8 Best Car Battery Jump Starter Reviews


Eventually, your car battery will go flat and you won’t be able to start a car. This issue is so common that engineers have patented a car battery jump starter in order to solve the issue. Basically, it is a simple device that has huge importance and can solve the main issue within seconds. Using one is simple and you can use it literally anywhere, even if you are off-roading. Below we have compiled a list of 8 models that are the best and the most popular in 2019. Now you have an opportunity to see all of them, but first, let’s start with the basics.

8 Best Car Battery Jump Starter Reviews

8 Best Car Battery Jump Starter Reviews

Car battery jump starter: Basics

As you may know, already these devices are simple and compact. They have a charging station and the cables alongside the battery. You will attach the cables to the car battery and activate the jump starter. It will provide enough energy to the flat battery and you will be able to start a car. This process usually takes just a couple of seconds but it will vary according to the size of the battery, its condition, and several other factors.

In a case car battery is permanently damaged, using a car jumper will charge it slightly and for a short period of time. You will be able to start the engine and drive your car to the closest store where you can purchase a new car battery. If you left your headlight on or you listened to the music for too long, a car jumper device will recharge the car battery, while driving the alternator will recharge it normally and you will get a fully functional car battery which doesn’t have to be replaced.

How do car battery jump starters work?

We did mention that these units have a battery and cables. But, they also have a charging station which will regulate the voltage and amperage the car battery needs. The electricity will be transferred from the car jumper battery to the car battery. This means that you need to recharge the car jumper and to keep its battery fully charged at all times. You never know when you will need it. The electricity is transferred and a car jumper is unable to produce electricity so you will need to recharge it for this very reason.

Another thing to remember is that all car jump starters have two cables. One is black and it must be attached to the negative cable on a car battery. The second cable is red and it must be attached to the positive also red car battery port. Never mix these cables.

Car jumper starters come in all sizes and they are suitable for all vehicles. However, the size can make a unit more suitable for larger vehicles with larger batteries. Typically you need a small and compact unit that has enough power to help you start the engine of an average saloon. In addition, if you are planning to use a car jumper starter at low temperatures you will need a more powerful alternative. Those with low ratings won’t be able to withstand low temperatures.

Of all models, Lithium-ion is the best. They hold the most electricity and they can hold it for the longest period of time. They are also immune to low temperatures and can withstand heavy-duty purposes. These models are also the most sophisticated and the latest addition to the market.

Reasons why you should keep a car battery jump starter in your trunk at all times

We did mention at the beginning that a car battery will go flat at some point. When that happens you will have to replace it but first, you must come home or go to a store and get a new battery. This suggests that a car battery jump-started is a mandatory addition to your car and it should be carried with you at all times. After all, they are cheap, available in all sizes and with all features and they can help you when nothing else will.

Don’t think that a car battery jump starter will occupy a lot of space in the trunk. These are small devices that are very resilient to shocks and damages so we believe the one you get will last for years. Now, we must add the fact this type of device should be specially considered by those who drive off-roading or on long journeys.

There are some models that come with additional features as well, such as air compressor. They are more than just needed and appealing choice to make and they can come with all the accessories you may need at some point.

The bottom line is that you can get an affordable device of this kind and you will be safe from an empty car battery as long as you keep it in the trunk. It won’t occupy a lot of space and it won’t cause any drawbacks. If you drive without a device you will have to call a mechanic or road assist in order to get home and you will late. With a car battery jump starter, you will arrive on time.

Car battery jump starters: Types

There are several types available on the market. A first type is a unit without a battery. It actually has a small battery which isn’t a standard unit and which will require a short recharge. You can use it within seconds and it will recharge the car battery as soon as possible. In addition, these models are very affordable and small. They have ultra-capacitors that will make sure the recharging process is safe for all cars.

A second type is a unit with a Lithium-ion battery.  They are also small but these batteries are very powerful meaning you will get the outstanding benefits and usage whenever you need it. We liked the fact they have a microprocessor that will prevent possible issues and damages to the car battery and make sure it won’t get damaged even after using the jump starter multiple times.

Portable models are the next main type. They are so small that you can fit one in a glove box. As you would expect, they are basic and they don’t offer advanced features. On the other side, they are very functional and they don’t need a lot of space. New models are very interesting and usually, come with protection features and can be used on large vehicles.

Buyers guide for the best car battery jump starter

They may be simple and obvious devices but they are more complex if you take a closer look. This means that there are some factors you will need to understand and apply to your quest. All of them will be explained in detail below.


