The Complete Guide to Choosing a Mighty Mule Gate Opener

As you already know there are a lot of gate openers available on the market. Some of them are made for small gates, other for mid-size gates and some are made for heavy gates. Mighty Mule is one of the brands that specialize in heavy-duty gate openers made for the largest gates. They have been offering all kinds of models for a long period of time and they are known for great quality. Now we want to review 3 gate openers made by Mighty Mule that look and perform better than average.

At a glance

  • Mighty Mule MM260 Automatic Gate Opener for Light Duty Single Swing Gates

This particular unit is actually made for light-duty applications. You can install it on any gate with a length of 12 feet and a weight of 300 pounds. The main advantage is the installation. It is definitely something you can install as a DIY project and you will need time and basic tools. The model is very popular at the moment due to these very reasons.

  • Mighty Mule MM360 Automatic Gate Opener for Medium Duty Single Swing Gates

Mighty Mule MM360 is more powerful gate opener than the first one here. It meets all UL325 guidelines and it can be installed by a homeowner as well. If you are planning to install it all by yourself, you should know that the model in question comes in a complete package and offers you great features.

  • Mighty Mule MM560 Automatic Gate Opener for Heavy Duty Single Swing Gates

The main advantage of this particular model is the swing arm made from aluminum. It is strong, durable and it is immune to corrosion. The MM560 is a special model that targets more demanding homeowners and have to offer all the features you will ever need, and something even more. We had a great time testing it and using it.

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Best 3 Reviews of Gate Openers

  1. Mighty Mule MM260

The first things we have to mention are the requirements your gate should meet. The gate opener can be paired with gates up to 12 feet in length and the weight of 300 pounds. It is a light-duty model that comes with superb warranty and with basic features at a low price. It is affordable but far from cheap. The unit is well-made, comes with all superb systems and extremely easy to install.

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Keep in mind that you can use it on all gates made from vinyl, wood, tubes and also on panel and chain models. The installation is so simple that you can complete it within 2 hours. All you will need are basic skills and basic tools. The model comes with a user manual and all the essentials you will need. The simple installation is probably one of the biggest advantages.

When it comes to sophistication, we should add that the model is compatible with HomeLink remotes and meets the latest regulations. It is a worthy investment that deserves your full attention. The only drawback is the speed of opening a gate. It is a bit slow, as you would expect.


  • Value for money
  • Easy to install
  • 12 months warranty
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Solar or AC powered


  • Slow
  • Plastic arm


  1. Mighty Mule MM360

Mighty Mule MM360 is another model on our list. This particular gate opener has the ability to be paired with 16 feet gates with a total weight of 550 pounds. We must add that you can install it on various types of gates and the installation won’t be an issue. In addition, the unit meets the latest UL325 requirements which refer to the tests and safety precautions in the case of fire, electrical wiring so the unit is approved for residential usage.

The package is massive and includes all the essential except the battery. You will need a 12V battery with 250 CCA rating. In the package, you also get DVD for installation and additional user manual that may be helpful for some of you. If you want to make it run using a solar panel, you will need Mighty Mule 5W Solar Panel or 10W solar panel. They are available as an optional extra.

The gate opener comes with Dual Sense technology. This refers to the ability to detect an obstacle and stop the gate at any given moment. At the same time, you can see that the system works with additional sensors that can be installed. This is useful if you have pets or children and you want to protect them. It makes the overall usage safer and easier. The drawback is the same as with the first model. This isn’t one of the fastest gate openers and it is actually a slow model.

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  • DIY installation
  • Compatible with all sensors
  • Can be powered using solar power
  • Steel rod


  • Slow
  • Customer support


  1. Mighty Mule MM560

Mighty Mule MM560 is the most advanced model on our list and the one that you will probably like if you want performance and results. The gate opener comes in an excellent package, it can be used for gates with a total weight of up to 850 pounds and 18 feet in length. The installation is simple and you will be able to install it within hours. Only basic skills and tools are needed.

The gate opener is compatible with HomeLink systems, has built-in battery and 12 months warranty. Yes, it can be paired with solar panel and be powered solely using this power source. We also liked that the gate opener has brackets and main components made from aluminum and steel. It is a strong and durable unit that can be considered as a worthy investment.

Mighty Mule MM560 is an advanced model that targets people who want more features, more power and who want advanced systems to add to their gates and their home. We had a great time installing and using the model in question. It is definitely one of the best-made models out there.


  • DIY installation
  • Strong construction and well-made
  • Weight load
  • Warranty and support


  • Expensive
  • Range or remote controllers


Buyer’s guide you should use when looking for Mighty Mule gate openers

As you know by now, Mighty Mule is one of the best brands available and you will probably consider one of their models as your first choice. If you are, then you should add to the equation the points explained below.


The installation can come in two forms. The first one is the DIY installation that most of these gate openers can provide and you can save a bit of money. They are generally basic installations involved you can do it without additional help. Thanks to installation DVDs this is much easier than you believe.

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The second option is to get professional help and a person who will install it instead of you. Some companies offer you this option and it should be considered if you don’t want to install it by yourself.

Soft close

This is a feature you will definitely need. It slows down the gate closing process at the end and decreases the wear and tear on the gate. It also looks more professional and a bit more sophisticated.

Photo-eye sensors

This feature will stop the gate opener if the obstacle is detected. It won’t damage your car and it will prevent all kinds of issues and problems. We liked this system and we should add that it is one of the best.


Mighty Mule gate openers come with low fire and electrical wiring issues so they will keep the insurance rate low and they are considered as the safest option. This is the case with more advanced models such is MM560 or even more advanced models.

Single leaf or double leaf gate

Mighty Mule offers gate openers for single and dual leaf gates. You need to consider this as a factor as well. Single leaf models can open one section or leaf of a gate, while dual leaf models can open two at the same time. Your gate will determine the need.


The Mighty Mule MM560 is a model we would like to recommend. This gate opener is stunning comes with all the systems you will need and as such we have to give it 4.9/5 star rating. It is a highly desirable model and it is a well-known investment that will make your home so much better. Don’t forget about the other 2 gate openers. They are special as well.