Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Hitch Bike Racks and How to Choose the Right One

If you ride a bike, you are likely in need of the best bike hitch rack. There are a lot of models out there, and we had a lot of time invested in finding testing and writing reviews of the best models that are stunning to use, practical, safe, and so much more. Now is the time to present them to you. We will guide you through the entire process, and we will list the top 10 models that are simply the best after our tests. Stay tuned.

10 Best Hitch Bike Racks Review 2019
10 Best Hitch Bike Racks Review 2019

Trailer hitch bike racks

The first thing you will have to understand is the fact trailer hitch bike racks are there, and they are ready to be used as soon as you have a need. They are incredibly versatile and useful. First of all, you can use them to transport bikes, scooters, wheelchairs, lumber, equipment and so much more. Then, they will make sure the bikes and the equipment is well-protected at all times. There won’t be any scratches, and there won’t be any issues involves. Additionally, we can add that the trailer hitch bike racks are the easiest to use of them all, and they are well-made so that they will last for decades.

Bike racks: The basics

Before we move to the actual reviews or guide, we will have to define and explain the bike racks. In general, most models are made from lightweight aluminum, and the same type is used for aircraft. This is a massive advantage. Those bike racks are incredibly safe, easy to use, and they will make sure you get the best results. Keep in mind that there are some differences when it comes to the price tag. Cheap, low-end models are flimsy, and they are heavy. They are also more complicated to use, and they will increase the fuel consumption of your car. High-end models are strong, sturdy, and they are lighter, meaning the fuel consumption will stay the same as when you don’t use the bike rack. There is no need to add that the high-end models are a much better choice and the one that deserves your full attention.

Questions you need to answer

Before finding the most suitable model for your purposes, you will have to provide answers to several problems. The combination of them will present the bets model for itself, and you will be able to get the best value, the best features, and you will be perfectly happy and satisfied.

  • What will you haul?

If you want to haul more than just bikes, you will need extra racks and additional features that can make a massive difference and can help you get better results. You will need versatile models.

  • Where will you travel?

If you travel across mountains or rough terrain, you will need a taller and stronger bike rack. If you travel on highways only, you can opt for more affordable options.

  • How many bikes do you want to transport?

An obvious question. More bikes require bigger racks with a higher capacity. Some can be sued for 2 bikes while others for 4.

  • What is the average distance of your journey?

For those of you who are planning longer journeys or trips, a better bike rack is a must. By better, we mean on the construction, the overall safety, and the strength of the holders.

  • Which type of transport do you need?

There are two main differences. The first one is a tray or platform, while the second one is a hanger. You will hang the bikes during transport.

  • How professional when it comes to installation you are?

Some of you are professionals who can install any bike rack in under 5 minutes. Others will need help or more time. It is essential to link the suitable bike rack to your skills and your expertise.

Roof racks versus trunk racks

The most common type of bike racks in the past was a roof rack. This type is also trendy today, and it has its perks. First and foremost, the units are secure, and they will eliminate the risk of losing a bike or damaging your car. They will also be out of the vision, so the visibility while driving won’t be affected. You can install them permanently, and they will stay ready to be used whenever you need to. At first sight, this type looks stunning and the best, but there are some drawbacks to this system.

The biggest drawback is the fact you have to lift the bikes to secure them to the racks. Then you will have to be careful not to damage the paint on your car while placing the bikes into the holders. The situation is the same when you want to take them down. This type of bike racks is far from great when you travel at windy weather. It should be avoided, which can limit their purpose in some cases. Keep in mind that your height is decreased, so look for tunnels and areas where the height of a car can be an issue. Additionally, some drivers can get upset when they cannot monitor the bikes while driving. The last, roof racks are a bit complicated to install and to remove.

Trunk racks are the next type we will discuss. They are mounted on the rear of the car, and they are generally made from stainless steel or aluminum, which makes them more durable than roof racks. They are more secure, and they can be installed within minutes. You won’t have any issues while removing the bike or a rack, and you can use one rack for multiple bikes (depending on a model).

The only drawback is in the fact you will have to stop your car at some point and check for the bikes and are they securely in place. Also, you may scratch your car while attaching the rack or a bike. Be careful, and always take your time.

Main features a trailer hitch bike rack should have

It isn’t an easy task to find and get the best trailer hitch bike rack for your purposes. You will need to know which features are mandatory. This is explained in the section below. In essence, you need a safe and reliable model that is affordable and easy to use. Make sure that a model you are looking for has as many features as explained below as possible.