Power refers to the amperage of the jump starter. There are a lot of different options out there but in general, they vary between 700 and 1700 Amps. The manufacturer calls this a peak power which means the maximum amount of power in optimal conditions. In the real world, power will be slightly lower. The power is determined by the car battery your vehicle has. If you have a large truck, you will need a more powerful jump starter and vice versa.

Size and weight

Most of these models have a battery which isn’t lightweight. This means that the entire unit will be heavy and you will have problems moving it around the car and using it. That’s why you need a lightweight and compact model. There is but here. But, smaller models come with less power. Bigger models come with more power. In a nutshell, you need to pick a size that suits your needs.

Additional features

Additional features may include LEDs, USB ports and an air compressor. All of them are needed but the main one is an air compressor. The weight is slightly higher and so is the weight but you can get a more compact and a more powerful and appealing to use model. USB ports can be an excellent method to recharge the batteries on your smartphone or tablets and they won’t increase the overall cost of the car jump starter.

Protection-related features

There are two features you will need to consider. The first one is overflow protection which will make sure the power a car battery can ‘’accept’’ will be sent. This eliminates the risk of further damages and will protect your car and the jump starter. Almost all new models come with this system and you need to pay attention to it.

The second feature that we liked is the alarm that will go on when you mix the cables. If you place a negative on positive the alarm will start and you will be able to fix the problem before damaging something on your car.


Capacity is used to define how much electricity a car jump starter can hold. It is always determined by the size of the unit. Bigger contain more power and another way around. Once again, you will have to consider the car battery and the size of your vehicle in order to choose the right capacity.


Clams must be strong and durable, preferably made from copper or at least coated with this metal. Reasons for that are probably something you know already. If the clamps are poor and cheap they won’t be able to conduct electricity as needed. This translates into having to use the jump starter for a longer period of time and you won’t get the voltage that is needed. These are basically jump cables that can be purchased separately. If they are too thin or too small, they will melt during use. That’s why it is always a good idea to consider the clamps and the cables of a jump starter.


It is a small addition that has a huge role. Basically, you can monitor the voltage that will be used. It can prevent additional risks and it can help you charge the car battery precisely as you need. Also, this allows you to use the jump starter for all types of batteries and appliances. You can even measure the voltage or another device or the application. Most new models come with a built-in voltmeter. It can be analog or digital, but the purpose is the same.


Basically, all jump starters have some form of a battery inside them. How many times that battery can be used before you have to recharge it is an important factor. Usually, you can get between 20 and 30 times.


All devices and tools that contain complicated electric circuits need a long and complete warranty. It will make sure there are no possible issues and you will be able to use your car jump starter for many years. Look for 1-year warranty as an entry-level alternative. A 5-year warranty is the best and probably reserved for high-end models.

Where you can purchase a new car battery jump starter?

There are a lot of places where you can make this kind of purchase but the best alternative is also the simplest. You can find and order the best jump starter online, especially on Amazon. They have a long list of all units you can think off and they are great value for money. All you need to know is which model to get and that will be our mission.

Letts face it, at some point you will need a jump starter. It is a simple device with huge importance. You never know when your battery will fail and when you will need help. This refers to all vehicles, of all sizes and of all types. Using a car battery jump starter is simple and effective. You won’t have to spend money on road assist or to call a mechanic. You can get home on time, or where you are heading.

Top Car Battery Jump Starters – Editor Picks

  1. Clore Automotive Jump-n-Carry JNC660

Clore Automotive Jump-n-Carry JNC660 is the best jump starter we were able to find. The main reason is power. It has 1700 Amps which is more than enough for all vehicles and even larger trucks. This is peak power. You get 425 cranking Amps with this model. The unit is well-made, comes with a voltmeter you will probably use all the time and comes suitable for all kinds of applications. Design is relatively modern and appealing although looks classic.

The unit has a weight of 18 pounds, higher than average. This is perfectly normal if we know that it is powerful and it is loaded with useful features. In addition, you can use it in cold weather, just keep in mind that the unit will require a bit more time to complete a task. This is perfectly normal and there are no major issues. You will need a bit more time to recharge it and prepare it for the use. The tested model doesn’t have on and off switch. This is because it will automatically start and shuts itself down when needed. Thanks to this, it is suitable for beginners and those who haven’t used jump starters earlier.

The cables are coated with copper and they are heavy-duty elements. We liked the protection features that will detect the wrong polarity and prevent any damages. You can charge it using a house socket but you will need an additional cable.


  • Powerful model
  • Voltmeter
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Protection features


  • Heavy
  • A cable to charge it with a wall socket is available additionally


  1. Stanley J509 Jump Starter

It is made by one of the largest and the most popular brands in this industry and it is very appealing to look at thanks to superior design. The unit is strong and can withstand all kind of usages you have on your mind. The power is 350 Amps which is sufficient but more suitable for smaller batteries and smaller vehicles. The tested model also has LED indicators that will help you charge it perfectly and when you need to recharge it again.

