5 Best Tap And Die Sets Money Can Buy

Tap and die sets are tools that can help you complete a task when nothing else works. They are not something you will use all the time, but they are essential to own. Without them, you will encounter countless issues and problems which will make your project more complicated than usual. That’s why we have discovered 5 tap and die sets that are simply the best. They are strong, well-made and they come with all you will ever need.

Reviews of the Best Tap and Die Sets

  1. Craftsman 75 pc Inch & Metric tap and die Set

Craftsman 75 pc Inch & Metric tap and die Set is a masterpiece and an affordable one. The set comes with 75 pieces which is the best number. It isn’t too big nor too massive but it is capable of meeting all your requirements. Then we can see that it includes inch and metric pieces which makes it a bit more complicated to use and find the one piece you need, but also great because you don’t need two separate kits. The size and affordable price are some of the main advantages here.

The set is immune to rusk and has hex-shape elements. They are the most appealing due to the fact you can use them for harder types of metal and they won’t break or get damaged at any given moment. The set is still one of the most popular models on the market.

The set is made from reinforced carbon steel with a strong finish that will keep the pieces in a brand new condition as long as you need them. The polished look is amazing and very durable. The set comes in its own case and it includes all standard sizes you can think of. We must add that this brand is one of the best-known companies of this kind. They have been with us since the 20s and they are well-known for making workbenches of different sizes. The set shares the same functionality and can be ideal for hobbyists and those who need a tap and die set, just in case.


  • Affordable
  • Metric and inch sizes
  • Polished finish
  • Strong elements


  • Weak handles
  • You can easily brittle a piece


  1. Neiko 00908A SAE and Metric Tap and Hexagon Die Set, Alloy Steel | 76-Piece Set

As you can see the set comes with 76 pieces. There are 34 die and 34 tap elements. All of them are well-made and strong. As a matter of fact, the set is made from durable steel alloy and can withstand most applications you will throw at it. The attention to detail is impressive and probably one of the best we were able to see in this price range. Thanks to the appealing case, plenty of elements and the strength, we believe that this is a bit more professional kit. Thanks to a low price we can add that it is suitable for newbies as well.

We can and we will add that the set comes with all the essentials you will need. It is excellent for different applications and it is made from a material which will help the set withstand many years of use. There are no major differences and advantages so we believe this is a typical heavy-duty set.

There are no a lot of things we can reveal at this point. Basically, the set is strong and thanks to a lot of items can be used for most purposes and applications you will need to complete in your garage. The case is solid as well and it can be one of the next main advantages here. The company is well-known and they have been with us for a long period of time.


  • 76 pieces
  • Steel alloy
  • Very affordable
  • Simplicity


  • Tap holder
  • The case isn’t very strong



  1. Irwin Industrial Tools 24614 Fractional Tap and Hex Die Set, 24-Piece

Irwin is a company that has been with us since the 80s and they are more than just popular even today. There are a lot of benefits and advantages here. First of all, the brand is known for making super-tough tools and hardware that can last for years. The situation is the same with tap and die set we have here. Basically, you get the quality and all the advantages you will actually need. The main material is high carbon steel, but a separate version of the metal that is stronger than usual.

As you can see the set isn’t very beautiful. This is because it is a heavy-duty, hardcore model that is suitable for the harshest applications. You will like this benefit once you start using it and you will have a new ‘’friend’’ who will help you when nothing else can. The set can be used as an addition to other sets from the list.

The set is small and it includes 24 pieces only. This makes it suitable for hobbyists who don’t need a massive set and who will use it for smaller supplications. The price isn’t very expensive. In a nutshell, the kit comes with the most common and the most needed pieces that are easy to use and replace. The bolts and anchors are on the highest level possible and you can see the perfection each time you use a tap or die piece.