Support bar that folds

You will definitely like this feature, and you need it. In short words, this allows you to fold the main bar of the system out of a way so you can gain access to the trunk of a car and easily attach a bike or remove it. Sadly this isn’t the main feature that all manufacturers include, but it is one of the best and the most appealing for us.


In general, you need a system that is easy to install, so easy in fact that you won’t have to use any tools. All the clips and elements would be included in the package. Installation is usually straightforward, and it involves pulling the clip and the pin, inserting the sleeve and securing the platform. Use the knob or a clamp to ensure the system. This is the last step. You are all set now, and your bike rack is ready to be used.

Locking system

A locking system or a mechanism is used to secure the bikes in place and make sure they don’t move while traveling. You can see that there are countless examples out there, but all of them should be easy to use, and they should be installed and activated without any tools. This is a recipe for the most straightforward installation possible.

Loading capacity

Here is one of the simplest yet the most critical factors to consider. There are 3 different levels of the trailer hitch, and each one can support a different number of bikes and a different weight load. They are also known as classes, so we will use both terms. The class I can be used for 2 bikes, and it can withstand up to 200 pounds. Class II can be used for 4 bikes, weight load of 350 pounds and tow up to 3500 pounds. Class III can be used for 5 bikes at the same time. The weight load will vary between 350 and 1200 pounds, while the towing capacity is between 3500 and 12000 pounds. You can choose a class according to your needs. The bottom line here is that a lower class is designed for minor applications and lightweight usages. On the other side, we have class III that is made for the toughest and the most demanding challenges. There is no need to add that you need to adjust the model according to your needs and to make sure it can meet all your requirements, not just one.

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Installation process

The next thing to explain is how you can install a bike rack on your car like a professional. The first thing to determine is what type of bike rack you have. Is it a roof type or a trailer type? Roof racks are installed on the roof using the bars of the car, and they are effortless to install.

After you attach the rack to the car, you will see straps. There are usually 2 or 6 of them, depending on a model and the weight load capacity. Once you place a bike you will use those straps to secure the bike stays in place at all times. Some models have double straps that eliminate the risk of a belt losing up while traveling. It is also the most complicated and usually annoying part of the process. Take your time and make sure that all the bikes do not move. After you have secured them, you are ready to start with another step.

Drivers who have small cars and use a roof rack will have to take off the front wheel. It is an excellent option that won’t affect the vision and will make traveling safer. The only drawbacks are the scratches the frame of a bike can cause. A front wheel will eliminate this possibility, so you will need to mount the bike carefully and make sure it doesn’t move.

If you are using a trunk bike rack, you must make sure that the bikes are positioned above the license plate and the rear lights. This is a must, and you can even get a ticket if the license plate isn’t visible.

Once you are satisfied with the process, tie down the last, rear buckles and shake the bikes. They must move in the car and not separately. If you notice some issues, you should solve them right now. Never travel while the bikes are loose on the bike rack. You can cause a severe accident or even worse. Once you are satisfied completely, you are ready to go.

Here’s what you need to consider when looking for a new trunk racks

Trunk racks are some of the most popular types of all times, and they have been more than just a worthy alternative. However, they are also a bit complicated, which suggests you will need help understanding how to choose the best one. We must start by telling you that racks of this type are very versatile. They can be used for transporting more than just one bike, and you can easily remove them within seconds. Some models are even foldable, so you can fold them when not in use. If you are planning to keep the trunk racks on your car at all times, this feature isn’t much needed. On the other hand, there are a few additional features that do deserve your attention.

Fat bikes cannot be transported on trunk racks and a small car

If you have a small car and a fat bike you will need a different type. First of all, the bike can decrease your vision field significantly. The situation is even worse when it comes to small cars. On the other hand, some versions of this bike rack can be used for fat bikes. You will need to invest a bit more time into securing them, but you can transport all types of bikes, including fat bikes.

Expensive bikes are not ideal for trunk racks

Trunk racks are the most affordable, the lightest, and the most accessible type of bike racks to use. Sadly there is one major problem. They are made from thin material, so they are not as safe as roof racks. Roof racks are made from thicker and more durable materials, and they are more secure. They are also less appealing to the thieves. Trunk bike racks are the most frequent target of the thieves, and they may be very interested in taking the advantage. As such, transporting an expensive bike using a trunk rack isn’t ideal, and it should be avoided if possible. You can carry it if the vehicle doesn’t leave your view.