There are additional features here. First of all, you will get a USB port which can be used for charging the smartphones, tablets and etc. Then we have the LED which is adjustable. It can be rotated 270 degrees and it is more than just helpful. Charging the unit is fast and easy and you won’t even have to read the manual, although we recommend it.

The clamps are made from metal and the cables are tough. You will need to recharge this model once a month. The last thing we can add is the lack of protection features such as reversed polarity. Make sure to connect it properly in order to prevent any issues. Overall, it is a useful and practical model with the best design we saw.


  • Modern design
  • LED implemented
  • Charging indicators
  • USB port


  • You need to recharge it once per month
  • Lack of protection features



  1. NOCO Genius Boost + GB40

NOCO Genius Boost + GB40 isn’t an ordinary model. It is one of the latest addition to the market and it comes with a superb design, impressive power and a lot more. The maximum power is 1000 Amps which is massive considering the entire unit has a small size and the weight of 2 pounds only. But, did you know that this unit can be used for cranking the 3-liter diesel vehicles? It is suitable for all vehicles with an engine up to V8. For larger engines, it isn’t recommended. You can start the car 20 times with a single charge.

Then we can see the LED with 7 different variations. The LED has 100 lumens and it is brighter than usual. You will probably use and like this feature and you won’t have any drawbacks. Switching between the modes is simple and easy.

What about protection features? Well, all of them are included. The unit has a spark-proof system that will prevent severe damages and also has a reverse polarity alarm. The unit has LEDs that will tell you how much power is left and when the time is for recharging. The bottom line is actually very simple. This is a small, powerful unit of the modern generation that comes with all the essentials you will need and a lot more. It is highly popular and considered as one of the best models in the class. In addition, there is a micro USB port as well.


  • Small and compact
  • Can be used for 20 times in a single charge
  • LED
  • Powerful considering the size


  • Isn’t suitable for vehicles with V8 or larger engines
  • The USB port is flimsy and sensitive


  1. Aickar Car Jump Starter

Be free to take a closer look at the all-new Aickar Car Jump Starter. It has 800 Amps, a bit lower power output than we liked but still suitable for most diesel and petrol-powered cars. The best thing about this model is the size. It is extremely small and can be placed literally anywhere. On the other hand, it has advanced features. Overflow and the reverse polarity are standard features that can make any car jump starter safer and better.

You will want to know that the model comes with a flashlight and with a built-in USB. The on and off switch is located at the top of the device so you may accidentally flip it over and turn off the jump starter. Keep this in mind. The cables are strong, durable and come with decent insulation. On the other hand, they are a bit short for our taste. With a single charge, you can crank the engine 30 times or even more.

The car jumper we have here is modern, based on the latest technology and comes with all the essentials you will need. It has a lot to offer and it is probably one of the best, portable models with a small size. The warranty and the user manual are all great. We were unable to find major drawbacks with this model.


  • USB and flashlight
  • Protection features
  • Slim design
  • Can be used up to 30 times with a single charge


  • Power output
  • Short cables



  1. DEWALT DXAEJ14 Jump Starter

DEWALT DXAEJ14 Jump Starter is a high-end model of the modern generation. It has a lot to offer, including the air compressor of 120 PSI. Then there is a USB port and the fact this model has 1200 Amps of power while the start power is 700 Amps. It is big, heavy and designed for larger engines. We also liked the fact you can use it for all sorts of things and you will have solid, strong and durable jump starter to use for all operations you may need.

There is a display as well. It will display all the main information such as charging Amps, voltage and etc. The unit also has a feature that will check the condition of the alternator. After all, it is a more sophisticated unit on our list and the one that deserves your full attention, especially if you are looking for a high-end model. One, small yet important addition is the fact clamps are coated with powder in order to decrease the power loss when in the use. It is a small feature of huge importance.

The bottom line is simple. We believe that drivers who need and want a powerful jump starter of the modern generation with all the features from the book and who don’t care about the weight. You can recharge the unit using AC cable but it isn’t included in the package. Keep in mind that you will get 2 devices here. The first one is a car jump starter and the second is an air compressor. As such, it is a bargain.


  • 1200 Amps of power
  • USB
  • Display
  • Air compressor is included


  • AC cable is an optional extra
  • Big and heavy


  1. Schumacher Electric 1,200-amp car Battery Jump Starter


Besides an interesting name, we can see that the Schumacher Electric 1,200-amp car Battery Jump Starter is an impressive choice. First and foremost it has a power of 1200 Amps and it can be used for all engines. We also liked the design. It is a bit futuristic and looks stunning. The display may be small but it offers all the information and details you will need. We should add that you get a USB port as well and it can be used to recharge your devices.

