Bosch Icon Wiper Blades Review

As you may know already, your car has thousands of different components, and all of them must work in harmony to be able to enjoy your driving. Most of the parts have to be replaced regularly to ensure that your car works properly, and there are no significant issues. You probably think of tires, oil, and oil filter, and you are right. However, you also need to replace windshield wipers as well. They have a massive effect on safety, and they are designed to help you drive in the rain. Driving without wipers isn’t safe nor recommended. They are an affordable investment that is mandatory and more important than you may believe.

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Bosch Icon Wiper Blades Review
Bosch Icon Wiper Blades Review

Bosch ICON windshield wipers history

When the first cars were manufactured, they had to windshield wipers. They were impossible to drive in the rain, and they were far from safe. The first windshield wiper was designed by a woman who traveled by her car from Alabama to New York City. She had countless issues with visibility due to a lack of having wipers on her car. She made the first windshield wiper as soon as she arrived home. This occurred in the 20th century.

Bosch is one of the largest companies in the world today. They started making wipers in 1926, and they were the first to develop a unit powered by electricity. The first models were manual, so you had to move them while driving. Not safe and annoying operation. Twenty years after the first model, Bosch developed and released a model that had a rubber on end. This made it much more efficient in cleaning the windshield and boost its performance.

After the first versions, Bosch started improving the wipers even more and making them more advanced. The first feature was adding the spoiler to the front of the wiper. It would use air to press the wiper on the windshield and allow it better performance and also eliminated the risk from separating the wiper from the glass. The next main upgrade was adding a rubber element to the back of the wiper. It made them quieter and more effective at higher speeds. These upgrades occurred in 2000.

The last major upgrade was installing a clip-on system. Now drivers can install a new wiper within seconds without any tools or accessories. Simply remove the old one and add a new wiper. This takes between 2 and 5 seconds. Even today, the same system is used, and the goal was to make drivers change the wipers more frequently to gain better safety.

Bosch ICON wiper features

Bosch has been making wipers for over 75 years, and all of their models are considered as the best units with great features. They make CV wipers for commercial vehicles, double pack for a driver and passenger side, and special units that are designed for separate windshields. All of them are tested in real-life situations and made to provide outstanding performances.

Bosch ICON wipers are the latest addition and, for most of us, considered as the best wipers on the planet. They have dozens of features, and they are made to stay fully operational at all speeds, even the highest. Then we can see that the spoiler is asymmetrical, and it can make the wipers stick more to the glass and therefore perform better.

Main features

  • Bosch ICON wipers last 40% longer than conventional models.
  • They have an all-new beam design and the clip, which is made to withstand all types of usages and situations.
  • Perfect precision and fit to any vehicle.
  • Simple installation that takes just a couple of seconds.
  • Suitable for all-weather situations.
  • The asymmetrical spoiler that increases the air pressure on the wiper.
  • Sizes vary between 13 and 28 inches. There are 12 sizes in general.
  • Superb quality that can last for years.

Superior wiping

All versions of the Bosch ICON wipers are made to provide outstanding performances. You can use them in winter, summer, and heavy rain without any problems. This is possible thanks to the wiping design that allows the wipers to make 100% contact with the glass and therefore wipe water and snow from all the glass.

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12 available sizes

As we have mentioned, there are 12 different sizes of the Bosch ICON wipers. The size ranges between 13 and 28 inches, and you can use them for commercial, passenger and sports cars among other vehicles. Which size do you need? You will have to look at the owner’s manual of your car and find the correct size.

The advanced tension spring system

The wipers we have here come with a spring tension system that adjusts the wiper to the curvature of the windshield and make wiping more effective. Besides, the clip hooks are simple to use and make installation as simple as it sounds. You need a couple of seconds, and the wipers will stay in place even under the harshest weather.

Perfect flexibility

The wipers come with an arch that will adapt each wiper blade to the windshield, and then they make the connection even better using a spoiler. It will make the air pressure useful and stick the wiper to the glass. As such, wiping is more efficient and capable of removing all the water, snow, etc. from the glass within seconds.

The next thing we must mention here is the soft rubber element that goes on top of the glass. It is made to remove the dirt and water but at the same time to protect the windshield from scratches and damages. The wipers in question won’t damage any windshield under any circumstance, and regardless of their age, they will stay 100% operational.

