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Garage Door Mechanism Types - Garage Sanctum
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Garage Door Mechanism Types

There are countless garage doors out there, and each model looks like the right choice. But this isn’t the truth. You will need a high-quality garage door mechanism that can be used for the most demanding purposes. It is the main factor to consider. Today we will pay close attention to the mechanisms of garage doors and help you determine which one is suitable for your garage.

garage door mechanism
garage door mechanism

Three additional things to consider about types of garage doors

Here is an amazing video that indirectly discusses the four types of garage doors.

When choosing a new garage door, pay attention to insulation, maintenance, and security. All of these things need to be implemented into a model you are looking in the right manner. The best garage door will be well-insulated. They will offer the highest level of safety, and the maintenance will be as low as possible. The insulation itself might be the most crucial factor for some of you. It is there to keep the heat and cold outside the garage. When you look at the security features, make sure that the latest systems are available.

Up and backward garage doors

These doors are made from a single piece of metal that isn’t folded nor can be folded. The mechanism itself uses twisted springs that allow this type of movement. As you would expect, the door will move backwards while lifting the bottom part. The endpoint is when they are parallel to the ceiling. If you like this model, keep in mind that the canopy ark arm converter should be chosen. It is the best option.

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Folding garage doors

Folding garage doors are popular as well. They are known to be the most versatile and the most desirable model of them all. They work in a complicated manner. The opener is linked to the garage door without any wires. Pressure springs are used to enhance the opening and make it smoother. On all four sides are sprinters with rollers, which make the process stable and reliable. Keep in mind that arms that lift the door are attached to the sides rather than the center of the door.

One of the most important benefits here is versatility. You can find these garage doors in any size, shape, color, and countless features. They are safer than you may believe, and they are suitable for homeowners who want compact garage doors.

Folding PLUS garage door upgrade

This is instead an upgrade than a completely separate system. It has arms on the other side of the garage door, and it has the retractable gear. In other words, the equipment will be almost invisible when retracted. Don’t forget that the arms on the sides are the lowest point on the garage door, which makes this upgrade impossible to use on garages for large trucks and 4×4 vehicles.

Side-hinged garage doors

Should we even explain this type of mechanism? They have hinges on one side of the door, usually on a tube or frame made from timber or metal. The door itself can be made from steel, aluminum, GRP, or Upvc. They will open 9 feet, which is more than 2740 mm, allowing you to enter with any vehicle. The entire mechanism is located on the exterior side of the garage door, and it won’t compromise any space inside the garage.

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Sectional garage doors

This type is made from separate boards that are connected to one frame. You can easily see the links or pivots that are used. The system itself is appealing to use due to the fact the garage door will go up, and they are placed just below the ceiling of a garage. This is an excellent way to maximize the space of your garage and to use even the last inch of space. We must add that many manufacturers offer windows, different colors, and different sizes of this mechanism. Also, the standard size has four panels connected to one door.

Roller shutter garage doors

Garage doors of this type are incredibly appealing, and they are considered a classic choice. The mechanism will use the most out of height and width of a garage, and the doors will be positioned behind the opening mechanism. There is no movement in front or on the back of the garage. We also liked the design and the frame, which is made of steel or aluminum.

Sectional trackless garage doors

As the name suggests, this model doesn’t have any tracks. The door is made from 2 panels of equal size and weight. It can be used as steel or aluminum. The door is then lifted using a counterweight, and the entire mechanism can be folded and opened within seconds. You will like this type of mechanism if safety is your main concern, and you want the latest features.

Round the curve garage doors

The last mechanism is actually a changed type of classic garage door. It allows you to use the automatic or manual opening on garages where the ceiling is low. The first models were made from tinder, and we can see this material as the most common option even today. Of course, aluminum models are available as well. They can be opened in sections or Bi-sectional layout while commonly offering a small all door for people to enter a garage.

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We found this interesting video that shows how the garage door mechanism operates. It doesn’t represent all the available types of mechanisms but it is still interesting to see a detailed animation of one type:

The final word

Take your time and re-read the content above. You will find that just one type of mechanism is the best and the most suitable for your garage and your purpose. That system should be your first choice, and you will be more than just happy with its installation.