  • High carbon steel
  • Appealing construction
  • Popular company
  • Bolt and anchor tightness


  • Number of pieces
  • Attention to detail


  1. GEARWRENCH 3887 Tap and Die 75 Piece Set – Combination SAE / Metric

The GEARWRENCH 3887 Tap and Die 75 Piece Set – Combination SAE / Metric isn’t an ordinary 0set on our list. It is made by professionals for professionals and it has a lot to offer. First and foremost the set includes the stunning case which is made from molded thermoplastic. It is super-tough and suitable for the most demanding operations. It will also make sure the tap and die inside the case stay fully operational and safe regardless of where and when you use them. Let’s also add the fact that all pieces will lock in place and stay there.

T wrench that is included is nicely made and we liked the attention to detail. All we can add at this point is that the set is suitable for all kinds of purposes, it has it all and it will be a wise investment. One of the best and the main advantage here is the handle. It is ergonomic and extremely comfortable to use. You won’t feel fatigued and you will be able to use the set for a longer period of time. Believe or not this is one of the best handles in this line of products.

Besides the case you also get a high carbon steel metal used. It is extremely tough and durable. There is no other way to say this, but this set is suitable for professionals and those who will push it to the limits. The next best thing is the customer support and the sharpness of the pieces. Some of you will know that this brand became popular for developing 50 ratcheting wrench. They are still the leader when it comes to innovations.


  • Professional grade
  • The handle is ergonomic and comfortable
  • Superb durability
  • T wrench is included


  • Expensive
  • Heavy


  1. TEKTON 7559 Tap and Die Set, Metric, 39-Piece

TEKTON 7559 Tap and Die Set, Metric, 39-Piece is the latest set on our list and it has a lot to offer. The first advantage is the low price and the ability to choose this set in metric or inch versions. Both of them are made in the same way and they come with the same benefits and advantages. The special steel alloy is specifically made for this set and it is one of the strongest and the most appealing choices you can make.

The number of pieces is sufficient but not great. The set can be used for most hobbyists or people who have a need to occasionally repair threads or add new ones. It is a smart investment due to the overall strength and quality. The case may be weak, but it looks nice.

The sharpness is at the highest level possible, the attention to detail is decent and the price is below average. Perfect for all of us. On the other hand, this is commonly chosen n set by a hobbyist who doesn’t need massive and huge sets to use. They want and need a small and compact set to use in their garage and to complete all sorts of tasks. There are 39 pieces inside which isn’t bad but still less than other sets from the list have to offer.


  • Affordable
  • Small and compact
  • Steel alloy
  • Customer support


  • Number of pieces
  • Weak case



Tap and die sets: What are they?

These sets consist of two separate and completely opposite tools designed for the same purpose. They are made to repair or create a thread in which a screw or a bolt will be added. You can get separate kits as well. For instance, a tap kit is available separately. But, you will eventually need one kit from this list due to the fact it is more than just useful and needed.

In order to use the kit for multiple purposes, you will have to replace the tap and die insert. They are designed according to the size of the thread you want to create or repair and the variations are extremely low. In simple words, you will need this set to create a thread on the metal rod, or to repair a thread inside a housing. Once repaired you will be able to use the piece in question for many more years.

There are no other tools that can do the same thing. You can use tap and die sets only and you will use them for a simple purpose. In general, they are simple yet advanced tools that can help you repair something that has been broken. If you have welded a metal piece and the thread is damaged, you will have to use tap and die set to repair the thread and recover the item.

You can see a lot of videos online where people make threads for bolts and screws. All of them are made using this type of tool and all of them are more important than you may believe. If you like making things from metal, you will need this set and you will need one as soon as possible. Thanks to the low prices and overall practicality the new sets are better than ever before and they can be widely purchased and used literally anywhere. A few decades ago, this tool was reserved for professionals and mechanics.

How we rated the 5 best models above?

Now is the time to reveal our secrets. How and why we rated these 5 products as you can see on the list. The goal is to help you find the best kit that will serve you for many years and that can be used for all applications you have in mind. It must be well-made and strong.

