8500 LiftMaster 2-Pack Review

When it comes to garage door openers, we usually have a belt and chain-drive systems. However, there is a third option. Jackshaft garage door openers are a bit rarer, but they do exist. One of them is LiftMaster 8500. This unit is developed for garage doors that have a torsion spring mounted at the front. It must be installed on the wall adjacent in order to work properly. Obviously, there are plenty of additional things you should know about this unit.

Product overview

8500 LiftMaster is a high-end model, developed for those who want the most. It is perfectly made, so the quality shouldn’t be taken into question. The full list of features is more than just long and overall, we have an excellent unit. The design is modern and well-paired with all the capabilities the unit has to offer. We liked a long list of features as well.

In order to use this unit, you must have a garage door with front mounted torsion spring. As we have mentioned, this is a jackshaft garage door opener, so it is different than those with a belt or chain-drive mechanisms. Obviously, this means that if you have the mentioned type of garage doors, this is the only version of a garage door opener you can install.

One of the interesting features is the ability to open and close multiple doors. There is the capacity of up to 8 doors. In addition, all of them can be closed by a press of just one button. There is no need to enter 8 codes, making this a real time-saver garage door opener.

The unit can be connected to the internet and it allows you to check the door status easier than ever. This is one of the more sophisticated features we expected to see and one of those you are probably going to like.

In essence, the LiftMaster 8500 garage door opener is a great, feature-loaded unit which is suitable for the aforementioned type of garage doors and for homeowners who want the most. You will appreciate the quality and other factors we will explain below.

Product Advantages

LiftMaster 8500 wall mount garage door opener has plenty of advantages which will have to be explained. This unit is sophisticated and safe, so there are a lot of related features available.

  • Ultra-quiet operation
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Most garage door openers of this kind and this price range are quiet. This one is no different. Opening and closing the door is extremely quiet and among the quietest at the moment.

  • Auto-force adjustment

All LiftMaster 8500 reviews of its owners suggest that this unit has an auto-adjustment system. This is important due to the fact the device will adjust the force needed to close the door at any given moment, meaning that it will ensure proper closing at all times, regardless of the outdoor temperature or etc.

  • CIGBU compatible

If you want to control your garage door opener via an app, you will need this addition. It is relatively affordable and it is more than just useful. The unit works perfectly with it, and there are no any complications.

  • Battery backup

If you live in an area where power outlets are common, you are going to need this addition. It means that a backup battery will be added to the unit, allowing you to open and close door when there is no electricity. Obviously, this is an additional accessory.

  • P3 electric motor

This is the latest electric motor which comes with premium LiftMaster garage door openers. It is extremely reliable, it is capable of providing above average performances and it is quiet as well. The manufacturer is proud of this unit, so we can say that it is another advantage this model has to offer.

  • MyQ compatible

The unit is fully compatible with the system which allows you to control it via an app. It is a standard feature at the moment and it is one of those we liked a lot.

  • Auto light feature

The lights will be turned on every single time you use the garage door opener. The unit supports lighting up to 200W, which is almost 100% better than some, other models have to offer. In addition, this makes the unit suitable for much bigger garages, which require additional lighting.

  • HomeLink compatible

If you want to control the unit from your car, you can pair it with the HomeLink system. The connection is reliable and very easy to set.

Product Critique

Although a great model overall, the LiftMaster elite series 8500 has some drawbacks. The first one is related to the wiring and installation. It is positioned at the front, rather than on the roof like most other garage door openers. This means that wiring is completely different, more complicated and more demanding. But, we will explain this issue a bit better further below.

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The second issue is the fact the auto-lighting feature works when the garage door is fully open and someone enters the garage. Obviously, this cannot be classified as a severe drawback and it is even an advantage for some users. However, the feature won’t work when the door is slightly open. The cause for this is in the sensor beams which are activated each time someone enters the garage when the door is open.

Other than these two issues, we weren’t able to find any other drawbacks. The unit is reliable, filled with features and it comes with all you are going to need. It can meet the requirements of more demanding users, which is definitely an advantage!

Safety and Security

As you would expect, LiftMaster elite 8500 is loaded with plenty of safety features. The automatic lubrication system is implemented as well. It ensures that the unit will run perfectly at all times.

Programing codes from the MyQ control panel is possible and very easy as well. In a case the Protector System is damaged, the light on a garage door opener will be illuminated.

Safety sensor beam is obviously available. This feature will prevent door opening/closing when the beam is interrupted by a person or an object. Almost all garage door openers used today come with this system.

Code-rolling technology is implemented as well. The system will use a different code each time you open the door. This makes it immune to the burglars who will want to crack the code and open the door without you knowing it.

So, here we should add that the LiftMaster 8500 battery backup is also available, but only as an addition.

The bottom line is that the unit is reliable and safe. It is commonly rated as one of the safest garage door openers in this price range and highly recommended by experts.

Installation and Programing

We will have to start the installation process. All LiftMaster models are designed to be installed by a professional. They require different wiring and the procedure itself is more complicated than with other units. As such, you will have to hire a professional technician to complete the installation. Only if you are proficient with this type of garage door openers, you will be able to install it. Anyway, the LiftMaster 8500 manual and the videos online are more than just welcomed, so if the time isn’t an issue, you may be capable to install it all by yourself.

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One of more important matters to discuss is the fact the unit must be installed perfectly and adjusted according to exact specifications in order to work. If there is a smallest mistake, the unit won’t work properly.

Programming, on the other hand, is simpler than ever. It allows you to program the unit via MyQ control panel. If you follow the instructions, you won’t need more than 10 minutes to complete this task.

Warranty and Support

If you recall, we mentioned that this unit comes with a P3 electric motor, which is one of the best units available now. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for it, which is important. Other components have a 5-year warranty, which is decent, but not ideal. In general, the jackshaft garage door openers are extremely reliable and durable, so you won’t have any complications with the unit for a long period of time. In addition, the LiftMaster 8500 price is more affordable than other units with the same specifications, therefore the warranty is justified.

The support is excellent as usual. You will be able to get any type of verbal help, answer the question or something else at any given moment. They are available via phone and email all the time, so this is a plus side for beginners who need help.


The LiftMaster 8500 wall mount garage door opener package is definitely something worth considering. It comes with the latest features, it is one of the quietest garage door openers out there and it is superb when it comes to reliability. If you are looking for a premium jackshaft garage door opener, this model is just perfect for you.  It will serve you for many years to come and it will put a smile on your face each time you use it.

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