Chamberlain PD762EV Review

The Chamberlain PD762EV is a more powerful garage door opener. The main asset it has is in the electric motor with ¾ HP, which is capable of lifting garage doors with a total weight of up to 550 pounds. It will lift all types of doors without a problem, even those made from wood and dual-wide models.  The power is actually similar to some industrial garage door openers, so you can get a better idea how powerful this unit is.

Product overview

Let’s start from the design. The unit is well-made and it looks modern, although there are no some major differences in design with other models made by the same manufacturer. It will lift all types of doors up to 7 feet in height. Larger doors are supported as well, but you will need to purchase 8 or 10-foot rail extension kit!

Some, minor things we liked a lot about the model in question. For example, it also comes with an oversized button which allows you to open the door when your hands are busy. Then we have the automatic lighting feature which will turn on two 100 watts bulbs when you need them the most.

We should add that this model is significantly stronger than ½ HP models made by the same brand or any other. The Chamberlain group PD762EV 3 4 HP garage door opener is developed for more demanding purpose. It is also operated by a chain mechanism, but surprisingly it is quieter than most equivalent models available on the market right now. Obviously, we cannot compare this system with a belt-drive mechanism, but at the end of a day, this model is a bit better in reducing the noise when used.

Overall, the quality is decent and it applies to all, the main and additional elements. There are no issues with the quality of remote controllers either. All of this means that you will be able to use it for a long period of time without having to repair or replace any element of the unit.

Product Advantages

As we have just mentioned, Chamberlain group PD762EV comes with some impressive advantages. Obviously, the powerful electric motor is the main one, but there are a few more of them you should know.

  • Motion sensors

These sensors are used to detect a person entering the garage. Once they have detected you, the lights will stay on for 5 minutes. According to a research, this is the average amount of time a homeowner will spend in the garage once he arrives.

  • Homelink support
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Obviously, this model supports the Homelink system. It is more than a just important feature, especially for drivers with vehicles made in 2012 or later. Although it may be difficult to know is your vehicle compatible with the system, the manufacturer offers you an ability to contact them and check if your car supported and fully compatible.

  • MyQ home compatible

Here we have another system which is important and must be mentioned. The MyQ feature allows for the users to install an app and control their garage door opener from it. In a nutshell, it allows you to open the door, turn on the lights and etc. New features are regularly added, therefore we cannot generalize them at the moment.

  • 3-button remotes

In the package, you will get 2 remote controllers. Both of them have 3 buttons and they are easy to use. The quality of them is the same as the rest of the unit has to offer. In other words, this small addition makes the Chamberlain garage door opener whisper drive chain PD762EV superb for homeowners who will need extra remote or who have more than one driver in the house.

  • Lighted console

Although small feature, it is important. In essence, the console of the unit will be illuminated once you have used the garage door opener, which allows you to easily open or close the door without having to look for a switch.

  • Auto-adjusting system

By now, this system is probably the best-known one you have come across. In general, the computer will use sensors and an algorithm to choose a correct pressure and force in order to close the door. This is especially important in situations where the temperature fluctuates all the time. In plain words, the system offers perfect door closure at all times.

Product Critique

During our testing, we have encountered two drawbacks. Luckily none of them are severe and one can be easily sorted, but we must mention them. The first one is the lack of battery support. It isn’t one of the most common features found in garage door openers from this price range, but it is appealing. Keep in mind that this model is very affordable, so we will presume the Chamberlain has preserved the battery backup service for other models.

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The second issue is the keyless entry. The Chamberlain PD762EV manual states that the system supports it and we checked it. However, you don’t get a keyless entry card in the package, so you will have to purchase it additionally. This is one of the common ways for the manufacturers to offer more affordable units which still support all the essential features. Other ones can be purchased only by users who will actually need them.

During our testing, we haven’t discovered any of other issues regarding the lack of features, quality or compatibility.

Safety and Security

There are plenty of safety features you probably have heard of. The first one on our list is the rolling code system. What it does is sends a new code each time the system is used. What this does is making for the burglars impossible to crack the code. The version of the technology used in this model is 2.0 and it is the safest one available at the moment.

Motion sensing control is available as well. What it does is uses sensors to discover the objects below the door. Once they are detected, the system will prevent door closing. Bypassing safety reversing sensors Chamberlain PD762EV isn’t possible! The feature is developed to protect pets and small children from being trapped beneath the garage door.

Lock function is desirable as well. In a case a remote control is lost, all you have to do is to press lock on the control unit and the lost remote controller won’t be able to open the door. Once you have found it, you can simply turn off the feature.

We should mention that the standard stay-lock feature is supported as well. It will keep the doors permanently closed until the owner doesn’t open them. As you may know, penetrating this system is impossible.

Installation and Programing

Here, the installation is easier than ever. Chamberlain was able to invent a superb garage door opener when it comes to the installation. All you will need comes included in the package. Add the fact you also get the user manual and your installation process is done. On average, you will need 2 hours to complete the installation, if you are the beginner in this field.

Don’t forget that all the bolts, nuts and smaller elements are included in the package. In order to make sure you actually get them, always purchase this unit from a trustworthy seller. This is the safest way to get the simplest installation we are discussing right now.

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Chamberlain model PD762EV is probably the simplest to install the unit in this price range and one of the simplest ever made by this brand. Furthermore, there are plenty of videos on the web, due to the fact this is a popular model, so installation won’t be a problem.

Warranty and Support

You get a lifetime warranty on the Chamberlain PD762EV 3 4-hp electric motor. However, other elements have one year warranty. This includes the chain system, glides and etc. In other words, the warranty is the best you can get at the moment, but it is sufficient. Don’t forget that this is one of more affordable models available right now.

Customer support, on the other hand, is superb. You can contact them at any given moment and they are more than just helpful. Be free to use phone or email to get needed support.

Here we can see that the Chamberlain PD762EV garage door opener hp comes with a decent warranty and superior customer support. We should add that the electric motors built-in these units are known for extra-long lifespan, so you don’t have to expect any problems with the reliability.


The bottom line is that the model we have reviewed here comes with all the features you are going to need, but it stays affordable. We must include the fact it has one of more powerful electric motors available in garage door openers at the moment. It is more than just reliable as well. Homeowners with large garages and large garage doors would benefit from Chamberlain PD762EV. The powerful motor and superb chain mechanism make lifting of the heaviest doors as easy as it gets. Add additional features we have mentioned and you may get the best garage door opener in this price range. Be sure to also check out our huge best garage door opener review and find out which is the best quality garage door opener.