Why Mighty Mule gate openers stand out from the crowd: Are they the best choice?

A gate opener is designed to be as useful as possible. With its help, you don’t have to get out of a car and open or close the gate. It will do this instead of you. There are a lot of different models out there, but Mighty Mule gate openers are a bit different. They have something to offer that is a bit rare in the world of these devices. Today we will take a closer look at this brand and what they have to offer.

History of Mighty Mule

Mighty Mule was developed in the United States in the 80s by a man who lived in a remote horse ranch. His idea was to provide a gate opener that is easy to install, so easy in fact that a homeowner won’t need any additional help. A gate opener of that kind will be much more popular than standard units, and it will be perfect for all people who live in remote areas. Thanks to that man and his idea, we have Mighty Mule and gate openers that are stunning yet easy to install.

Simple installation

The simple installation is possible with any gate opener made by this company. In the kit or package, you will get a user manual that is well-written and comes with all the steps you have to follow. Then we have a DVD with the additional instructions. A DVD will assist you even more, explaining each step and why it has to be performed.

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For most of you, this is all that’s needed. But, some homeowners will have a hard time installing their gate openers. If you are one of them, you will appreciate the fact Mighty Mule has countless videos on YouTube and online in general with installation processes. You can always find help for a specific gate opener and learn how to install it all by yourself.

To understand how simple and easy it is to install a gate opener made by Mighty Mule, we must add that their models come with brackets and elements that eliminate the need for welding. Welding might be a complicated task, so you will have a professional do this instead of you. If you still want to install a gate opener by yourself, just make sure that you can do it if you get a model made by Mighty Mule. No welding and no complicated wiring are needed.

Powerful and reliable

All Mighty Mule gate openers are made to be as powerful as needed and extremely safe. Some units can be installed on gates with a total weight of 1000 pounds or even more. The length of the gates supported is between 6 and 20 feet.

An electric motor on all models is made to withstand heavy-duty usages and to make sure the gate opener will work even after many years. As such, we must add that Might Mule gate openers are an investment rather than anything else.

Compatibility is one of the factors that have to be considered when choosing a new gate opener. You will need a model that can meet the specific requirements your gate has. For instance, is your gate swing or slide style? Does it have one or two sections? Regardless of which type you have, Mighty Mule has a gate opener suitable for you.

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Available accessories

Mighty Mule is best-known for making gate openers of all kinds, but they also make alarm systems and locks that can make your property so much safer and more secure. Besides, they offer accessories such as:

  • Exit sensors
  • Transmitters with multiple buttons
  • Intercoms
  • Sensors

All of these accessories share the same virtue when it comes to DIY installation. You can add any one of them to your system and make it more complicated and more usable. They are not mandatory to install, but they make any gate opener more advanced and usually have the mission to make the usage more comfortable.

The final word

Mighty Mule makes excellent gate openers that can be installed without professional help, they offer all kinds of accessories, and they are reliable so you will be able to use any gate opener as long as needed. All of this means that they are one of the best brands in the realm, and they can make your property special, precisely as you want. See our best gate opener reviews here.