The next main thing we will have to reveal is the ability to use a trunk rack for any bike you own, expect fat bikes. They will fit and hold in place mountain bikes, small bikes, and all other types. Just make sure to consider where you will travel. If you travel across rough terrain and mountains, you will have to secure the bikes additionally, or you should use roof racks.

How many bikes do you want to transport using a trunk rack?

There are a lot of features and things to consider, and one of them is the number of bikes you can transport. Trunk bike racks can be used for multiple bikes, as we know it. However, if you will transport just one bike, then go for a model that has one bike capacity. If you want to carry 4 bikes, choose a suitable trunk rack. The goal here is to avoid purchasing a more expensive and bigger trunk biker rack that will be more complicated to use, occupy more space, and be more expensive. You always have to pick accordingly to your needs. Trunk bike racks come in various sizes and with different compatibilities meaning they can be used for one, two, or more bikes.

Types of hitch mount bike carrier

When you look for a brand new trailer hitch rack, you will see several models available on the market. Below we will explain each one, and we will guide you through the entire process in detail. Anyway, the most common types are:

Flat cargo carrier

A model of this kind has raised edges, and it can be used for transporting luggage and equipment. They are easy to use, very popular, and they come in various sizes, meaning you can always find a unit that matches your car size and type correctly. They are affordable as well, so if you are on a tight budget, you may opt for this type.

Hitch that comes with a ramp

Here we have a bit special and different hitch. It comes with a ramp, and as such, you will use it for wheelchairs, for scooters, and even for lawnmowers. All of this is beneficial for some of you and can make the only option of the hitch you will need, and you will want. They are usually large and more massive than the first type.

Motorcycle carrier

As the name suggests, this carrier type is reserved for transporting motorcycles or dirt bikes. You can also use it for transporting scooters and similar vehicles. A carrier is firm, but it offers a specific weight load limit. You will have to match it to the bike weight you are planning to transport.

ATV carrier

ATV carrier will be attached to an ATV, and as you would expect, it is smaller than average, yet it comes with the ability to help you transport all sorts of equipment and gear. Installation is reasonably simple and easy, but you won’t get tons of space to keep that in mind.

Enclosed carriers

Should we even explain this type? We will. The model in question allows you to protect and keep all the gear and equipment securely and safely in place. The gadgets, tools, equipment, and all the rest will be kept closed and safe from bad weather rain, etc. If you have sensitive equipment or you want to make sure it stays dry all the time, this is the type for you.

Load extender

You can see this type of carrier on large trucks and SUVs. They are designed to transport large items such as canoes. They are used for this specific purpose, and they can be costly. You will need to match it to your truck, and you will need plenty of time to install it. They are practical and easy to use, and they can help you transport something that no other carrier can help you with.

The best and the most suitable type of carrier depend on you and your needs. As you would expect, this is an individual preference. All we can say is to pay attention to the strength and quality. You will want the best, safest, and most durable model out there that can be used for all sorts of applications, and you can use it easily without any complications.

Hitch mount bike rack: Benefits you will get

Let’s imagine for a second that you have selected a hitch mount bike rack for your purposes. Which benefits are you going to get? The first one is freedom of choice. There are so many variations out there, and each one can be the best possible choice for you. It can match your car or can look stunning. It can be small and compact. Anyway, these are specific benefits. You also get some general benefits.

A hitch rack will be an excellent way to transport your bikes to any desired destination. It won’t hurt the field of view, and it is easy to use. You can fold it when not in the use and use trunk for any other thing. Your bikes will be safe while traveling, and you will probably want to ride more than ever before. It looks like a hitch mount bike rack is a beautiful addition to your car and your riding. There are a lot of additional benefits such as extra cargo space, being able to transport bikes of your loved ones, and many others.

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The only thing you will need to understand is that these accessories come in bright light, and they are complicated. That being said, you need to look for the features you need and the ones that will be used regularly.

Trailer hitch accessories you may like

Most of the trailer hitch units available on the market come with accessories available. They are made to help you gain more space, make the hitch into something more usable, and to help you use it for more demanding purposes. Below you can see some of the most appealing and the most desirable accessories available at the moment.

Hitch raisers

This is a standard accessory for low RVs and trailers. If the vehicle has 15-inch tires, the situation is even worse. You can scratch the hitch at some point while crossing rough terrain. A hitch raiser is made to raise the hitch, obviously, and eliminate this risk.

