Latest Mighty Mule FM502 Gate Opener Review

Mighty Mule FM502 is so popular and desirable gate opener that it has to be reviewed. This particular unit is strong, durable and comes with all the features you will need. It truly has a lot to offer as you shall see later on.

We must point out that the Mighty Mule FM652 is an upgraded version of the Mighty Mule FM502. They are similar, but the new model complies with UL325 6th edition requirements. Anyway, we will stay focused on the Mighty Mule FM502 in this review.

Massive weight load

The Mighty Mule FM502 is suitable with larger gates. It can be installed on any unit with the length of up to 18 feet. The weight load is 850 [pounds per panel of the gate. This makes the gate opener suitable for larger gates. There is no need to add that the unit can be installed on all gates regardless of their construction and type.

DIY installation

Thanks to the great package that is included with this gate opener you can install it yourself. The included elements will be explained below. At the moment we can add that the installation is relatively easy and you will need basic tools, basic knowledge and time. There is no need to hire a professional to install your new gate opener.

Massive package

In the package, you get the kit, battery, transmitter, DVD with installation video, 18V AC transformer and all additional hardware you will need to complete the installation. We 8are pleased to add that the battery is included in the package so you don’t have to buy it separately. It is a nice addition that also saves money.

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Single and double leaf gates

Yes, the gate opener will work perfectly with single and dual leaf gates. The installation process is basically the same with a few minor differences. Thanks to this advantage you can use it on any gate you prefer and there is no need to purchase additional components or elements. All you will need is included in the package.

Adjustable speed

We like to add that the tested model has the ability to adjust the speed. More precisely a user has the ability to adjust the opening and closing speed of the gate opener. This is an extremely simple process and you will adjust it perfectly within seconds. When you install it the factory setting will be medium but be free to speed it up if needed.

18 months of warranty

The gate opener comes with an extraordinary warranty of 18 months. If we know that most rivals come with 12 months warranty or even worse we can add that this is definitely an advantage. Mighty Mule is known for excellent warranties that affect most their products and there are no complications here.

Soft operations

This feature means that the gate opener will slow down the opening and closing process when it reached the last stage. It is essential in order to prevent damages to a gate and to decrease wear and tear. We all liked this system and we must add that it is reserved for high-end models of the highest quality and with the best features.


  • Soft opening and closing of the gate
  • Great warranty
  • Full kit that includes all you will need
  • Customer support
  • Solar power option available
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  • Loud
  • Remote controllers that are compatible are difficult to find


FAQ about Mighty Mule FM502 Gate Opener

  • Can it be powered by the solar panel?

Yes. The main case has room for 7 amp battery of 12V that can be added.

  • Are there spare parts?

Yes, there are spare parts available. You can purchase each part separately so there is no need to buy the entire kit.

  • How easy it is to install?

Extremely easy thanks to DVD and the overall simplicity of the system.

  • Is it durable?

The Mighty Mule FM502 Gate Opener is one of the most durable systems available on the market.

  • What soft operations mean?

It means that the gate opener will slow down when the closing or opening reaches the last stage. This prevents wear and tear of the gate.


The Mighty Mule FM502 Gate Opener gets 4.7/5 star rating which is more than enough to help you understand why it is a special model and why it deserves a place in your home. It is strong, easy to install and comes with a great warranty.