finding one that fits you perfectly is very important. Finding the perfect fit is important because the right fit not only makes the bike ride more enjoyable but also a lot more comfortable as well. There are two ways to go about choosing a bike that is perfect for your size.

Choosing a bike for casual riding.

Usually, adult bikes come with 26, 27.5, 29 inch, or 700cc, wheels. the factor that varies a great deal is the size of the bike frame. To find a good fit it is recommended you measure the top tube of the frame with your inseam. Follow these easy steps.

1) Stand flat-footed next to the bike.

2) Straddle the bike with the seat behind you and handlebars in front of you.

3) A good fit should be when there is a 1 to 3-inch clearing between the top tube of the bike and your inseam.


If you are serious about riding or you enjoy your time on the bike more than just once or twice a month then it will be wise to ensure you get a frame that’s custom fit to your body and size. You and your new Schwinn bike will spend a lot of time together so don’t be afraid to make sure the fit is nothing less than perfect.

It’s important to note that there is no real rule of thumb when it comes to custom fitting your frame. You should visit your nearest Schwinn bike shop and help you fine-tune your fit. I can tell you now that neck, back and shoulder pain is not normal and these are likely caused by having a bike that is not the correct fit.

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Kids Bikes

If you ask any parent then they will tell you that kids grow up way to fast. When it comes to buying your children their first bike you want to make sure it is something that they can use for more than just a few months and most importantly, that their bike size is a good fit. Worry no more. See the table below for a guideline to finding the right-sized bike.

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