Cargo straps

There is no need to explain and define this accessory. These are tie-down straps that will make sure your cargo is secured all the time, and there is no risk of losing it or anything similar.


Locks are installed on the trailer hitch, and they will help you secure the hitch and the cargo while traveling. There won’t be any risk of a thief stealing your stuff. We can even add that this accessory is trendy and desirable.

Hitch extenders

They are made for each class of the hitch separately, and you can easily install them. In return, you get more space, and you can use the trailer hitch for transporting larger and longer items.

Are trailer hitch racks safe to use?

The shortest answer you can get is yea they are safe. However, you will have to consider 3 main things if you want safety in question. When combined, your trailer hitch rack will be extremely reliable and can be used for all sorts of applications.

The first thing is the model you have selected. It should be storing and made from sturdy materials. It also must be made by a well-known company, and it should come with all the elements you will need additionally, such as locks and straps. If you get the right unit, your cargo will stay safe all the time.

The second thing to consider is the cargo or better said how you would position it. Cargo has to be in the center of the trailer hitch rack, and it should have a low center of gravity. Never place heavy cargo on the edges of the hitch due to the fact it will make the entire trailer imbalanced, which can cause a lot of issues.

The last thing you will have to consider is the strap and tying down the cargo. You will see that the hitch rack comes with several straps. Use them and make sure the load is secured all the time, and it cannot move accidentally. By making sure the load is secure, you eliminate the risk of losing it.

10 Best Hitch Bike Racks Reviewed

We tested many units to help you understand which ones are the best. Below you can see the result of our effort. We will present to you 10 stunning units. They have all the features you may need, they are strong, and they are well-made. We will also list the pros and cons of each one so you can get a complete idea about the unit in question, and you can make the investment that will make you happy every single time you use it.

1. Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack with 2-Inch Receiver

The first model on our list is the Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack with 2-Inch Receiver. It has a 2-inch receiver, and it is suitable for 2 bikes. The arm is 22 inches long, and you get additional cradles for smaller bikes. In a nutshell, the unit here is sturdy, well-made, and comes with all essentials you will ever need and something even more. We also liked the attention to detail. The model looks beautiful and sophisticated.

The installation is effortless. You can even opt for a version that comes with the support of 4 bikes. Families use it, and it is more common for those who are real bike fanatics. The last thing we will have to include is practicality. The bike hitch mount rack is versatile and can be used on most cars, can be installed in a second, and can be easily removed when not in use.


  • Strong
  • Additional cradles
  • Well-made
  • Durable construction


  • Small cradles
  • The arm may be bent under heavy load



2. Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack is a bit specific and unique model. The thing we liked the most is the ability to use it for transporting all sorts of bikes. For example, you can use it for Y shaped models, mountain bikes, children’s, and adult bikes. In other words, no bike won’t be compatible with this hitch bike rack. You get straps that are easy to use, safe, and will make sure your bikes are incredibly reliable.

The design is one of a kind as well. You can see that the tested model looks sophisticated and has a lot of features available. Hooks are added as well, which can be used for additional cargo. The unit doesn’t require you to remove the front wheel of a bike. All you have to do is to place the bike, tie it down, and you are ready to go. The soft powder coating is added to decrease the risk of damages to the bike. Besides, the odds of you scratching the car paint is almost 0.


  • Soft coating
  • Can be used for all kinds of bikes
  • Additional hooks and straps
  • Easy to install


  • Expensive
  • The adapter is made from plastics



3. Swagman XTC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

As you can see, this model is made by the same manufacturer as the previous unit. It is made for 1.25, and 2-inch receivers, and the total weight is 32 pounds. The unit can be used for all bikes with wheels ranging between 20 and 29 inches. It is soft powder coated, and it will prevent any unwanted scratches to your bike. The capacity is 2 bikes. The installation is one of the simplest we were able to see, and this makes the rack stunning. You don’t have to remove the wheels of your bike, and you can install it on most cars.

The model we tested also comes with exciting, advanced features. One of them is the anti-wobble system that will make sure the bikes are in a secure position even under a lot of stress. You also get additional straps and accessories which are included in the package. We can add that the construction is solid, and you will appreciate the strength of the model. Sliding wheel platforms and the button release arms are the next best thing, and these features had to be mentioned as well. The bottom line is a high-end model of the modern generation.


