ALEKO AS1200ACC Review

ALEKO AS1200ACC is one of the most appealing gate openers available on the market right now. It has been developed to provide advanced features, modern design and a lot more. Today, we are going to review it. There are a lot of features, facts and additional things you need to know about this specific unit.

Main features and specifications

Single or dual leaf gates

The ALEKO AS1200ACC is designed to be used with 10 feet gates and a weight of 660 pounds. This refers to a single leaf gate. If you want to use it for dual leaf models you can. In that case scenario, the weight load and length of the gate are 20 feet and 1320 pounds. It is up to you how you want to install it and which gate you have but this means that the model is versatile.

DC and AC power source

You can power the gate opener using 24 V DC or standard 110 VAC power source. This is done in order to make the gate opener more practical and more convenient for all users. We must add that there are no issues or complications regardless of which power source you chose. The gate opener will work equally well and serve you for many years to come.

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Solar power compatibility

Yes, you can power the ALEKO AS1200ACC using solar power. Keep in mind that you will need the solar panel and additional hardware to make this happen. All of the items are available as separate purchases but we know that the price is more than just affordable. This is a standard feature for many gate openers and it applies to almost all units available on the market today.

Easy installation

You will be able to install the unit all by yourself. This isn’t the simplest task you will have to do but it is one of the easier DIY projects. In the package, you will get all the main elements and accessories such as a keypad, push button and etc.  The user manual is really helpful and should be the main advantage if you decide to install the gate opener all by yourself.

Soft opening and closing

This is a well-known feature that doesn’t need to be explained. What it does is slows down the gate opener while starting to open a gate and when the closing process is reaching the end. This decreases the wear and tear of the gate and help you use the gate for a longer period of time.

Who will benefit the most from the ALEKO AS1200ACC?

There are several types of homeowners who will love and appreciate the ALEKO AS1200ACC. The first type is the ones who need reliable and affordable gate opener to use every single day. The unit is designed and made to meet the highest expectations and it will work for decades.

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The second type of users are the ones who have a need to install a new gate opener on a single or double leaf gate all by themselves. The installation process is easier than you may believe and it will be excellent for those who want to use their hands to make something.

We will also add that homeowners who need a complete package which includes all the elements needed for the installation and usage will like the model in question. Basically, you will get the gate opener, remote controllers, keypads and etc. All you have to do is to install the system and start using it.


  • Easy to install
  • Soft start and stop
  • Massive package with all you will ever need
  • Can be powered using DC or AC
  • Solar panel compatible


  • A bit slow
  • Attention to detail

What owners have to say about the ALEKO AS1200ACC?

We know that owners are the best critics so we will provide you their words (not exact words of course). What people who bought and have been using the ALEKO AS1200ACC have to say about this system and why it is so popular at the moment?

  • Most owners like the fast shipping and delivery.
  • It is important to add that owners appreciate the simple installation. It is individual matter but most of them find installation extremely simple and easy, even without any skills or knowledge.
  • The optional accessories are the next best thing. Many owners decide to pair the system with the solar panel or some other accessory available for this particular model.
  • The durability is something we must include. Almost all owners who purchased the tested unit are pleased to reveal that the unit has been working perfectly for a long period of time, without any issues or complications.
  • Owners also added that the value for money is impressive and they will probably purchase the new model at some point in the future.
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Additional things to know about ALEKO AS1200ACC

The unit is delivered in a nice package with 35 x 17.7 x 7.1 inches dimensions and 38.8 pounds of weight. It doesn’t include the battery so you will have to get one additionally. All other elements are included. The warranty is excellent and covers all the components.


The ALEKO AS1200ACC gets 4.5/5 star rating thanks to the powerful motor, great package, and the simplicity when it comes to installation. You can pair it with a solar panel and you can get additional accessories when needed. Soft start and stop feature is implemented into the system as well.