Chamberlain Group PD220 1/2-HP Chain Drive Review

The Chamberlain Group PD220 will suit perfectly for most homeowners. Basically, it has everything you are going to need and something more. This unit is relatively affordable but isn’t cheap. After all, you get a decent garage door opener which has a lot to offer. Let’s meet the new and interesting Chamberlain Group PD220.

Features and Product overview

The Chamberlain Group PD220 is powered by a 12 V electric motor which has 1/2 HP power. This means that the unit in question is powerful enough to lift most garage doors used today and it won’t even use all of its power, which saves the electric motor over a longer period of time. Then we have the chain-drive system which is actually a bit better than the one you can get from other garage door openers available for the same price.

The unit is made of polycarbonate, the housing at least. Other elements including lens are made from polypropylene. Why is this important? Well, these materials are stronger than other alternatives, meaning that garage door opener will last longer and stay like new for a longer period of time. In addition, it is lighter and more compact than other models. Here we should add that the size of this unit is smaller compared to equivalent models, but there are no issues with performances.

Additionally, we would like to mention that the design is modern and appealing. It is even better than some, more expensive models have it. The same applies to the remote controllers and other elements included in the package.

The unit here is designed for 7-feet garage doors. They are very popular models at the moment and they are beneficial in the terms of cost and maintenance. This unit won’t have any issues opening and closing the door, regardless of the material, design and etc.

Overall, the Chamberlain Group PD220 is a highly desirable model, which is very popular at the moment, thanks to its design, capabilities, and quality.

Product Advantages

The Chamberlain Group PD220 may look like most other garage door openers, but it is actually quite different. First of all, it has some, impressive benefits to offer.

  • Industrial design

The main advantage here is the industrial design and the quality. This refers to the electric motor, chain-drive, rail and all other elements. The quality is exceptional, as you would expect. All of this means the unit will last longer and stay fully operational as long as you use it.

  • Powerful electric motor
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The 12 V, DC electric motor is fresh and newly designed by this brand. There are some advantages here as well. First of all, it is quieter than usual, which is important if your bedroom is above the garage. Then, it has a higher lift capacity than equivalent models. The last, but not least, the electric motor can be paired with a battery backup system.

  • Doorbell wall control

Here we have one simple advantage that can make a difference. The wall control is a doorbell shaped element which is extremely easy to use. All owners appreciate it and they are completely satisfied with it. As such, we believe that you will like it as well.

  • Tri-band remote controllers

All garage door openers come with remote controllers, but not all of them are based on the latest technology. It simply means that they use one or two frequencies. In modern society, this isn’t an option anymore. That’s why the Chamberlain Group PD220 uses remote controllers with 3 different frequencies. In simple words, there won’t be interference with other frequencies if you live in an area where these devices are common.

  • LED optimized

There is a socket for the 60W light bulb, but being modern and new garage door opener, this feature is optimized for LED. Most homeowners have already switched to LEDs, so you should as well. They use less energy and last longer. There is no need in explaining that LEDs provide brighter and white light.

  • It looks fantastic

Overall design must be mentioned. This is a garage door opener which looks better than most other models, available on the market today. The advantage can be more than just important for homeowners who want to have something beautiful above their cars in a garage.

  • Installation

The installation process is one of the simplest you can get at the moment. There is no need to hire a professional. This matter will be better explained below.

  • Value for money

In a nutshell, we have a great value for money. This small garage door opener has it all you are going to need. It is well-made, comes with all the features you are going to need and it is durable.

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Product Critique

We are experts in finding drawbacks garage door openers have. The model we have here isn’t perfect, obviously. The first and main disadvantage is the weight load. Yes, it is decent, but it is far from great. This model is developed for small and medium-sized garage doors, so if you have large door, you will have to get another unit. In addition, it works perfectly with 7 feet garage doors. Anything higher won’t be possible.

The second drawback is with the warranty. For all, additional elements it is only 1 year, which is far from a decent length. Of course, as we have mentioned earlier, this is a high-quality unit, so all components will last longer than 1 year, but it isn’t the most affordable model in the class, so we expected a bit longer warranty. Anyway, this isn’t a severe issue. After all, warranty for the rest of the unit is decent.

The last, but not least is maintenance. You will have to lubricate the chain-drive system more frequently than you will have to do with other garage door openers. The main reason is in the design and the compact size, which made maintenance a bit more demanding. Of course, all chain-drive garage door openers do require lubricating, but this one requires a bit more of it.

At the end, we must add that none of the mentioned drawbacks is severe, which suggests that you are still getting a great garage door opener with a lot of advantages, which are mentioned as well. For some of you, most of these drawbacks will be completely irrelevant, but we still had to mention them.

Safety and Security

As you would expect, the Chamberlain Group PD220 comes with all safety features you are going to need. Let’s start with rolling code technology. A well-known system which uses a new code each time you open or close your garage door. There are billion combinations and variations of the codes, meaning that it is impossible for anyone to open the door without your knowledge. All Chamberlain models come with this technology and other brands have it as well, therefore we must say it is mandatory nowadays.

The second main safety feature is in the safety sensors. They will scan the area beneath the door all the time and prevent garage door closing as soon as something is detected. Sensors will detect objects, children, pets, and adults.  It is another, a mandatory safety feature to have.

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Installation and Programing

Installation is more than just a simple process. An average homeowner will need less than 45 minutes to install the Chamberlain Group PD220. It is so easy that most beginners chose this model precisely for this advantage. Just in case, you will be able to get help from user manual if needed. It is well-written and detailed. Aligning process, travel distance and motion sensors are all easy to install.

Programming is simple as well. Don’t expect to spend more than few minutes on this task. Once again, user manual and additional instructions are highly helpful. The model also comes with auto-force adjustment, meaning that the correct force will be automatically chosen according to the algorithm the garage door opener uses.

As you can see, installation and programming are two, additional benefits or better-said advantages of the garage door opener we have here. You won’t find easier to install the unit at this moment.

Warranty and Support

Warranty on the electric motor is above average. It is 6 years compared to 5 years some models from this price range have. Thanks to the industrial quality and high-quality design, the unit will last, much longer, but a long warranty is definitely something worth mentioning and considering. On the other hand, the warranty on other elements is 1 year only, which isn’t great.

Support is standard for Chamberlain. You can contact them at any given moment, the support agents are helpful and they will assist you in any way you need. Be free to contact them via a phone or send them an email.


The Chamberlain Group PD220 is a great garage door opener as long as you don’t want too much for the price. It comes with industrial grade, all features you are going to need and a price tag which is more than just affordable. Installation is simple, the warranty is decent and safety features are great. All homeowners looking for affordable, small and practical garage door opener should consider this model.