  • Rubber straps
  • Easy to use and install
  • A versatile model for all kinds of bikes
  • Sliding platforms


  • Nuts may require tightening after some time
  • Smaller than the average model


4. Thule Parkway Hitch Mount Rack

Thule Parkway Hitch Mount Rack is one of the most popular models at the moment and the one that deserves your full attention. First and foremost, the model we tested is suitable for 2 bikes, and it can be installed on 1.25 or 2-inch receivers. You can also opt for a 4 bike version that shares the same practicality. The weight load is 35 pounds making this track suitable for all kind of bikes. The installation is so simple that you will need around 15 minutes, and no tools are required. The bikes you can transport range between 20 and 29 inches (wheel size) and the wheel width of up to 3 inches.

The hitch rack we tested can provide the highest usability and to make sure you get the safety you need. It is foldable as well, which means you can fold it when not in the use and gain access to your trunk. The 11 inches arm is suitable for all types of bikes. There are a few drawbacks, though. You will need a lock of this brand to make sure the rack is secured. Some users drill a hole and bypass this feature, but this isn’t something we will recommend. Also, the unit can be linked to scratching the car rear bumper. This occurs in some rare cases, but we had to mention it. In a nutshell, the unit is sturdy, well-made, and versatile.


  • Rust protection
  • The soft coating eliminates scratches to a bike
  • Foldable design
  • Suitable for 2 or 4 bikes


  • You need a tool to remove the rack
  • Scratches to a bumper are possible



5. Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike Hitch Mount Rack is a popular model that comes made by one of the biggest names in the industry. They have been making bike racks for 25 years, and they are best known for the most uncomplicated installation possible and the overall construction that is at the highest level. You can install this rack within minutes, and it will stay in place no matter what. Keep in mind that you can use it on all hitch sizes ranging between ½ and 1 ¼ inch in size.

The rack is powder coated and has a unique arm that is known as a switchblade. It will eliminate any risk of bikes making contact with one another and scratch paint. The pain on the rack is powder coating, which is lighter than the conventional paint. Then we can see that the unit itself is robust in construction. It won’t move, and there won’t be any complications with the installation. We must add that the model is suitable for all bikes, but there may be some issues for transporting children’s bikes.

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The next thing we should add is the anti-vibration feature. You will notice that your car is calm while driving, and there are no complications caused by the installer bike rack at the rear. The brand also uses a secured pin at the top of the rack that decreases vibrations and sounds. Although it works and the benefits are apparent, it is a bit difficult to replace. The warranty for this model is excellent and on one of the best we encountered. You will like your new model, and you will probably use it all the time. The biggest drawback is the installation. It is relatively simple, but you will need some type of help to complete it.


  • Great for all bikes
  • Fits to all receivers
  • Anti-vibration technology
  • Attention to detail


  • You will need help installing the unit
  • Expensive and a bit heavy



6. Yakima Products Hold Up Tray Style Bike Rack

Once again, we have a model made by Yakima. This rack is made to meet the highest expectations but, at the same time, to be as simple and easy to use as possible. It is suitable for 4 bikes at the same time, and you can use it for all bikes with tires ranging between 20 and 29 inches in size. Also, the rack is compatible with bikes that come with brake discs. All of this should help you understand that the bike rack is a high-end model that comes with an excellent warranty, has a lot to offer, and so much more.

There are a few rare and appealing features available. The first one is the locking mechanism, which is specially designed for this unit. It is effortless to use, but it is safe and will make sure your bikes are correctly secured regardless of the terrain where you are driving. Then we can add the fact this rack is made for most cars and vehicles you can think of. It is a high- end unit, and as such, it has a lot to offer. The only thing we didn’t like about it is the price. This model is expensive, like many others made by Yakima.


  • Versatile design
  • Safety features
  • Easy to use
  • Strong construction


  • Expensive



7. Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider SE 4-Bike Platform Style Hitch Mount Rack

Now we will move to one of the simplest models out there. The Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider SE 4-Bike Platform Style Hitch Mount Rack is a genuinely appealing product of the modern era, and it has some features you simply must love. The unit is made for 2 or 4 bikes, but you will need extenders to use it for 4 bikes. Then you will have to consider the overall construction. The bike rack is robust and suitable for all bikes and all cars. However, when you don’t want to use it, simply pull it up, and it will be folded perfectly without affecting your vision or parking capabilities.