The jump starter comes with eco-mode which is used to provide a quick boost within seconds. Probably the next most important feature is an air compressor. You can also use it to inflate balls, small tires like the one on your bicycle and etc. Protection features are standard and the unit comes in strong shell, durable and resilient to all possible damages and issues.

In the end, all we can add is our recommendation. If you have been looking for a modern and powerful jump starter of the late generation, then you will be more than just happy with this purchase. It charges quickly and it can be used for all possible operations you can think of. The last but not least is the presence of a powerful air compressor. It is appealing addition you will need at some point and it can help you when nothing else works.


  • Very attractive design
  • USB is included
  • Air compressor
  • Value for money


  • Complicated to use
  • Heavy and big


  1. Potek Portable Jump Starter

The Potek Portable Jump Starter has to be on the list thanks to its design, features and the overall quality. But, this unit is slightly more advanced than you may believe. First and foremost you can use it for powering the appliances in your house. The power is 1500 Amp which is above average. Thanks to the power output you can use it on any car or an SUV. However, it isn’t suitable for trucks and RVs.

Air compressor is implemented as well. You will easily inflate your tires within seconds. The only downside here is the noise level. When using the air compressor, the unit will be very loud. When it comes to speed the tested model is quick and comes with the ability to recharge on the power grid or in a car. Charging takes just a few hours and once charged you will have a jump starter to use for a long period of time. In addition, we liked the construction and design. Although large, the manufacturer used only the best and the most durable materials.

Potek Portable Jump Starter is ideal for those who need an air compressor, a small portable jump starter and who will use it for all sorts of applications. It is a wise investment and we know it is going to last. All the elements and parts of the unit are strong and professionally made. Storing it won’t be an issue. After all, the unit is large but still smaller than some alternatives available on the market that also come with an air compressor.


  • Can power appliances
  • Strong construction
  • Air compressor is implemented
  • Power rating


  • Noisy
  • Sensitive colors



  1. BMK Smart Portable Battery Charger

BMK Smart Portable Battery Charger is known as the most affordable model of this kind. It is portable, heavy-duty and it comes in a superb shell which will make sure that the unit stays dry and fully operational at all times. We must add that the unit is waterproof and designed for the harshest situations when you need a jump starter. It has 4 LEDs so you will always know the battery level and it will charge automatically when you plug it into the wall socket.

Despite the small size the model is capable of providing excellent performance and can be used for all types of cars. Still, it is probably the best option for those who will use its waterproofness and strong construction. We had a great time on the tests and we liked this unit.

As we have mentioned earlier, the price is more than just affordable. Keep in mind that you will be able to use it in situations where other jump starters cannot be used. Small size is excellent as well. You can store it literally anywhere and you can carry it with you at all times.


  • Small size
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Short power cable
  • Low-quality charger

How you should use car battery jump starter properly

Using any of these models is extremely simple. Basically, all of them require the same steps and the process itself is straightforward. Of course, if you have never used these devices you will need some help. We will explain the process right now. All you should do is to follow the steps below.

  1. Connect the clamps. Negative is black and the positive is red. This must not be mistaken.
  2. Turn on the jump starter.
  3. Start the engine.

The amount of time you should wait will depend on numerous factors. For instance, if the temperature is low you will have to wait longer. If you have a smaller or a jump starter with an old battery you will also have to wait for more. In a nutshell, you will complete the steps within 5 minutes, more or less.

There are a few additional facts you need to remember. The first one is to place a jump starter away from the wires and electrical components of your car. This eliminates the risk of contact and will make sure there are no burned fuses or damaged wires. The next thing to consider is the state of the car battery poles. They have to be clean and free of any dirt and oil. Dirt and rust or oil can decrease the electricity flow and you will have to use the jump starter for a longer period of time and wait longer, obviously.

The main thing here is also the power of the jump starter you need. Larger vehicles usually have larger engines and therefore bigger batteries. That’s why you need a bigger jump starter. We personally believe that more powerful models are a better choice. They are more useful and they can be used for most cars and vehicles in general. Small ones can be used for smaller car batteries only. Consider this when making the purchase and you will make the right choice.

The final word about Best Car Battery Jump Starter

The best car battery jump starter is right here, on the list and you can have it as soon as possible. Here you were able to see 8 models that are popular, durable and come with all you will need. We also presented you the buyer’s guide and now you can understand which factors deserve your attention and why they are important. All of this means that you can pick a model with the features you will need and you want to have and use all the time.

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