Testing and ranking

The first and the most important thing we will have to reveal is the testing section. Basically, we test each kit to the detail and we will check for all the pieces included. The mission is to see is the set well-made, strong and does it deserves your attention. Only the best kits are then rated.

The next part is to include the opinions and experiences of the owners who have been using a kit for a long period of time. This helps us understand how a kit will perform after many years and are there some rare and almost impossible issues we weren’t able to see. These reviews and opinions are included in the reviews as well.

Pros and cons are mandatory as well

As you were able to see all products come with pros and cons you can see. This means that you can see the drawbacks of the products and what issues we were able to find while testing them. Let’s face it, all products available on the market have some issue or issues and it has to be included in the reviews. This should help you pick the best product.

All the additions

The last part we used as a criterion is additional information, additional hardware and anything else that can make a set better or worse. This is an important factor to consider and it comes presented to you. We always spend a lot of time testing the customer support of each brand. It is nice knowing they are ready to help you when you need help the most.

Buyers guide for the best tap and die set

Now we will have to teach you how to pick the best tap and die set. There are a lot of factors to consider and there are a lot of things you must understand before choosing a kit that looks great. By the end of reading this section, you will be able to understand how these kits are made, how they work and which elements are the most important.


All taps and dies must be made from strong metal in order to withstand heavy-duty usages. Typically you can choose between high-speed steel, alloy steel, titanium-nitrite (TiH) and carbon steel. Of all-metal we have listed the weakest and the most affordable is carbon steel. On the other side of the story, we have titanium-nitrite and metals which contain tungsten carbide. They are extremely durable and they can withstand literally any type of use. For most of you, carbon steel elements will be sufficient and they will last for years. But, if you use your taps and dies all the time you will need stronger options some of the metals we have mentioned.

Pieces included in the set

This factor is probably the most important of them all. You need a kit that comes with a suitable number of pieces for your applications. If you are a beginner and you don’t need a lot of pieces you can opt for 24 elements. These kits target newbies and those who don’t need a massive package with a lot of items included. They are more affordable and they can be used while working on cars, motorcycles and etc. But, they are not effective for those who need the ultimate kit for all kinds of applications.

A more professional set will have more pieces, obviously. Some sets have 74 or a similar number of pieces and they are a great alternative. They are still affordable and they can be used for more applications and more demanding usages. High-end sets will have 120 or even more pieces and they are designed and made for professional applications only. You need to invest in a set that has precisely the number of pieces you will actually use, not the one that will stay unused for years. Quality and the number of pieces are more than just important factors.


Some brands are known for making high-end taps and dies of superb quality and excellent performance. These brands include Irwin which is known for high-end products. They are not very affordable but the quality is stunning. We recommend this brand for professionals and those who need strong and durable taps and dies.  Craftsman is more suitable for beginners and intermediate users. The quality is still great but the price is much more affordable. Pick a brand that offers you quality and a price you are comfortable with.


You need a case to store your taps and dies. There are a lot of variations here and you can see that each one is different. In general, there are two or three types of cases you need to look for. The first type is low-end cases that are very lightweight and come with basic features. They are designed for light-duty purposes. Heavy-duty cases are much tougher and they can withstand all the usages you can think of.

Keep in mind that all the pieces must lock in place when inside a case. This is almost always included feature but we still have to make the point. When the pieces are locked they won’t fell or you won’t lose them while transporting the set. It is a safe and important factor we all liked.

Types of usage

How you will use your tap and die set? If you are planning to use it for softer materials and you will use it occasionally you need a more affordable option which will probably be made from softer types of steel. This means that it is a durable alternative but it comes with decent quality. It will last for years and it will be helpful when you need it.

If you will use it for steel and hard metals you need a set that can withstand that type of use. This simply means that you need a harder type of steel and you need a set that can withstand the heaviest usages of them all. Look for tungsten carbide or alloy steel and you will make the right choice.

