Super Z Tire Chains Size Chart

Super z tire chains are some of the best snow chains on the market. They are extremely strong, reliable and they can be installed on any wheel. But, they are available in different sizes. Those sizes are Z539, Z547 and many others. In fact, there are 8 different sizes available. Which one suits your vehicle? To find out, take a look at the chart below. We were able to contact Security Chain Company and to get the answers directly from authorized personnel. The chart starts with the smallest tires and increases to the maximum size available. For each row you can see the model of the chain that suits the best and the one that should be used. The Z539 or similar is the model of the chain and as we have mentioned, there are several variations. By using the correct chain, you ensure better and safer drive in a case of snow and ice.

[ninja_tables id=”3571″]

Here is a video on how to install Super Z Tire Chains Size Chart:

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