Decreased noise level

Conventional wipers are loud while operating due to the poorly designed arch of the blades. This is a massive issue for some of you. Bosch ICON doesn’t have this problem. They are generally much quieter than any other wiper, and they can provide excellent performances for a more extended period.

Suitable for all conditions all-year-around

The wipers are designed and made for usages throughout the year, especially in heavy rain and snow. Of course, the results are even better in the summer due to the fact the rubber gets softer then. Anyway, you can use the wipers for the whole year, and in most cases, they can last for several years. Ordinary wipers last much shorter.

What about Rain-X Latitude wipers?

Rain-X Latitude is the biggest competitor to the Bosch ICON wipers. They are made to remove as much water or rain from the windshield as soon as possible. The installation is simple as well, and they are generally well-made. However, they don’t come in all sizes as ICON models do, and the fitting is a bit loose.

The next issue we discovered is the cleaning area. Bosch ICON will clean the entire windshield of the wiper path while the Rain-X Latitude leaves a small part at the bottom of the glass unclear. This isn’t enough to affect your visibility, but it can be annoying.

Rain-X Latitude wipers are specially made for heavy rain, and if you live in an area where the storm is typical, you will need to consider them. On the other side, the wipers are not great for snow, and they can’t effectively clean the windshield at low temperatures. This simply means that the model we tested is suitable for a specific type of driver.

Other features we can mention regarding the Rain-X Latitude are low noise and decent durability. They also have a nice coating which is made from graphite. Therefore, the wipers look stunning, and they look exquisite. In a nutshell, these wipers are a decent alternative but still more preferable for heavy rain rather than for use throughout the year.

Where can I purchase the Bosch ICON wipers?

There are a lot of places where these wipers are available for purchase. Let’s start from Bosch stores that are located in a better part of the world. Then we have Amazon and Walmart. These giants always have wipers of this type, and they are reasonably affordable. By the way, you will also get fast shipping, and you won’t have to leave your home to purchase the new set of wipers. It is a safe way of buying some of the best wiper blades known to man. Be free to choose any method of the above you like.

Bosch ICON: Installation

Bosch Icon Wiper Blades Installation
Bosch Icon Wiper Blades Installation

We did mention that these wipers are extremely easy to install, and all drivers will need just a couple of seconds. Anyway, we have prepared a simple guide with all the steps you need to follow. As such, you can complete the replacement and the installation all by yourself. Follow the steps below.

  1. Remove your old wipers. They usually have a latch that has to be pulled to slide out the wipers.
  2. Open the Bosch ICON wipers.
  3. Use the adapter and slide it to open and see the flap system.
  4. Insert the hook of the arm through the adapter.
  5. Slide the blade. You will hear a clicking sound meaning that the blade is in its right position.
  6. Attach the wipers to the electric motor arm. Once again, you will hear a sound that confirms you did all correctly.
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Now all you have to do is to test the wipers. Use the windshield wiper fluid and activate the electric motor. You will see that the wipers clean the entire surface correctly, and there are no dust, water, or debris present. You have just completed a successful installation, and now you are ready to drive and enjoy the safety you need.

When is the best moment to replace the old wipers?

To get all the benefits of the new wipers, you have to replace old ones. This is something that all drivers need to understand correctly. A more critical question is when you need or should replace the old units. The most straightforward answer we can give to you is after 6 months.

Six months is usually sufficient time, after which blades of the wipers will be a bit damaged. As such, they won’t be able to clean the glass as they should, and you will lose visibility. The rubber elements of the wiper will deteriorate over time, and it is vital to notice the first signs. Your visibility will be reduced, the wipers won’t be able to remove all the water and dirt, and they may produce noise while operating. There are first symptoms of worn wipers, and it should help you realize the time for replacement has come.

Some of you will replace the wipers only after the visibility is significantly compromised. There is no need to add that this is a mistake. In a nutshell, poor visibility can cause an accident. You won’t see where you are driving, and you will be annoyed by these issues all the time. We recommend you to have a spare pair of wipers in the trunk. Replace them as soon as you notice the decreased functionality of the old units. Installing new ones is extremely simple and easy, so you don’t have to worry about the tools, time, or anything else. You can replace them in a parking lot.

Another, also common sign that wipers have to be replaced is the noise they generate. The sound will be higher and higher each day, and you will be annoyed by this. Keep in mind that wipers have to be replaced if they are unable to remove all the water from the windshield. In most cases, the rubber is damaged, or it has cracks, and it is unable to remove the water. This, however, can be caused by inadequate windshield fluid or dirty wiper. Make sure to clean them before replacing them.

