Mighty Mule FM350: Detailed review with all features, pros and cons and more

The Mighty Mule FM350 is designed for single swing gates and it is the most popular model made by this brand. As you may know, the system is well-made, comes with the latest and outstanding warranty and great features. Below you can see all the main elements of this particular system and also our pros and cons.


The Mighty Mule FM350 can be installed on any gate with the length of up to 16 feet and the weight of 550 pounds. You can install it on tubular, panel, wooden and many other gates. This is small yet powerful and useful gate opener that will impress you every single time when you use it.

DIY installation

As many other Mighty Mule gate openers, this can be installed with help from a professional. In the package, you get the DVD with the installation videos, user manual and all other kinds of help that can assist you in installing the unit all by yourself.

Solar power compatible

Yes, you can match the system with a solar panel made by the same brand. It is a 10W unit, standard for most models and now you can enjoy solar power efficiency. This modifications is extremely easy to perform and once done you can get a 30% tax deduction. Keep in mind that the system is originally designed to be used with a car battery which isn’t included in the package.

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Remote controller

In the package, you get a remote controller which can be used when you are inside a car. This is a basic model that is very easy to use, convenient and comes with all the basic features. It communicates with a receiver that is installed on the gate opener itself.

What owners have to say about Mighty Mule FM350?


  • Affordable model
  • Spare parts are easy to find and they are cheap
  • Solar panel compatible
  • Easy to install


  • The battery isn’t included in the package
  • Slow

Alternative to the FM350

The FM350 is suitable for single swing gates. If you have a dual leaf model you will be better with the Mighty Mule FM502. This is bigger and more powerful model also made by the Mighty Mule, obviously, that can be installed as a DIY project and comes without any issues or complications.

Additional things to remember

The first thing we will reveal here is that the package doesn’t include a battery. The Mighty Mule FM350 uses a car battery of any capacity and size. It is important to be 12V only. On the other hand, you can use a solar panel which is available as an accessory for this model. And yes you can install this addition all by yourself as the rest of the system.


Mighty Mule FM350 is excellent value for money, it has decent features and the built quality is at the highest level. Thanks to all of this we can give it 4.8/5 star rating and we can add that the system is great for homeowners who need a decent gate opener at an affordable price that is also compatible with a solar panel.

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