Rust-resistant finish

All taps and dies must be immune to rust all the time. You will need to look for models that are made or coated with chrome or satin finish. Steel will rust within days if not protected. A rusted piece won’t be able to last and it will use its sharpness. This translates to poor results and the fact it will likely break at some point. All the sets we have mentioned above are immune to rust and there won’t be any issues regarding the matter.


Fit is used to describe how dies are inserted into the main piece with a handle. Fit should be perfect and it must not move at any given moment. When the die moves, you will be unable to repair or make a perfect thread which has a negative effect on the strength and durability of the thread. You can also make it diagonally which is a severe issue and you will have to solve it as soon as possible.

The shape of the dies

Almost all kits come in hex shape. This is due to the fact hex shape is the strongest of them all and it can last and withstand any type of stress or issue you can throw at it. Other shapes may not be ideal and they are usually reserved for low-end alternatives. Hex shape is also more effective when it comes to repairing the thread on the hard steel rods and metals. A user can use more pressure and more force to complete the task.


You can choose between inches and metric sizes. It is up to you which type do you need. In a nutshell, you will need a kit which comes with a single measurement type or with two. It is up to you which one do you need but keep in mind that it should be chosen according to the location where you live, meaning which measurements are used there. We all know that people from the United States will be more than just satisfied with imperial metric pieces and this is probably the main choice.

Some kits come with mixed measurements. They are appealing and you will use them for a long period of time, but you will also encounter all kinds of issues. You can mix the pieces and you will need more time to find the one you need.


Let’s face it, you will need a lot of energy to repair a damaged thread and to make sure it is strong. All of that stress will be directed across the handle. Old handles are simple round rods that are not very comfortable. You will have a hard time and you will usually have to use cloth or pipes to make the handle more comfortable. It is a nice addition having a set that comes with ergonomic handles. What this allows you is to use them for a longer period of time and for more complicated processes.


It is usually linked to the number of pieces in a set but you should pay attention to the smallest and the biggest piece included. What this means is that you can enjoy the versatility and you will probably be able to use the set for smaller or bigger purposes, according to your needs.

Imperial tap and drill bit size table

Tap Fractional drill bit Number drill bit Letter drill bit
0-80 3/64
1-64 53
2-56 50
3-48 47
4-40 3/32 43
5-40 38
6-32 7/64 36
8-32 29
10-24 9/64 25
10-32 5/32 21
12-24 11/64 16
1/4-20 13/64 7
1/4-28 7/32 3
5/16-18 17/64 F
5/16-24 I
3/8-16 5/16
3/8-24 21/64 Q
7/16-14 23/64 U
7/16-20 25/64
1/2-13 27/64
1/2-20 29/64
9/16-12 31/64
9/16-18 33/64
5/8-11I 17/32
5/8-18 37/64
3/4-10 21/32
3/4-16 11/16
Drill sizes are for 75% depth of thread.


Metric tap and drill bit size table


Tap Metric drill Imperial drill
3 mm – 0.5 2.5 mm
4 mm – 0.7 3.3 mm
5 mm – 0.8 4.2 mm
6 mm – 1.0 5.0 mm
7 mm – 1.0 6.0 mm 15/64
8 mm – 1.25 6.8 mm 17/64
8 mm – 1.0 7.0 mm
10 mm – 1.5 8.5 mm
10 mm – 1.25 8.8 mm 11/32
10 mm – 1.0 9.0 mm
12 mm – 1.75 10.3 mm
12 mm – 1.5 10.5 mm 27/64
14 mm – 2.0 12.0 mm
14 mm – 1.5 12.5 mm 1/2
16 mm – 2.0 14.0 mm 35/64
16 mm – 1.5 14.5 mm
Drill sizes are for 75% depth of thread.


The final word

Finding the best and the most appealing tap and die set isn’t a difficult task, now when you know what to look for. All of the sets we reviewed come with excellent quality, durability and you can use them for all your applications. Take your time and choose a set that is just perfect or better said right for you and you will be more than just a happy person. Read more articles about tools for your garage.

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