Some elements are known to cause damage to the old wipers in a short period. This primarily refers to the ice and frost. The wipers will be damaged within days, and you will still have to replace them.

To summarize, old wipers should be replaced after six months or if you encounter any of the following symptoms: noise, inability to remove all the fluid from the glass, visible damages, and skipping some areas of the windshield while wiping.

Tips that can prolong the lifespan of your wipers

There are a few tips you can use to make the most out of your wipers. These tips are simple and easy to follow, but they have a considerable effect on the lifespan of the wipers, all of them. Make sure to remember them and to use the tips as often as possible.

  • If the temperature is very low and frost appears to activate the defroster on your car, wait for it to warm the wipers and windshield and then remove the ice. This will make sure the ice slides of the rubber, and there are no damages. Without this tip, your wipers may snap.
  • Now, you should make sure that the windshield is perfectly clean. Go to a car wash once per month and wash the entire car. Then, use a dry piece of cloth and glass-cleaning solution to make sure there is no grease, grime, or dirt on the windshield. By using this, you will ensure that wipers perform as they should and that there are no further issues. If the windshield is dirty, not even the best wipers will be able to clean it.
  • Always use wipers on wet glass only. If you use it on dry glass, the friction will damage the rubber on them, and the lifespan will be significantly decreased. Use the windshield fluid to wet the glass or use water. The purpose is the same.
  • During winter, you should lift the wipers from the windshield and leave them in an upright position. By using this tip, they won’t stick to the glass, and you won’t damage them while trying to clean or move them.
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Types of conventional wiper blades

Not all wipers are the same. There are several main types, and they are entirely different. Yes, they have the same purpose, but they will complete their mission differently.

Standard units

They are the most popular of them all, and they are called conventional due to the fact they are made for most cars, SUVs, and trucks. They are usually made with a spoiler that will push them on the windshield and make sure the wipers entirely remove water, grease, and grime. You will know that these models are the most affordable of them all, and they are the most common. They are great for areas where there is no heavy rain and shallow temperatures.

Flat wipers

They are called flat due to the size they have. Almost all models of this kind are practically 200% thinner than the first type, and they can be seen on modern cars. The main advantage is the ability not to affect visibility while driving. They may be smaller, but they are even more effective than standard wipers. The main reason for that is the metal piece in the middle. It will curve the wiper perfectly, and it will stick it to the windshield at all times. The level of noise is significantly lower, and the design is a bit more advanced than standard wipers have. You can replace your old standard wipers with these, and you will notice a significant improvement.

Hybrid wipers

Of them all, hybrid wipers are the most appealing to use, and they have the best possible design. In a nutshell, you will have a large piece of plastic that goes on top of the rubber element. The rubber will be used to wipe the glass while the plastic will make sure the wiper is pressed against the windshield at all times. The explanation of why they feature this design is simple. These are heavy-duty models suitable for heavy rain and situations where you need to see where you are going at all times. They are a bit expensive but designed for areas with heavy rain and snow throughout the year.

Rubber refill

In a recent period, we were able to see an increase in the popularity of rubber refills. These are not separate wipers, and they cannot be used without one of the types above. What they are is an addition that will be installed on the old wipers. You will replace the rubber part, and you will prolong the lifespan of your old wipers. This is the most affordable option but isn’t a permanent fix. You should use it as a temporary fix and still replace the wipers as soon as you can. Adding the rubber refill is simple, and there are no significant complications. They come in many versions, but all of them are the same. Keep in mind that once applied, you will get a short-lasting fix, and wipers will work like they were brand new. Once again, you will have to replace the old units as soon as you get a new pair of wipers. Soon the rubber refill may fall off, and you will lose the wipers.

Here is the great video that shows you how to install bosch wiper blades:

The final word

Bosch ICON wipers are the latest addition to the world and one of the best models we were able to find. They are well-made, reliable, durable, effective, and they can last for years. In other words, the wipers are made to meet the highest expectations, and we would like to recommend them for drivers who need outstanding wipers to use all the time and to get all the benefits of modern technology. In case you cant find them online to buy, you can always check if they are available in Walmart.

We hope you had a great time today, and you realize how vital wipers are. They are a small and affordable investment that can make your driving much safer and help you when nothing else can. Make sure to always have new and wipers in perfect condition, and not the most torrential possible rain will affect your driving. See more car product reviews.