There are a few additional features you may like. The 9 feet strap is included in the package. It will be used to secure the bikes and protect them from thieves. We loved this system, although we would like to see more than just one strap, just in case. The rack has holders at the bottom and the clamps at the top. Your bikes will be perfectly safe all the time, and there is no risk of a bike falling on the ground. Although the unit is compatible with transporting 4 bikes, you will need an extender to get this advantage.  The standard version is designed for 2 bikes, and it will get the job done.


  • Excellent value for money
  • The rack is easy to use and foldable
  • Can be used for 4 bikes at the same time
  • Fits most cars


  • One strap only
  • You will need an accessory to use it for 4 bikes



8. Kuat Racks Sherpa 2.0 -2 Bike Rack

The Kuat Racks Sherpa 2.0 -2 Bike Rack is a bit different bike rack, as you can see. This is 2.0 version meaning it is upgraded, and it comes with all sorts of benefits and improvements you will like. The model we tested can be installed on any car, and it can be used for any bike. The holders and the straps are at the highest level possible. We know that the fit will be as secure as possible, and there won’t be any complications involves. Your bike will be secured in place all the time. The unit is also ergonomically designed, and its installation is more straightforward than usual.

There are a few more things we can reveal. The first one is the assembly process. It is a bit more complicated than we liked, and it deserves your full attention. You will have to consult the user manual, and you will have to make sure all pieces fit nicely. The straps are molded, which makes them more reliable and more secure than usual. Although you can use it for all the bikes, children’s bikes are a bit difficult to load and unload. The next main thing here is the excellent attention to detail. The rack looks beautiful and modern.


  • Easy to load and unload
  • Suitable for all bikes
  • Appealing design
  • Molded straps are strong and durable


  • Hard to assemble
  • It is difficult to use with small bikes



9. TYGER Deluxe Black 1-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Carrier Rack

TYGER Deluxe Black 1-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Carrier Rack is one of the most expected models of this kind and the one you simply must love. The unit has been expected for an extended period, and you have to appreciate some of the features we will list below. First of all, the unit is pre-assembled, meaning all you have to do when you get it is to attach it to the car, and you are done. In general, you will need 10 minutes or less. You can connect it to all receivers ranging between 1.25 and 2 inches. 1 ¼ inch receivers are available as well.

The construction is solid, and the unit looks nice. We liked the details that make it look more expensive than it is. Also, we loved the strength of the bike rack and versatility. As you would expect, it can be used on all bikes, and it can help you transport up to 4 bikes regardless of the terrain and the bike types you have. The next main thing is the fact the rack is sturdy, modern, and comes with an excellent warranty. The only drawback we were able to notice is the inability to install it on RVs and larger vehicles.


  • Strong and secure straps
  • Modern design that makes the bike rack suitable for those who want the most refreshing unit
  • Easy to install
  • Pre-assembled


  • Isn’t suitable for longer vehicles
  • Arms are complicated to adjust


10. Allen Sports Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack with 2-Inch Receiver

The last model on our list is the Allen Sports Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack with 2-Inch Receiver. As you can see, it is compatible with only 2-inch receivers, which is the only drawback. Other than that, there are no issues or complications, and the bike rack is easy to assemble and use. You will have to connect the pieces using 3 bolts only, and after that, you are ready for the installation. The installation itself takes 5 minutes. The bike rack can be used for all sorts of bikes of different sizes and with different characteristics.

Once installed, you will see how easy it is to use. The arms are easy to adjust, and you can secure the bike in place using straps. They are durable, as you would expect, and they come with super-strong brackets and additional elements. The design has been with us for an extended time, and it is probably one of the best we were able to see. The attention to detail is at the highest level possible, and the unit will fit nicely to most vehicles.


  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Secure fit to all bikes
  • The design is one of a kind and tested
  • Great quality


  • Can be used on 2-inch receivers only
  • It is impossible to lock the bikes to the mount

The final word

Now is your time to find the best model and to be able to transport the bikes anywhere you want while making sure they are safe and sound. The last thing you want is to lose a bike or damage it. With these 10 bike racks, you will get the best possible practicality and the safety you deserve. Take a closer look at the guide above and learn about the anatomy of these products. You will soon see that they are advanced yet simple and they come with all the benefits you will ever need. Also, we presented you with 10 best models after tons of testing, and each one can be the best unit for you and your bikes. Read more about garage storage solutions.